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5 Mukhi Nepalese Rudraksha Mala - 36+1 Beads


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This mala is made up of 5 mukhi Nepalese Rudrakshas of 36 + 1 beads. A five Mukhi Rudraksha has got 5 natural lines (mukhas) on its surface. The ruling deity of this Rudraksha is Lord “Kalagni” - a form of Lord Shiva. This is a most commonly found Rudraksha & it destroys the “Bad Karmas” of the present life, thereby making the wearer pure and his mind become peaceful and calm. 5 mukhi Rudraksha removes sins of various kinds which have been committed by a person in the present life. 5 mukhi Rudraksha has been highly regarded in Ancient Texts and Scripts and it has been given the status of "Dev Guru Rudraksha" because of the fact that its ruling planet is Jupiter who is the Guru of Gods. 5 mukhi Rudraksha also protects a person from Accidental Deaths and it is also very important in any kind of Saadhna or Meditation. A 5 mukhi Rudraksha also gives a person Name, Fame and Mental Peace.

Ruling Deity : Lord Kalagni

Ruling planet : Planet Jupiter

Beej Mantra : " Om Hreem Namaha "

Number of Beads : 36 + 1 beads of Nepalese origin

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Positive Effects of 5 mukhi Rudraksha Mala :

  • As per Ancient Vedic Texts, a Five Mukhi Rudraksha Mala is very helpful for the regulation of Blood Pressure and Body Fats.

  • It brings Good Luck, Academic Excellence and have a tranquil effect on mind. A five Mukhi Rudraksha Mala also pacifies the malefic effects of planet Jupiter.

  • 5 mukhi Rudraksha Mala is also very helpful in curing memory loss i.e. when there are memory lapses as per Ancient Vedic Texts. 

  • Wearer of five Mukhi Rudraksha Mala never gets an untimely death.

  • Those who seek for Spirituality, Good Health and Mental Peace should wear this Mala.

Diseases cured by 5 mukhi Rudraksha Mala :

As per Ancient Vedic Texts, 5 mukhi Rudraksha Mala works as a medical boon for Blood Pressure, Mental Disability, Obesity, Heart Problems, Stress, Anger management, Diabetics, Piles, Neurotic and maladjustment problems etc.

Energization of 5 mukhi Rudraksha Mala :

Please note that the Mala will be duly Energized by our Guruji as per Hindu Rituals ( A Pran Pratistha Puja is performed ) before being sent to you and hence, you can directly start wearing the Mala on any Monday morning for the first time after taking bath and thereafter you may wear it everyday, you may also recite the Beej Mantra for 11 times before wearing the Mala.

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