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Crystal Ball - 1


Price: US $5.95

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The crystal ball has the energy of Harmony and Perfection owing to its spherical shape - considered the superior shape since Ancient times, as well as its quartz crystal properties. A high quality, clear crystal ball will anchor the energy of light in a very Harmonious, Smooth and Constant motion. A liquid quality of the most subtle healing energy can be brought by a crystal ball to any space, be it home, office or garden. Its energy will Calm and Neutralize many negative emotions, while putting the mind to a better use from worries about the future to envisioning a better one.

Depending on your needs, you can place the crystal ball in an area that needs more Harmony, Light and Fresh energy. Some common feng shui uses of the crystal ball are in the following areas of home:

Love & Marriage area (Southwest)
Personal Growth & Self-Cultivation area (Northeast)
Children & Creativity (West)
The Heart of Home (Center)

Product Characteristics : Crystal ball with multiple facets and a hole through which a thread can be passed for hanging