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About Crystal :- In India crystal is also called SPHATIK. The name quartz comes from the Saxon word querklufterz which means "cross vein ore." Crystal is from the Greek word krystallos, which means "ice,", due to the early Greek's belief that rock crystal formed from ice. There isn't just a single crystal that is all-powerful. Rather, there are many different crystals and minerals that can be used to heal and provide spiritual guidance. However, when most people think of healing crystals, they think of the clear quartz crystal. Many practitioners that use crystals and minerals for healing work would agree that the quartz crystal, in various shapes and sizes, is truly one of the most versatile and useful crystals the earth has to offer.

Crystal Shri Yantra


US $13.95
Shree Yantra is the most powerful Yantra. It is also known as King of all the Yantras and is believed to be the abode of all the Gods & Goddesses. It... More

Crystal Shivlinga


US $13.95
Shiva Lingam prepared from natural crystal is said to impart fame and prosperity as per Linga Purana. Shivlingam blesses the home with harmony and... More

Crystal Shankh


US $13.95
Shankh is a symbol of Maa Lakshmi. Crystal Shankh is used to energize an area or to energetically expand an... More

Crystal Sriyantra On Tortoise


US $24.95
Koorm Prushth (Meru) Shri Yantra is one of the oldest, rare and precious Yantra created by 'Aadi Guru Dattatreya' for the welfare of common man. Perhaps,... More

Crystal Shivlinga In Pindi Form


US $23.95
Shivlingam in a Pindi Form made of a single crystal gemstone is a symbol of the Nirguna Brahman. This is more popular for Aaradhna or worship of Lord... More

Ram Paduka In Crystal


US $14.95
According to Shri Valmiki Ramayana, the lotus feet of Shri Rama ( reincarnation of Lord Vishnu ) is very much... More

Crystal Sun


US $14.95
Crystal Sun - For power, Authority & Luck in Business Sun stands for power and authority. Crystal Sun enhances the... More

Crystal Mala


US $12.95
Crystal is also known as Shphatik in India. It is a transparent stone with lustre and is cool in nature. According to Astorlogy it is related to... More