Ganesha, Sriyantra & Shivling

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Ganesha, Sriyantra & Shivlinga


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Lord Ganesha is the deity of wisdom, prudence and salvation. Lord Ganesha, the name itself wards off all negatives and bring auspiciousness to the house. His presence paves the way for Riddhi Siddhi. Mere looking at Ganesha is supposed to bring in confidence and happiness.

Whereas the Shree Yantra is the most powerful Yantra which is also known as King of all the Yantras and is believed to be the abode of all the Gods & Goddesses. It is a very efficient tool for contemplation, concentration & meditation. The word Shree Yantra is composed of two words "Shree" meaning Wealth and "Yantra" meaning Instrument, therefore we can call it - "The Instrument for Wealth". 

Shiva Lingam prepared from natural crystal is said to impart fame and prosperity as per Linga Purana. Shivlingam blesses the home with harmony and abundance. Worship of this connects a devotee with the supreme being Lord Shiva.

Thus, Ganesha, Shree Yantra and Shivlinga is the most desirable combination to bring Wealth, Prosperity, Auspiciousness and to remove the negativity and obstacles of ones path. All these three are carved in Crystal which is said to remove the negativity and for harmonizing the positive aura around the house.

Shree Yantra weight : 15-20 gms
Shivlinga weight :  20 gms. approx
Ganesha weight : 20 gms. approx

Total weight - 55 - 60 gms. approx.