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Garuda Purana Recitation


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Garuda Purana Recitation

Hindu Body of texts known as Smriti has Eighteen Puranas and Garuda Purana is one of them. This Purana deals with Life after Death and Hindus generally read this Purana or get it read by a Brahmin after death of their beloved so that he/she can attain Sadgati and Moksha (Liberation from Life Cycles). Garuda Purana is a Vaishnava Purana having Nineteen thousand Shlokas that are divided into two parts, a Purva Khanda (first part)and an Uttara khanda (second part). The second half of this purana deals with life after death.

Garuda Purana is in the form of conversation between Lord Vishnu (One of the Lords of Hindu Trinity) and Garuda (King of Birds - vahan / vehicle of Lord Vishnu) wherein Lord Vishnu explains the meaning of Life and details of Life after death, proper funeral rites and reincarnation of the departed soul if proper funeral rites have been performed at the time of Antim Sanskar (Antyesti) of the diseased. 

Garuda Purana is generally read from the 4th day of death till the 11th day, in the evening time, in the presence of family members. Thereafter on the 12th day, final ceremonies are performed. Since this Purana is supposed to guide the path of a soul after death thereby providing Sadgati and Moksha to our Ancestors soul, it becomes important to get it performed for fulfillment of wishes, happiness and peace on this Loka (Earth) and Parloka (Heavenly abodes) by the blessing of Ancestor who gets rid of Life Cycle if proper rituals have been taken care of after their death including recitation of this Garuda Purana.

The main procedure of worship includes :
 Kirtan, Guru Vandana, Vishnu Vandana, Shiv Vandana, Garuda Purana reading, Shayya daan (all the items required by a person), offerings to a Brahmin like bed, umbrella, lantern, food, clothes, vessels, 8 Mahadan (kapaas, salt, barley, til, udeed, kangini, gold, silver)

uration of this puja : 9 days ( 2 hours daily )

Number of priest : 1

Rudraksha Center priests will perform online Katha as per vedic rituals

Please note that if you opt for a VCD recording then you will get a Recorded VCD of around 45 minutes which will have essence of Garuda Purana Recital and Shayya Daan.


A Short Video of Garuda Purana Recitation will be taken and sent to you via Email ( if not opted for VCD Recording option )

We request you to provide us the following information about the diseased for the Puja in the respective fields given above :-

  • Name of the Diseased
  • Date of Death
  • Gotra ( if you know )
  • Name of last 3 Ancestors ( if you know )
  • Your Sankalp (your wish from this Recitation)

Please provide these information in the respective fields given above. Alternately you can also mail us this information along with the Photo of diseased (if you wish) at the mail ID given below after you have placed your order.

If you have any enquiry to be clarified, please mail us to :


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