Gems Pendant for Cancer

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Gems Pendant for Cancer


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Description : Luck Enhancement Pendants are made of three different semi precious stones and they are specifically made to improve and strengthen a persons horoscope.

In any horoscope the houses forming the “Trikon“ i.e. the First, Fifth and the Ninth house are supposed to be most important houses. The first house or the “Lagna“ represents the entire personality of the person where as the fifth house represents the intellect, education, children and the ninth house represents the Luck (Bhagya). 

If the above three houses are strong i.e. the Lords of these houses are strong and benefic then there is no doubt that a person becomes Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and famous as per the stipulations laid out by most eminent astrologers.

The stones used in the Luck Enhancement Pendants represents the Lords of the above three houses.

Cancer (Kark) : In this Lagna the Lords of the first, fifth and the ninth house are Moon, Mars and Jupiter respectively and therefore this Luck Enhancement Pendant has been made using Pearl, Coral and Yellow Sapphire. ( substitute stones of the above Gems )

Hence, a Luck Enhancement Pendant for Cancer Ascendant (Kark Lagna) will be made of Coral , Pearl and Yellow Sapphire.

Please note that the real Gems are very costly and at times it becomes difficult to afford even a single real Gem for a large number of people and this gets even tougher incase of Luck Enhancement Pendants as here we have to use three Gems. Therefore the substitute stones of real Gems have been used in these Pendants so that the prices are affordable for everyone. 

Please note that your Lagna is the number that is written in your first house. If you have doubts regarding your Lagna (Ascendant) please write to us on info@rudraksha-center.com after placing your order and provide the following information so that a correct pendant can be sent to you :

a) Your Name
b) Date of Birth
c) Time of Birth
d) Place of Birth