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Goddess Durga on Lion I


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As per Hindu Mythology, Goddess Durga is a fierce form of Devi, the mother of Goddess, the all powerful almighty goddess. According to the Legends, the Gods could not defeat the Demon Mahisasur, who was threatening the existence of the universe. They begged the Trinity of Bhrahma, Vishnu, Mahesh to save him from the Demon and they advised all the Gods to release their Shaktis to form a powerful female. Their Shaktis fused together in blinding light from which arose a magnificant Goddess with many arms. She was as Beautiful as she was deadly. The Gods named the Goddess as Durga and they armed her with all their weapons. Goddess Durga rode to the top of a mountain on a lion. In a battle, she defeated Mahisasur and his army of demons and thus saved the universe from this demon's menace.

Devi Maha Durga is worshipped for getting Courage, Strength, Protection and Victory over Enemies. Goddess Durga is also known as "Shakti" means she is the Energy behind everything in this universe. Hence, worshipping her not only protects the worshipper from all kind of Adversaries, Evil forces, Evil Energies but he is also blessed with unparalleled courage to counter and destroy his enemies. The divine energy of Goddess Durga strengthens the body, mind as well as the soul of worshipper thereby bringing positivity in his life. Blessings of Goddess Durga is also very helpful in removing all kinds of hurdles and obstacles from a person's life thereby paving a path to Peace, Prosperity and Success.

Material : Brass in Antique finish

Height : 5.5 inches

Base Length : 5.1 inches

Weight : 1.1 kg