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Golden Plated Shree Meru Maha Yantra


Price: US $24.95

  • 2x2 inches (250 gms approx) 
  • 4x4 inches (1.2 kg approx) (+US $220.00)
  • 6x6 inches (2.5 kg approx) (+US $520.00)
  • 9x9 inches (6.5 kg approx) (+US $1,150.00)


250 points
25 points


SHREE MERU MAHA YANTRA - The ultimate tool for overall Peace, Prosperity & Happiness

Description : Shree Meru Maha Yantra also known as Shree Meru Chakra is the ultimate tool to get Peace, Prosperity, Health, Wealth and Happiness. It can be installed at any place like Home, Office, Business center, Temples and other places of worship. It gives very good and favourable energy which also have a healing power to it and hence this Yantra can also be installed at places like Hospitals, Healing Centers, Prayer Halls or even at places of Religious or social ceremonies.

Shree Maha Meru Chakra Yantra is actually a three dimensional projection of yantra known as Shree Yantra which is said to be mother of all yantras. It is believed that this yantra has been created by " Trinity " themselves who are the creator of this universe as well. Hence, this Yantra is also considered as a genetic code of the entire cosmos. Ancient Vedic Texts stipulate that even a mere presence of this Yantra in a household or at any other place bestows Success, Happiness, Mental Peace as well as Health, Wealth and Harmony. This Yantra is said to correct all kind of Doshas including the Vastu Dosha. When this Yantra is placed in the North East, it corrects the energy levels of North East as well as energy levels of entire house which makes it a extremely effective tool of Vedic Yantra science since the defects in the North East and North are supposed to be most harmful.

In a two dimensional form of Shree Yantra, triangles are arranged in five levels around the center. However, in Shree Meru Chakra, the same levels are arranged at different heights with the center being the highest point making it a three dimensional structure which makes it highly more potent than its two dimensional form. The Shree Meru Maha Chakra have such a powerful positive aura that it actually creates a sacred space around itself and hence even if it is merely kept in any household, it brings Peace, Prosperity, Health, Wealth and Happiness by its own powers. Not only this, this Yantra wards off and neutralize all kind of negative fields and energies, protects from evil eye as well as the negative effects of adverse transits of planets. Hence, every Household / Business premises should have atleast one Shree Meru Maha Yantra installed and worshipped there.

This Yantra blesses the worshipper with Peace, Prosperity, Happiness, Name & Fame, Power, Authority, Wealth and Success and is said to be most powerful Yantra in this era which is Kalyug. This Yantra has been worshipped by people of all sections of society including Kings, Princes, Business man, Scholars, Researchers and Leaders to get Success, Name, Fame, Power and Authority. This Yantra can be worshipped by people of all religion, beliefs, cast and gender to get Success, Peace, Prosperity, Health, Wealth and Happiness. It is also extremely good if this Yantra is gifted to someone or at special occasions like wedding, house warming or start of a new business since it is a very auspicious yantra.

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Golden Plated Shree Meru Maha Yantra : 

This Yantra is made of pure Brass. The sizes available are 2x2 inches, 4x4 inches, 6x6 inches & 9x9 inches. You may select the size by clicking on the Radio Button provided along with the main image.

The following items will be complementary in the Shree Meru Maha Yantra in all the sizes ( except for 2x2 inches size ) :

- Red & Yellow Cloth
- Kamalgatta ( Lotus Bead ) Mala ( except for 2x2 inches size )
- Mantra CD ( except 2x2 inches size )
- Red Box

Energization of Shree Maha Meru Yantra : Please note that as such, the Yantra sent to our clients are already energized by our Guruji according to rituals required as per ancient vedic texts and therefore it may be directly placed in the Puja Room.

However, if the client wishes then additionally He / She may do the following :
On Friday morning, after having bath, wash the Yantra with clean water and wipe it clean with a soft piece of cloth then install it with full faith at your worshipping place. Light a lamp and kindle some incense sticks. Offer Yellow / Red flowers and then recite the Beej Mantra of this Yantra on a Rosary of Lotus Beads ( Kamal Gatta ).

Beej Mantra :
         " Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamle Kamalal Yee Praseed, Praseed,
                        Shreem, Hreem Shreem Om Mahalaxmayee Namah "

Presiding Deity : Goddess Maha Lakshmi
Day to Establish : Friday
Direction for placing this Yantra : North East

Please Note : The Design of the yantra may differ slightly from the image shown above, as we keep on upgrading our yantras under the guidance of our learned gurus to make yantras more & more effective.