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Ketu Grah Shanti Pack


Price: US $9.95

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For pacifying the malefic effects of planet Ketu :

Items in this Shanti Pack : Smoke coloured cloth, Wheat, Ketu yantra, Iron Nail, Black Til, Whole grams, Kauri, Agate Stone for planet Ketu.

Beej Mantra for Ketu :   " Om Sraang Sreeng Sraung Sah Ketave Namah "

These items of Shanti Pack should be offered to a Brahmin or at any Temple or immersed is sea or river on any Saturday while chanting the above mantra. The planet Ketu is pacified with the ritual and malefic effects of this planet in ones Horoscope are also nullified.

One can offer this Ketu Grah Shanti Pack for 5, 7 or 11 Saturdays as per his/her choice.
Special Note - Normally this pack will be sent to you. However if you wish, we can offer this pack on your behalf on the specific day and time without any additional charges. If you want us to Offer this Pack then kindly select the Radio Button "You want us to Offer the Pack to a Brahmin" adjoining the product image above and we will do the needful and inform you as soon as the Shanti Pack has been offered.