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Meditating Shiva I


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Lord Shiva is the most respected God in the Divine Trinity as per Hindu Mythology. His abode Kailasha is said to be the most peaceful place in the universe where he meditates for the wellness of the entire universe. Lord Shiva is also known as Mahadev means God of the Gods and hence, worshipping of Lord Shiva bestows a person with good Health, Happiness, Good Fortune, Name & Fame as well as peace of mind. He is also the God of Love, Music & Beauty and his blessings are boundless and his forgiveness is endless. Hence, any person who worships Lord Shiva with full faith and dedication is blessed very easily and quickly since Lord Shiva is also known as "Baba Bholenath" means a God who is very innocent at his heart inspite of being the most powerful amongst Gods.

In this Idol, Lord Shiva is in a meditating pose and blesses the devotees with one hand. The Trishul and Damru are kept on his left side. Lord Shiva is usually depicted as sitting or meditating on a Tiger Skin. Tiger represents Power. Mahadev sitting on Tiger skin and wearing it symbolically means that he is beyond all power and dominates over all the powers.

Material : Brass in Antique finish

Height : 2.75 inches

Base Length : 2 inches

Weight : 185 gms