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Narmada Shivlingam Pendant


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Narmada Shivlingam Pendant :

Narmanda Shivalinga has its own importance in Shiva Saadhnaa. It has been noticed that in this age of matter too the Saadhakas in different fields have been successful in achieving their goal.

Narmadaa Shivalinga is found in the River Narmadaa. It renders much benefit to a man who worships it and it also enhances his power of knowledge.

Narmadeshwar Shivalinga bestows Wealth & it is worshiped with the leaves of wood apple tree (Bilvapatra).

  • If the Linga is worshiped with black Til, Saturn becomes propitiated and helps the person to achieve his goals.
  • The Linga blesses a person with virtuous and fortunate sons.
  • Enemies of a person get ruined it he offers mustard oil to this Shivalinga
  • It enhances the sense of devotion and strengthens a man if he offers Ganga Jal to it.
  • A person may get his desired result it he offers Kheer daily to this Shivalinga.
  • On who offers blue lotus to this Shivalinga, may have an advent of good luck.  

Size : 1.5 inches

Diameter : 2.5 inches

Pendant Material : Metal with Silver plating

Mantra : " Om Namah Shivaya "