Navgrah Mala

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Navgrah Mala


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This is a beautiful mala in which, semi precious stones are studded in white metal so that the wearer gets protected from Negative influences of all the 9 planets. Generally, a ring or a pendant is suggested when one or two planets are unfavourable in a person's horoscope. However, sometimes if 4 or 5 planets are unfavourable in a person's horoscope, then this mala is highly beneficial.

This mala is also effective for increasing the power of weak planets and it also protects a person from short time Negative transits of planets. This Mala should also be worn by a person who do not have a Horoscope due to lack of exact Birth time or when the correctness of the horoscope is doubtful. 

Please note that this mala is Energised ( A Pran - Pratistha Puja is performed by our Guruji ) before being sent to our clients so that they can get a maximum benefit from it.

This Navgraha mala can be worn by both men & women irrespective of any age.

This mala should be worn for the 1st time from any Thursday morning after taking bath and reciting the following Beej Mantra for 11 times :

" Om Suryay Namah, Chandray Namah, Buddhay Namah,

 Brahaspatiaey Namah, Mangalay Namah,

 Shukray Namah, Shanischaray Namah, Rahavey Namah,

 Ketvay Namah, Navgarahe Namah"

Length of the Mala : 31 inches approx.