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Navgrah Stones


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Navgrah Stones :

Navgrah Stones are very effective in warding off the malefic effects of all the nine planets ( Navgraha ). Sometimes, more than one planets are adversely placed in one's horoscope or at times, the correctness of the horoscope is doubtfull due to non-availability of authentic data. Under such conditions, one can keep Navgraha Stones with him or keep it in the place of worship and proves very effective in countering the malefic effects of those planets which are wrongly placed in ones horoscope thereby bringing good health, wealth and prosperity.

Individual Effects of Navgrah Stones :

Ruby : It is for planet Sun and gives Name, Fame, Vigour, Virtue & the capacity to command

Pearl : It is for planet Moon and helps to providing good health and mental peace & favour from females

Red Coral : It is for planet Mars. It has power to defeat Enemies, Gain Power, Enhance Technical knowledge, Logical Ability and to keep anger under control

Emerald : It is for planet Mercury and helps to enhance Speech, Creativity, Intelligence & Marketing Skills

Yellow Sapphire : It is for planet Jupiter and increases Knowledge, Financial Status & Health

Diamond : It is for planet Venus and enhances Love, Pleasures, Gains from company of females and provides all round Happiness

Blue Sapphire : It is for planet Saturn and reduces Obstacles, Cures Diseases related to Saturn and restores Lost Wealth & Prosperity

Hessonite : It is for planet Rahu and protects from sudden Misfortunes. It helps to give exposure in public life and connect with foreign individuals

Cat's Eye : It is for planet Ketu and beneficial to reduce malefic impact of Ketu. Also helps to get money from spaculation, protects from Tantrik Kritya and Hidden Enemies

Information about Navgrah Stone Box :

Semi Precious Stones
Size of the base of box - 4 cm (H) X 3 cm (W)