Pa Kua Mirror - 2

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Pa Kua Mirror - 2


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A Pa kua Mirror consists of a round convex mirror mounted at the centre of an octagonal- shaped Pa Kua. In the Pa Kua all sectors are represented with their respective colors and symbols. The trigram arrangement around the eight sides in a Pa Kua, gives meaning to the eight major directions of the compass, with South always placed on top. A Pa Kua mirror is used to ward off wrong vibrations entering a building mostly through the main door.

The wrong or harmful Chi will be emanating from a distant point due to secret arrows. It may be an ugly-looking tree in front of your house or the roof line of the opposite building or the cross of a church or a temple tower.

Secret arrows can still be receiving bad Chi although you may not find any source of secret arrows in front or at the back of your building. It is, therefore, always safe to install a Pa Kua mirror on the front door. If you have a back door, it is advisable to have one Pa Kua mirror installed over it as to safeguard both the doors.

A Pa Kua mirror is to be installed outside only. It should never to be used inside a building. Locate a place which is above the center point of the main door frame ( or back door as the case may be ) and roof line. Ideally it should be placed at equal distance from the roof line and door frame.

- 5 inches
Width - 5 inches
Material - Plastic for better resistance to climatic conditions
Color -  Multicolor