Parad Idols

PARAD (Mercury) is regarded as the sperm (seed) of Lord Shiva and in Ayurveda it is a flowing metalloid (fluid metal). Ancient Vedas has considered Parad as the most pure and auspicious metal which not only has religious importance but medical importance too. Parad benefits have been proved beneficial from Astrological as well as Scientific point of view . It is said in Brahma Purana that he who worships parad idols devotedly, whether one is male or female, Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya or Shudra gets full worldly pleasures, and at last attains supreme destination (salvation). During life-span they get glory, honor, high office, name and fame, learning, sons and grandsons.

Wearing of parad mala /bead helps in controlling various diseases like High Blood Pressure, Asthma and increase the Sex Power. Parad has special significance in Ayurveda too.

Parad Lakshmi Ganesh Idol


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Goddess Lakshmi - the divinity of Prosperity and Wealth along with Lord Ganesha next to her marking the beginning of every auspicious occasion. Lord... More

Parad Ganesha Idol


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This Ganesha idol is made of Parad (mercury) which is a very pious metal.  Lord Ganesh  represents the power of the supreme being that removes... More

Parad Lakshmi Idol


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Goddess Lakshmi is the bestower of all kinds of Wealth and Happiness. Goddess Maha Lakshmi is the ruler of entire riches of the universe and hence if she... More