Rudraksha & Crystal Combination Mala

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Rudraksha & Crystal Combination Mala

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Description : This mala has 108 beads alternating between five face rudraksha and quartz crystal. This mala is a favorite of yoga practitioners in general and naturally Shiv bhaktas in particular. Certain wrathful sadhanas in Tibetan Buddhism also incorporate rudraksha. 
This particular mala has genuine quartz crystal; a feminine, ethereal cold element, with the Rudraksha; a masculine earthy, hot element, which has been described as perfectly balanced and recommended by many gurus and sages 

  • It renders prosperity to the family of the person who wears it and his enemy gets annihilated. 
  • Wearing this rosary can save the person from cough, ailment caused by disorder of the wind within the system, fever.
  • Performing Jap of Shiva Panchaakshari Mantra with this rosary proves to be useful and renders prosperity to the person. 
  • A man, who wears it, can have peace of mind and it can subside his anger. 
  • The rosary saves the person from disorder in sleep and from eye problem. 

Benefits of Rudraksha, as per Ancient Vedic texts

4Worldly comfort  4Spiritual fulfillment4Harmony and Oneness 4Richness and Prosperity 4Self confidence4Mental Peace 4Physical Activity4Positive Thoughts4Cerativity Power4Health & Wealth4Foresight

4Enemity4Fear Of Death4Accidental Death4Difference of Opinion4Inferiority Complex 4Depression4Suffring from Shanidasha4Bad effects of Planets4Nullify Black Magic4Effects of Evil eye

Helpful for
4Liver diseases4Chronic fever4Mental ailments4Body pains4Gynea problems4Cancer 4Lethargy4Diseases of gall bladder, nose, kidney, ears, thighs, genital organs, skin, stomach, etc.