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Shankh Bajanewala


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In temples and in homes, the conch shell is blown before the commencement of ritualistic worship. It is sounded to mark an auspicious occasion, before an army goes into battle and to announce victory on the battlefield. It is also placed in the altar of worship.

Upon blowing the conch, the primordial sound of ’OM’ resounds in the air. Om is the auspicious word that was chanted by God before creating the world. It represents the World and the Truth behind it. If we hold a conch close to our ear, we can hear the sound of the waves. Yet another purpose of blowing the conch, and other instruments known traditionally to produce and reverberate with auspicious sounds, is to drown negative comments or noises that may disturb or upset the atmosphere or the minds of worshippers.

Length of Shankh : 6 to 7 inches