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Testimonials from our Esteemed Clients

Given below are a few comments that our customers have forwarded to us. Certain details like email address or the address of customers have been excluded to maintain their privacy. 

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Meera Patel - Singapore    

Subject :
Thank you for performing the recent Rudrabhishekam puja

Hello Ramesh ji,

Many thanks for recent Rudra Abishiekam puja and Maha Mrityunjaya puja. Please note that within 2 days of pujas, the entire atmosphere in my home had lifted, and the oppressive vibration has very significantly diminished. Also, I have begun to experience relief of the sleep disturbances which had been so troublesome. In addition, marriage prospects are looking more hopeful now.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Anthony Ellango - Australia      

Subject : 1 mukhi Rudraksha

Hello Guys,

The rudraksh has been arrived today in a beautiful designer gift box. The rudraksh is very beautiful and of good quality. I did like the pendant also which increases the beauty of the bead. I will soon start wearing the rudraksh and have deep belief that it will bring positivity and peace in my mind with the blessings of Lord Shiva. I will keep ordering the rudrakshas for my family members also.

Good Day :)

Jose Pullinse - USA     

Subject : Thank you for the beautiful mala

Hi Ramesh ji,

I have received my package in time, the mala you have made for me is really very beautiful. I haven't thought that you can customize such beautiful mala with my desirable rudraksha beads. For this I am very thankful to you and your team. My wife don't believe in all these things but looking to this mala, she also wants to wear some rudrakshas. I will really appreciate you if you can suggest her rudrakshas according to her birth chart. I am sending you the birth details of her to you in separate mail so that you can guide her.

Thank you so much once again for your kind services.

Namaste ! 

Charlie Hope - UK      

Subject : Divine Bracelet

Dear Rudraksha Center,

I am all pleased to let you know that I am really happy with the divine protection bracelet that I have purchased two months ago from you. I have read all the information and testimonials about the bracelet on your website but I could not believe that this bracelet can protect a person from evil energies and finally I have purchased it just out of the curiosity but this little bracelet has saved me from negativities all the time and I dont know but I have felt the energies in this very talisman of yours. I have placed the order for 5 more divine bracelets for my family with the believe that this will protect us from any kind of negativity and ill effects of that negativities.


Sandy - USA              

Subject : Thank you for performing the puja

Dear Ramesh ji,

Thank you to you and your Guruji for performing the Chandal puja for me. I dont know the Indian rituals but I felt that something good has been done. I wish to visit your shop someday and meet you and your Guruji also. Please Bless me and thank you Ramesh once again ji.

Aadhish Powers - Australia    

Subject : Vidhya Dayak pendant helped my son in his studies

Hello Ramesh ji,

I am really happy with the vidya dayak pendant which I bought for my son last year. He is very intelligent and sharp minded though he was not able to get the results as per his preparation and thought process. But this year he has got extremely good results in his examination and he is able to concentrate fully on his studies. I also want to purchase rudrakshas for my husband, I will place my order tomorrow.

Jai Shri Krishna

Vinod Subramaniam - Dubai         

Subject : I am really happy with the Lakshmi Ganesh idol


Namaste Ramesh ji. Hope you are doing well. I have established crystal Lakshmi ji and Ganesh ji in my puja ghar. There are very positive energies in my house from the day I have established the idols. I felt that all the negative energies of my house are transformed into positivity. The idols are really very auspicious and lucky for me. I am highly thankful to you.

Michael John - Canada         

Subject : Greatly thankful for the report and suggestions

Dear Ramesh ji,

I am happy with the explanations you have given about my problems. I will definitely do the things according to your suggestions and remedial measures. I have consulted few astrologers in the past for my queries and all of them have given me different opinions but I am fully satisfied with your predictions about my horoscope. I will surely refer your astrological guidance to my colleagues. And If it is okay I want to wear some more rudrakshas in addition to the rudrakshas suggested by you. Also kindly suggest me which rudrakshas I can add.

Will wait for your reply
Om Namah Shivaya


We are committed to provide Original, Authentic and Genuine Spiritual Items to our clients and continue getting their blessings like the few ones that have been mentioned above.

The above is just a random selection of comments over the past few months. We will continue adding more comments as we get them and the space permits us.. If any of our esteemed client wishes to have their comments removed from this space, please email us at info@rudraksha-center.com

Om Namah Shivaya
Rudraksha Center

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