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Testimonials from our Esteemed Clients

Given below are a few comments that our customers have forwarded to us. Certain details like email address or the address of customers have been excluded to maintain their privacy. 

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Subject : Shiva Shakti Mala

Namaste Ramesh ji,

We have received our Rudraksha and Mala last Monday perfectly and started wearing them immediately as I got desired results by wearing the mohini pendant which I have purchased before, my life becomes more cheerful day by day and I feel like people around me started noticing me suddenly, they are giving me compliments especially my partner loves me a lot more than before after wearing the mohini pendant and I believe that this shiva mala is very powerful that all my hardships will end someday. I feel very relaxed now and very thankful to you for providing your valuable services and will definitely order more and more products from you to make my life more happier and wealthier.

Thank you


Subject : 14 Mukhi Rudraksha

Dear Rudraksha Center Team,

Namaste & Good morning to team Rudraksha Center and Mr. Ramesh Khaitan. I have received the Rudraksha yesterday, it was packed very beautifully with utmost care. Your services are really commendable. I have started feeling the effects of 14 mukhi rudraksha by the blessings of Lord Maheshwar, I have deep faith in Shiva and this rudraksha is itself worn by Shiva thats the reason behind purchasing this rudraksha bead. I will definitely take benefits of your services in near future and will recommend your website to my friends and relatives as well so that they can also get the similar benefits.

Om Namah Shivay
Good Day to all of you !

Howard Kain                                 

Subject : Rudraksha Pendant

Hello Ramesh ji,

I am very glad to receive the rudraksha pendants that I have purchased for my family members, they are also very happy to get the beautiful pendants which will protect them throughout their lives. I am very obliged to you that you have suggested the rudrakshas for us according to our horoscopes and will definitely purchase the higher mukhi beads as well very soon. I am wearing the rudrakshas since very long back and I do believe that it is definitely giving positivity in human lives.

Thank you Ramesh ji and Best Regards


Subject : 1 Mukhi Rudraksha Mala

Dear Ramesh ji,

Thank you for the fast reply. I could not wait to wear the mala that's why I have just worn it today itself. I am feeling more peaceful and calm by wearing the mala like someone has kept energy in my body. I am also chanting the OM NAMAH SHIVAY mala everyday to bring myself calm. Your suggestions and astrological view have also been proved very helpful to me to kick out the anger and stress which I have felt since long times. I will keep updating you my experiences about the mala and will be in touch with you to have your astrological advices.

Om Namah Shivay and Warm Regards to you.

Charles Danner                                 

Subject :
Wisdom Power Bracelet


First of all thank you very much for sending me the bracelet, I have received it on yesterday evening, the moment I have opened the package, suddenly I realized the energies around me and I have decided to wear the bracelet at the moment, I haven't felt such kind of energies before. It must be the blessings of Lord Shiva that I have thought to wear the six mukhi rudraksha bracelet. I want the bracelet for my son also as I want him to be successful in his education and career. Kindly inform me whether it will be good to get him worn the bracelet or not.

Thanks & Regards

Ms Bazaldua                                  

Subject : 13 Mukhi Indonesian Rudraksha

Hello Mr. Ramesh,

My sister have received the parcel this afternoon. She was so happy and started wearing the bead. I am staying far away from my hometown, hence I will collect it most probably by next week. I can't wait. I really wish to get my dream partner by the blessings of shiv ji. Once again thank you for your blessings and great service from all the way from India.

Om Namah Shivaya


Subject :
Crystal Shri Yantra

Hi Ramesh ji,

I am highly thankful to you for delivering me such a hand picked crystal shri yantra, I can see inside the shri yantra clearly without any inclusions. It shows the quality of your products which is very appreciable where there are many people like me who don't believe to do online purchasing. I will also like your astrological advice for which I have already placed an order.

Thank you for all your efforts and services.

Suchitra Prasad                                

Subject : Navgrah Rudraksha Pendant

Hello Guys,

Thank you very much for the information about wearing the pendant, I have started wearing it and feeling blessed day by day because my health is getting steady, my business is running good than before and my children are also listening to me these days. All of this became possible just because of the navgrah pendant. It is really very effective and I will definitely purchase another 2 for my children so that they can also get benefited by this magical pendant.

Best Regards


Subject : Basic Horoscope Analysis

Dear Mr. Khaitan,

I have received my horoscope analysis today and I just wanted to thank you for the remarkable charts and details of the report. I cannot honestly say that I understand much of the charts themselves, but I am thrilled to have something new to learn about. Also, thank you for your personal observations and suggested remedial measures, I am seriously considering the Navgrah Shanti Puja and rudrakshas suggested by you.

Again, thank you so much.

Riaa Chaudhry                          

Subject :
Gauri Shankar Rudraksha

Hello Team,

I am wearing the gauri shankar rudraksh from last two months and like to tell you that a week ago my husband came to me again and we are living a very happy married life. This all has become possible because of Shiv ji and Parvati ji's blessings or I can say because of gauri shankar rudraksh. I would like to order one more gauri shankar for my husband so that we can live happily with lots of love.

I am really very thankful for your kind support.

Juddi Saikia                               

Subject : Good Luck Pendant

Dear Mr. Ramesh,

Glad to receive the good luck rudraksh pendant yesterday. The pendant is really very charming and you guys have packed it very beautifully, it has arrived to me perfectly at right time. I was thinking to wear the pendant on tuesday as I truly worship Lord Hanuman and great faith in him. Can you please suggest me if I can chant Hanuman mantra along with Shiva mantra while wearing the pendant first time ? I will appreciate your answer.

Thank you for all your efforts and great services.


We are committed to provide Original, Authentic and Genuine Spiritual Items to our clients and continue getting their blessings like the few ones that have been mentioned above.

The above is just a random selection of comments over the past few months. We will continue adding more comments as we get them and the space permits us.. If any of our esteemed client wishes to have their comments removed from this space, please email us at info@rudraksha-center.com

Om Namah Shivaya
Rudraksha Center

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