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Testimonials from our Esteemed Clients

Given below are a few comments that our customers have forwarded to us. Certain details like email address or the address of customers have been excluded to maintain their privacy. 

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Subject : Rudraksha Gem Bracelet for Aquarius

Dear Sir,

I am very happy with the rudraksha gem bracelet for Aquarius purchased from you. It is very beautiful and elegant, I feel very peaceful. My health is also getting better by time. I am highly thankful to all of you for providing such beneficial products and the informative write ups. I have also read about the Rudraksha beads and it gave me thorough knowledge of rudrakshas, I have recommended your website to my sister as well so that she can get the benefits of rudrakshas, she is suffering from acute skin diseases and I believe that rudrakshas will help her to become healthy.

with all my blessings


Subject : 16 Mukhi Rudraksha

Dear Ramesh ji,

I have started wearing the 16 mukhi Rudraksha, I really appreciate your services. The size of Rudraksha and its quality is very good. I was intending to purchase this Rudraksha since last many days but I was bit confused about the authenticity, when I visited your website, I just placed the order and I am happy now with my purchase. I want my business to prosper, win big contracts and establish my business globally thats why I have purchased this. I am also thankful to you for making my horoscope analysis, I will order your suggested Rudrakshas and Pujas soon so that I can get full beneficial results for my business.



Subject : Feng Shui products


I got my products and they are very beautifully packed. I must say that the product quality is very much good, the Laughing Buddha and Fuk Luk Sau are too energetic. I feel like positive energies are around me. I really hope that it will bring good luck to me. I will definitely like to purchase rudrakshas as well, as I have read lot about it on your site.

with Best Wishes 


Subject : Shree Maha Meru Yantra

Hi Team Rudraksha Center,

I have received my ordered meru yantra, the delivery is really super quick and the packing is also very good. I have started chanting the Maa Lakshmi Mantra from today itself and established the meru yantra as well. I felt very good energies when I have opened the package, I want to thank Guruji for energizing the meru yantra for me. Last but not the least, the instructions were really helpful to me in establishing the yantra. I will definitely recommend your site and services to my near and dear ones.

Thank you for your services  

Marc Silva                                  

Subject : Bhaymukti Rudraksha Kavach

Dear Guruji,

As per your suggestion, I am wearing the bhaymukti rudraksha kavach regularly. Finally, all my fears and phobias have just vanished off. I am really thankful to you and your team for customize such a fantastic combination. With the blessings of Maa Durga and Lord Hanuman, I am living peacefully without any worries.

With Love
Thanks to you all

Jennifer Darla                                  

Subject : Shiva Power Bracelet


I am regularly wearing the shiva power bracelet purchased from you and getting very good results from it. I have no words to describe how much contented I feel than before. It is all because of this bracelet itself that Lord Shiva's blessings are there with me in the form of this bracelet and it wards off all negative and bad energies around me which I have felt in last few days. I will definitely recommend your website and services to my friends and relatives and will be your regular customer for sure.

With Best wishes


Subject : Lagan Yog Rudraksha Power Pendant

Dear Ramesh ji,

I am very glad to inform you that I am going to be tied in a marriage knot this september, all my worries and tensions have been gone and I am really very happy. I am thankful to you for this because your suggestions have proved fruitful for me, I am regularly wearing Lagan Yog Pendant that you have suggested. I would also like to get performed a best suitable puja for me and my partner so that we can live happily without any troubles, I need your suggestion for this as well. Please suggest some puja or rudrakshas as per our birth chart.

Thank you once again for your kind help and suggestions. 


Subject : Tortoise Pendant


This is to inform you that the parcel reached to me safely and securely. I really liked the Tortoise pendant, it looks very delicate with strong effects. I have just started wearing it since this morning and I feel very energetic and delighted, I think this is because of the amethyst gem which is very suitable to my sign Aquarius. I feel very satisfied with your services and products with reasonable price range. Thank you so very much for providing such services and I will definitely recommend your site and services to my near and dear ones.

Thanks & Regards


Subject : Shani Shanti Kavach

Hi Team,

I got my parcel safely by yesterday morning, the packing was really commendable and my ordered rudrakshas were packed beautifully in it. I felt very blessed by receiving the shani shanti kavach as I am suffering from lots of financial and family issues since last one year and it is all due to badly afflicted planet saturn and sade sati in my horoscope as per information from astrologers. I can feel the positive energy in just one day itself and really happy by your services as well, I received the rudraksha within 5 days which is super quick. I will soon order the Shani Shanti Puja as well for me and my family so that we can live happily without any more troubles and sufferings.

Thanks & Regards


We are committed to provide Original, Authentic and Genuine Spiritual Items to our clients and continue getting their blessings like the few ones that have been mentioned above.

The above is just a random selection of comments over the past few months. We will continue adding more comments as we get them and the space permits us.. If any of our esteemed client wishes to have their comments removed from this space, please email us at info@rudraksha-center.com

Om Namah Shivaya
Rudraksha Center

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