Three Legged Toad

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Three Legged Toad


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Three Legged Toad

A three legged Toad with a coin in his mouth is supposed to be a very auspicious animal. It is supposed to increase and protect your wealth and prosperity. However, the placement of this toad is very very important. It should be placed inside the main door of our House or Office , BUT its face should be in the opposite direction i.e. it should face inside towards the house thereby representing that it has just come inside the house with wealth in its mouth. Hence we should position the three legged frog symbols near the vicinity of the front door but facing inwards, as if has just come into the house.

Do not place the toad directly facing the door. This symbolizes gold going out of the house Also this toad should never be placed inside the bathroom or kitchen.

Height  3 inches
Width - 3 inches
Length - 3 inches
Color - Golden