Triple Tortoise

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Triple Tortoise


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Triple Tortoise

Feng Shui Tortoise is found to bring Good Chi ( Good energy ) to your house. There are 4 celestial creatures namely the Dragon, Phoenix, White Tiger and Tortoise.

Tortoise is the only celestial creature that ACTUALLY exists until today. This Feng Shui Tortoise is a symbol of Longevity, Happiness and Harmony. It also represent symbol of protection, wealth, health and prosperity. When 3 tortoise are stacked on top of each other, they represents the symbol of loving among family members. The tortoises can also life up a century old and this symbolizes longevity for you and your family.

It could also represent long lasting friendship or relationship. Feng Shui Tortoise can also be given as a gift to your family members, friends as good and long lasting relationship or to elderly person for longevity and respect.

Where to Place Direction Purposes :

Work Location - North - To enhance your career luck
Bedroom - East - Bring good health, longevity and descendents luck

This tortoise should not be placed in kitchen or bathroom.

Height - 4 inches
Width - 2 inches
Length - 2.5 inches

Color - Golden