Types of Yantras

There are different types of Yantras for different purposes. They can help you to attain success in your business, bring the person under your control, and bring wealth and prosperity to you. The Yantras have to be purified and energized before using it. Yantras energized during the nights of Maha Shivratri, Holi and Diwali are most effective and powerful. Normally the related Mantras are also chanted in the presence of the Yantras for quick results.

Yantras are usually used for counteracting the harmful effects of planets. Besides countering negative effects, Yantras also increase the planets' beneficial aspects in our lives. Yantras and mantras are connected together since each Yantra has a corresponding mantra. The yantras are also representative of different deities. According to Ayurveda, there is also a definite relationship between Vedic talisman and the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.

By proper prayers and perfect recitation of specific mantras, the material elements can be invoked to move in the way desired by the worshiper. This is not magic but a highly evolved and developed science for exercising some control in this regard.

The yantras are of different types, there are Pooja Yantra - Yantras which are used for worship and generally used in temples, then there are yantras specific to each and every deity like Durga, Ganpati and so on. There are also yantras for specific purposes like protection from disease, house, from enemy and so on. There are planetary yantras also like the numerical as well as the deity ones. The yantras need to be activated by mantras and prayers specific to that deity or planet.

The yantras are not very expensive, a copper yantra cost as much as US $ 8 to 10 whereas the hand painted ones could be anywhere from US $ 10 onwards, The yantras made in gold are the most expensive. The yantras are much more cheaper than gemstones and can be as effective as gems, if used with mantras and possess no side effects. There is a whole new world out there waiting to be explored and yantras are the doorway to that cosmic universe.