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Vastu Deep


Price: US $9.95

  • Vastu Deep I (+US $6.50)
  • Vastu Deep II (+US $4.50)
  • Vastu Deep III (+US $2.50)
  • Vastu Deep IV (+US $0.50)
  • Vastu Deep V 
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Lighting of Diya / Lamp is an essential part of all the pujas in Hinduism, every puja is followed by aarti which is performed by lighting the lamp or diya. The presence of an oil lamp is an important aspect of ritual worship offered to a deity. Moreover, a day is kept aside for the worship of the lamp in the busy festival calendar, on one amavasya (no moon) day in the month of Shravan. This reverence for the deep is based on the symbolism of the journey from darkness and ignorance to light and the knowledge of the ultimate reality – "Tamaso ma Jyotirgamaya". Light signifies the path of wisdom and the path of divinity. Flame also signifies the power of all beings.

Vastu Lamp is designed on the back of Kurma or Tortoise, Kurma (tortoise) was the 2nd Avatar of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu took the form of a half-man half-tortoise, the lower half being a tortoise. He is normally shown as having four arms. In the upper two, he carries the conch (shell) and the wheel while the lower two are in the protection and the boon giving posture or carrying a mace and a lotus. Kurma (tortoise) was used for support to mount Mandara, as a churn dasher, when the Deva's and the Asuras churned the ocean (Samudramanthan). He was granted boon by Lord Shani, that anyone who worships this form will not be affected by malefic effects of Saturn.

Kurma or Tortoise works as a remedial measure for correction of Vastu faults since it has great power to balance the enviromental energy around us as well as removal of negative energy thereby purifying the place where it is kept. Hence, the Lamp has been named as Vastu Deep as it removes the Vastu faults of a place where it is lighted. Vaastu Deepak is designed beautifully in heavy brass with Golden finish, it gives Royal look to the lamp. The antique design on the upper part of the lamp adds to the charm of Vastu Deep. Fill it with oil and put in a wick slightly turned outside through the notch and light it. It is the perfect deepak for your Altar or Home Puja Temple.

Vastu Deep I : 

Height : 2.25 inches
Depth of Diya : 1.25 inches
Top Diameter : 2.25 inches
Weight : 135 gms

Vastu Deep II :

Height : 2.1 inches
Depth of Diya : 1 inch
Top Diameter : 2 inches
Weight : 110 gms

Vastu Deep III :

Height : 1.75 inches
Depth of Diya : 1 inch
Top Diameter : 1.75 inches
Weight : 95 gms

Vastu Deep IV :

Height : 1.6 inches
Depth of Diya : 1 inch
Top Diameter : 1.5 inches
Weight : 62 gms

Vastu Deep V :

Height : 1.5 inches
Depth of Diya : 0.75 inches
Top Diameter : 1.5 inches
Weight : 55 gms