Wind Chimes - 2

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Wind Chimes - 2


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Wind chimes, also called magic bells, holds a significant presence in Feng Shui. It is without question the most powerful and versatile cure to correct Feng Shui defects. The wind chimes heralds of two wonderful messages: cheerfulness through the sound and life from the wind that breathes into the tubes. Wind chimes transform bad and harmful chi that enters your homes or offices into intrinsic energy which brings good fortune to its occupants.
In feng shui, good chi moves slowly while the bad chi moves fast. This  fast moving bad chi will ring the wind chime, the sound of the wind chime will slow down the chi from moving too fast, therefore turning bad chi into good chi circling your house.

1. Hang this wind chime between two doors facing each other to harmonize the chi so that bad chi from either room cannot affect the other one.

2. If your bed room door is facing the toilet door, hang this wind chime in between so that good chi cannot flush down the toilet.

3. If your kitchen is facing the main door, hang this at your main door so that it can prevent the good chi from slipping away through the door.

4. If your staircase from your upper level going down is facing your main door, hang this wind chime between your staircase and your main door to prevent good chi to directly go out from your house via your main door.

5. Hang a six-rod metal wind chime in the West sector of your living room to improve the luck of the children of the house. The metal energy will strengthen this sector of the house - which will bring you more luck to have children, or if you already have kids, this will help ensure they grow up to be individuals who bring honor to the family.

6 This wind chime is also excellent for enhancing the energy of the West for children, Northwest for mentors / helpful people, and North for career prospects and advancement.

Basically wind chime has the same function as a Bagua mirror, which is not allowed to place inside a house, therefore we need to use the wind chime to replace it.

7 Metallic hollow rods of : 5 - 7 inches Length
Color : Golden