Wish Granting Cow

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Wish Granting Cow


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As the name suggests the wish-granting cow is symbolic of a person’s wishes being fulfilled.

In Feng Shui, the wish-fulfilling cow, often found sitting on a bed of coins or ingots, is used to fulfill and attract good descendant's luck, ensuring that your future generations will be prosperous. In India the cow is considered as a holy animal. People here worship the cow and this animal holds a special place in the hearts of Indians. However, very few people actually know the true significance of the cow. In fact, Buddhism teaches us that the cow has the power to transform our wishes into reality if we treat it with kindness, and also if we do not eat beef (cow’s meat).

In an office, to enhance good fortune you can display the cow sitting on a bed of coins and ingots anywhere on your desk. At home, you can display the wish-granting cow in the South East sector of your house. This can be very luck since South East is the general sector, which is associated with wealth.

   - 2 inches,  Width - 2 inches,  Length - 3 inches
Material - Resin
Color     - Metalic Golden