Divine Protection Bracelet

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Divine Protection Bracelet is having extremely high powers & acts as a Guardian Angel against all kinds of Negative, Malefic & Evil Energies that may be creating obstacles / hurdles in a person's life.
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Information about Divine Protection Bracelet
This is a highly effective bracelet made up of one piece of Dzi Bead and several round smooth black agate beads of very high quality which are strung on tough stretchable black thread. The Dzi Bead is supposed to be extremely beneficial for various physiological functions of the body. This Bead is said to have extremely high powers and acts as a Guardian Angel against all kinds of Negative, Malefic & Evil Energies that may be creating obstacles / hurdles in a person's life. The round smooth black stones are actually agate beads which are supposed to have very huge potential for absorbing any kind of negative energies as well as warding off any Evil Eye effects.

We, at Rudraksha Center, have been trying hard since a pretty long time for preparing a Talisman for providing over all protection to our clients from all kind of Negative Energies and Evil 
Effects. We are extremely pleased to have come up with the fulfillment of this Idea under the spiritual guidance of our Guruji in the form of a Bracelet.

Divine protection bracelet has been highly Energized by our Guruji who has done a very specific Puja and Homam for these bracelets seeking blessings of Lord Hanuman, Goddess Mahakali and Batuk Bhairav Dev to make them extremely powerful for our clients benefit. A special Tithi and Nakshatra is chosen for this Ritual and several Priests along with our Guruji performed this puja for 4-5 hours for Energizing these Protection Bracelets.

We are fully confident that this Bracelet should prove the most Effective Talisman for you, for your Family, Business, Job as well as for your Relatives & Friends. It has already been tried and tested in the past few months with very Positive and Encouraging Results. It is so powerful that if you do not want to wear it in your wrist, you can even keep it in your Hand Bag, Wallet or at your Workplace.

The Best part is that although this Bracelet has already been Highly Energized, Yet it will be tagged ( A Ritual will be performed taking into consideration your Name & Date of Birth ) specifically for the wearer once again by our Guruji before being sent.

Who can wear this Bracelet
Everyone can wear this Bracelet without any discrimination of Age, Gender, Caste and Creed.
When & How to wear this Bracelet
Evil Eye Protection Bracelet can be worn from any Saturday morning after taking bath. There are no restrictions while wearing it.
Please Note
Divine Protection Bracelet is definitely a very good talisman for protecting you from all kinds of Negative Energies, Evil Eye and Enemies. This Bracelet keeps on absorbing all kinds of Negative Energies around you as well as those negative energies which have been directed towards you by your Enemies thereby protecting you from their harmful effects. However, the Bracelet itself gets broken if it has absorbed negative energies ( directed towards you ) beyond its capacity and in such an instance, the bracelet should be replaced with a new bracelet. All the beads of the previous bracelet should be disposed off in any water body like Lake, River, Sea, Pond or the same may be left at any temple since these beads are loaded with negative energies which have been directed towards you.

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