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Rudraksha Center is one of the oldest supplier and online sellers of Rudraksha Beads in India as well as abroad. We sell original Rudraksha Beads ( from 1 to 21 mukhi ), Vedic Yantras, Malas & Rosaries, Fengshui & Crystal Items and perform Holy Pujas & Homams for our clients all across the Globe. Rudraksha Center is committed to supply only the best quality of Rudraksha Beads procured directly from Nepal, Indonesia from most reliable sources. We provide a Certificate of Authenticity with each and every Rudraksha sold from our website. Our main goal is to solve the problems of patrons by supplying only Genuine, Authentic and Best quality of Rudrakshas, as per their requirement. We welcome your queries at info@rudraksha-center.com To know about the Rudraksha Beads, please CLICK HERE

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Hello Mr. Ramesh Khaitan,

This is Meera here. I have purchased a Shiva Shakti Mala Indonesian with sandalwood beads few weeks back. I want to share my experience with you and first of all, Thank you very much to you and your team as well for such a wonderful mala, I am very happy to have such powerful and beautiful mala with me. It arrived to me very quickly and safely and I regularly started wearing it, on the very first day, I realized that it has so much positive energy in it and it was just magical feeling. I felt very peaceful, calm and energetic, I was so happy and one fine moment, I came up with the thought that it is blessings of Lord Shiva that I am having this mala and I should do Maha Mrityunjay Mantra Jaap on this mala so that I can get more protection and blessings from shivji. I have started doing the japas on next morning, and above my expectation, I have recited the japas till afternoon, it was all Lord Shivas magic that I neither feel thirst nor hunger during the japas. Now, I feel that I should get the Maha Mrityunjay Homa done as well. Kindly guide me for the same.

I am again highly thankful to you for your wonderful services.

Best Wishes