Rudraksha & Gem Bracelet for Aries

Product Code: BRCRG01
Rudraksha & Semi precious Coral Gem Bracelet pacifies the malefic effects of planet Mars and strengthens it in ones Horoscope.
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Information about Rudraksha Gem Bracelet for Aries
A beautiful Bracelet made from small 5 faced Indonesian Rudraksha and a Semi Precious Coral Gem stone for planet Mars studded in pure Silver.

This bracelet pacifies the malefic effects of Planet Mars and strengthens this planet in ones Horoscope. This bracelet can also be worn by persons having their zodiac sign as Aries ( Mesh Rashi ) OR their Ascendant as Aries with wonderful results in improvement of their Confidence, Health and Happiness, Energy levels and Stamina.
Length of Bracelet
approx 8 inches
Gem stone used
Semi precious Coral Gem stone

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