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Brahmin Bhoj is an Ancient Ritual of offering food to Brahmins since they represent God as per Ancient Hindu Mythology. This ritual is considered very Auspicious & it forms most important part of several religious ceremonies.
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Information about Brahmin Bhoj
Our ancient sages divided the people into four distinct castes according to their works for the benefits of the society. These caste were made not on the basis of gradation, but primarily on the basis of their works and duties. However, with the passage of time, these castes got a sort of gradation due to the duties they performed. These castes were known as Brahmins, Kshatriyas (Warriors & Kings), Vaishyas (Merchants & Farmers) and Sudras (Servants & Humble workers).

Of the above four castes, Brahmins became the most powerful class as they performed all the priestly duties, studied Vedas, performed Rites and Rituals, acted as Temple Priests and spent their lives in pursuit of divine knowledge for the benefit of all the other three casts. In ancient kingdoms, although the King ruled his kingdom but he was supposed to be guided and instructed by a learned Brahmin who has been appointed as Rajguru. All the Kings used to follow advice of Rajguru with full Humility and Modesty. It was the duty of Rajguru to see that the religion is followed in the kingdom.

In today's prospective also, a Brahmin is a person who is all knowledgeable about Religion and various Rites and Rituals and hence he is supposed to be a person who is learned and wise as far as religious activities are concerned. Brahmins are supposed to be performing all the prayers and other activities in almost all the Hindu Temples and lead an exemplary life which comprises of various sacrifices for the benefit of others.

It is due to this reason that serving a Brahmin is supposed to be a sort of showing our devotion to God Almighty since they are the people who have dedicated their entire life in the service of God for the benefit of Humanity. Most of their time is spent in gaining Knowledge about the Ancient Rites and Rituals and performing them for the sake of society. Hence, obviously they cannot do any commercial activity for livelihood nor are they supposed to do so, since their primary duty is to gain knowledge, serve God Almighty and work for the other people using their knowledge and wisdom. Hence, serving to a Brahmin in any way like Dakshina, offering Food, etc. as per ones capacity is also a kind of prayer to God Almighty since we are doing so for a person who has dedicated his entire life for the service of God and welfare of mankind.

A Brahmin Bhoj is an Ancient Ritual of offering food to Brahmins since they represent God as per Ancient Hindu Mythology. This ritual is considered very Auspicious and it forms most important part of several religious ceremonies. After this offering, the Brahmins are offered Dakshina as well and the person who has arranged for this ritual is supposed to have been blessed by them.

Food includes
The Food will comprise of Butter Rotis, Puris, 2 vegetables, Pulao ( Rice ), Daal, Raita, Salad, Achaar, 1 Namkeen, 2 Sweet Dish and Papad and there will be no constrain on the quantity of food after which a Dakshina will be offered to each Brahmin.
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