19 Mukhi Rudraksha Indonesian

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A Rudraksha of Nineteen face is Narayan Roopam. The possessor is bestowed with all worldly pleasures.
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Information about 19 Faced Rudraksha

A Rudraksha of Nineteen faces is Narayan Roopam. Worshiping it or wearing gives victory of Truth and Knowledge over ignorance and demon activity. The possessor is bestowed with all worldly pleasures. There is no scarcity in their life. The use of this Rudraksha is said to help in Diseases like blood disorder, spinal disorder as per the ancient vedic texts.

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19 Mukhi Indonesian Rudraksha with Free Silver Capping & Red Thread
Lab Tested Certificate
Symbol of
Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi
Beej Mantra
Om Namaha Shivaya
Size of Bead
15 - 17 mm approx.
Positive Effects
(Benefits) of Nineteen faced Rudraksha
  • The wearer of a Nineteen Mukhi Rudraksha gets the blessings of both, the Lord Vishnu as well as Goddess Lakshmi. Hence he is blessed with abundance of Wealth and Success in all the spheres of Life.

  • Diseases like Blood disorder, Spinal Disorder, Diabetics, High Blood Pressure, sexual problems, etc can be prevented by wearing the nineteen faced rudraksha bead as per Ancient Vedic Texts.

  • A person wearing this rudraksha becomes extremely Prosperous, Healthy, free from Stress and Fear of any kind. He gets Recognition as well as Financial Success everywhere.

  • This rudraksha removes any kind of Obstacles in Job / Business / Education and any kind of Planetary affliction is also pacified by the blessings of Lord Vishnu.

  • A person wearing a Nineteen Faced Rudraksha is able to get a perfect Life Partner by the blessings of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi.

Powers of Nineteen Mukhi Rudraksha
A 19 mukhi Rudraksha fulfils all materialistic desires of the wearer. It provides Luxuries in Life, Success, Wealth and Mental peace to the wearer. It is very effective for Businessmen as it sharpens the Business Acumen.
Who should wear this Rudraksha
A 19 mukhi Rudraksha can be worn by Businessmen, Politicians, Social Activists and Serving People as it gives Success in any work without much stress.
Diseases cured by Nineteen Mukhi Rudraksha
As per Ancient Vedic Texts, 19 mukhi Rudraksha is said to cure the diseases of Blood disorder, Spinal disorder, Lungs and Bronchial disorders etc.
How to wear a 19 Mukhi Rudraksha
19 Mukhi Java Rudraksha can be worn around the neck or wrist or alternately it can be kept in the place of worship.
Puja of Rudraksha
Please note that all the Rudrakshas are already Energized as per ancient Hindu Rituals ( A Pran Pratishtha Puja is performed by our learned Guruji ) before being sent to our clients. Read More ....

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