"I am wearing 7 mukhi mahalakshmi bracelet purchased from Rudraksha Center since past many months, and it is so sturdy that the shine of caps is intact till now, and the thread is also very good. It looks so beautiful and spiritual in my hands, and I am very happy with my purchase. I must appreciate the support and quick answers related to my questions received from Rudraksha Center, they are simply very much helpful and friendly. I have also recommended their services to many of my friends so that they can also get genuine rudraksh beads and other things. I am very grateful to team Rudraksha Center. "

12 Apr, 2024

"Recently I purchased a 14 Mukhi Nepalese Rudraksha from Rudraksha Center, and it arrived very quickly in a safe packing. I started wearing it from the very next day. I purchased it to minimize the bad effects of Saturn in my chart. Since then, I am wearing it continuously and getting very positive results of it. There were a lot of hurdles and obstacles in my business. Also, I was afraid that I might have to shut it. But after wearing this rudraksha, I got new business opportunities, and my finances also started flourishing. I am so thankful to Rudraksha Center for sending genuine and energized rudraksha. Indeed, it is a real gift from the God. Thank you, and God Bless you. "

Ms Jill
29 Mar, 2024

"Rudraksha Center has performed many pujas for me in the past, and I am very happy with their services. Recently, I got a puja performed, namely Vivaah Vighna Badha Nivaran Puja, which I found very helpful for people who want to get married and wishing a suitable life partner. After performance of this puja, my marriage got fixed with a person of my choice. For this, I am very thankful to all the brahmins who performed my puja, and to the entire team of Rudraksha Center for guiding me and suggesting remedies for my problems. I will keep doing more pujas in future also to make my life more better. Thank you all. "

07 Mar, 2024

"Thank you so much Ramesh for suggesting me Sunderkand Path. I have got immense relief after getting this path performed, and I am grateful to your priests for doing it so dedicatedly with full heart. Now, I will get it done every month for my mental peace, protection and courage, and I am quite hopeful that all my wishes will come true by the blessings of Lord Hanuman soon. Thank you for all your guidance and help. "

16 Feb, 2024

"I am thankful to Rudraksha Center for sending the Rudraksha malas so quickly. I ordered few Japa Malas for gifting purpose, and all of my relatives liked it very much. I am so grateful that Rudraksha Center has delivered my products swiftly and safely without any hassles and delay. I would surely like to order more things soon. Om Namah Shivaya "

Trinidad and Tobago
09 Jan, 2024

"I got the Kali Chalisa Path performed last week from esteemed priests of Rudraksha Center, and I am pleased to say that it helped me a lot in my litigations. I am very thankful to all the brahmins and team Rudraksha Center for performing this puja on my behalf with utmost dedication and faith. I am very happy with all the communication received from Rudraksha Center, from start to end, they informed me about each and every step of puja, and it was an amazing experience watching the puja video as well. The video was very much appreciable, since they filmed the important aspects of puja in it. I like their services and thankful to all the team. "

United States
15 Dec, 2023

"I got the meditation power pendant package today morning. The delivery is superfast indeed, I didn’t expect to receive this pendant on this auspicious day. I am so happy that I will start wearing it from today itself. I would like to thank all the team members of Rudraksha Center for guiding me through this process of choosing right Rudraksha for me and also to Mr. Ramesh for going through my horoscope and giving his valuable suggestions. Thank you all. "

21 Nov, 2023

"Thank you to Guruji and all the priests who did the kemudruma dosh puja for my son. I am very happy to watch the video and the rituals performed during the puja. It felt so spiritual and soothing seeing it. I am so much faithful that he will start seeing the results soon. In fact, he seems a little bit interested in his studies than before, and I am quite sure that he will improve further with God Almighty's blessings. Om Namah Shivaya "

United Arab Emirates
10 Nov, 2023

"Thank you for performing the Navdurga Pooja and sending the videos of it. I am very happy to see the videos, and felt very peaceful after watching it. Your priests did it so nicely with full dedication and concentration. Hope this puja will bestow peace, prosperity and happiness in my life. I will surely recommend your services to others. Thank you again. "

25 Oct, 2023

"I am very happy with the Rudraksha Gem Bracelet purchased from Rudraksha Center last month for my zodiac sign Leo. It arrived very quickly and in a safe package. As soon as I opened the package, I was in love with it, it is designed very nicely and it looks elegant in my hands also. The addition of Rudrakshas with gem stone is amazing. Thank you Rudraksha Center for your wonderful service. "

New Zealand
07 Oct, 2023

"I got a Gauri Shankar Pooja performed twice with a gap of almost one month,and got very good results of it. I feel so much positivity in me, and in my surroundings. Relation with my husband and in-laws got much better than before, and I can relate myself with them. By the blessings of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, my married life is on the track finally, and I am also thankful to Rudraksha Center priests and their whole team for making this possible. Namaste "

United Kingdom
21 Sep, 2023

"Thank you for timely delivery of Protection Power Pendant, I am glad to receive it on time. I read all the instructions and details regarding the Rudrakshas sent along, and already started wearing it from Today morning itself as instructed, and chanted the mantra as well. After that, I felt very good from inside, like someone has washed off all my fears, anxiety and sorrows divinely. I will inform you more about its effects after some time. I am highly thankful to all of you and God Bless. "

04 Sep, 2023

"I am very happy with the way the Pitra Dosh Nivaran Pooja performed. It was indeed the great experience for me, I did see the Pind Daan process and other several rituals getting done in the short video shared by Rudraksha Center. I would definitely recommend Rudraksha Center to all my near and dear ones. The brahmins did the pooja very well, and I am grateful to all the brahmins, and to all people working at Rudraksha Center for arranging this puja. I will get more pujas done in near future, as suggested by Ramesh ji. "

24 Aug, 2023

"My heartfelt Pranams to All at Rudraksha Center, as well as to the priests who have performed Shravan Somvar Puja for my family and I. We all are highly obliged for such a wonderful Puja ceremony. We felt very high level of positive energies while the puja was getting performed there. It clearly indicates that the priests have done their work with full dedication. I believe in Lord Shiva and I am glad that I found you on internet and you helped me pray to Lord Shiva by this puja. I have already referred your services to my extended family so that they can also get benefits. "

02 Aug, 2023

"Namaste, I purchased a Shiva Shakti Rudraksha Mala 3 months back from Rudraksha Center. It arrived safely, and is very beautiful and pious. I am wearing it since then, and getting very good results of it. I am glad that I chose to get this mala from rudraksha center, its very lucky for me. I will surely recommend their services to my near and dear ones. "

18 Jul, 2023

"I bought a 13 mukhi nepali rudraksha last year from Rudraksha Center, and absolutely happy with my purchase. They sent me very good piece with clear lines and certificate. I am wearing this Rudraksha since then, and got very good results as well. Not only my love life got back on track, but people who didnt like me were also turning to me. Slowly and gradually my life is now on track, all thanks to excellent team of Rudraksha Center and Ramesh for helping me out in my difficult times. I wish them all the best and Good Luck ! "

United States
07 Jul, 2023

"I am very grateful to Guruji and his team for conducting sarva karya siddhi pooja for me. I got this puja done few months back, and receiving very good results. I achieved what I wanted to, after so long. This puja gave me positive mind and courage to get success and overcome my fears. I will always be thankful to entire team of Rudraksha Center for making this possible. I don't have words to express my gratitude. Thank you and God Bless you all. "

25 Jun, 2023

"Hello dear team, thank you for conducting 7 chakras balancing puja on my behalf. I am feeling very good since this puja has been performed. I feel reduction in my body aches and headache. I was so stressed all these years for different health concerns, but someone suggested to get my chakras energized by getting this puja done, and I am very thankful to him and team rudraksha center for making this possible. May God Bless you all and your priests. Om Namah Shivaya "

Mumbai, India
06 Jun, 2023

"Thank you Ramesh for suggesting Navagraha rudraksha kavach. It is very beneficial for me, my health issues are quite less than before since I started wearing this kavach. It helped me a lot overcoming my stress and anxiety. I will also book your suggested pujas soon, so that I can get complete relief. Thank you for your kind help. Namaste to all. "

27 May, 2023

"I bought a Sampoorna Shree Yantra of 8 inches from Rudraksha Center, and it arrived very quickly in safe packaging. I immediately placed it on the North wall of my cabin, and beyond my imagination it gave me very good results. I am highly thankful to all the people at Rudraksha Center for assisting and guiding me. Their services are superb and products are genuine. Thank you and God Bless you all. "

09 May, 2023

"Thank you for performing Kanakdhara Pooja for me and my family. I am very happy with all the decorations and puja vidhis. Thanks to all your pandits and Guruji for conducting my puja on auspicious occasion of Akshay Tritiya, and also for a short video, it was very divine and commendable. I will look forward for more pujas from your organization. Om Namah Shivaya "

25 Apr, 2023

"Namaste, I bought a Riddhi Siddhi Rudraksha Bracelet last month, and received it safely. It has amazing power and aura, that I can feel since I worn it. All my pending works are getting accomplished after wearing it. I feel that Lord Ganesha itself blesses me through this bracelet, and I am very happy with it. I genuinely want to thank all the people at Rudraksha Center for providing such services and guidance. "

New Zealand
12 Apr, 2023

"Thank you Rudraksha Center for performing the Maha Durga Pooja during the auspicious Navratri festival. I am highly thankful to all the priests who performed my puja with sheer dedication and faith. I am so happy with the way they performed the puja, it was a great experience. I will surely get more pujas performed in near future for bringing auspiciousness and luck in my life. Best wishes "

24 Mar, 2023

"I am grateful to Rudraksha Center for donating the Rahu Grah Shanti packs on my behalf every week. It has brought significant changes in my life since I am doing it. Ramesh ji suggested me to donate the Rahu packs for malefic planet Rahu in my chart, for which also I am highly thankful. I am going to continue this for sure. Namaste "

Manpreet Singh
United Kingdom
16 Mar, 2023

"The customized Rudraksha pendant suggested by Ramesh is so much energetic and beneficial to me. I am wearing this rudraksha combination since past 3 months, and getting positive results so far. I am happy that I found genuine people and real rudrakshas. I am grateful to all the people at Rudraksha Center. "

25 Feb, 2023

"I bought a Rudraksha Coral Mala few weeks back from Rudraksha Center, and it arrived quickly in a week in very good packing and with utmost care. I m very happy with the mala. Some Astrologer suggested me to wear coral to strengthen the weak mars in my chart, but I didn't want to wear a ring, and fortunately I found a mala here with goodness of rudrakshas as a bonus. I am wearing this mala regularly and feeling very good and energetic since then. Thank you. "

07 Feb, 2023

"Thank you for performing makar sankranti pooja for me and my family on such a short notice. I have watched the video, and truly happy with the puja your pandits did. I have bought many rudrakshas and other things from Rudraksha Center in the past, and your services are amazing and beyond words. I wish to do more pujas in near future as I am feeling very good after the makar sankranti puja. Blessings and Love. "

19 Jan, 2023

"Dear Team Rudraksha Center, I am very happy with your services. I have got done a subh labh pooja for new year, and it brought so much happiness and positivity. Your pandits did very good work with full dedication and utmost care. I appreciate it. Hope to receive more blessings from your services in future also. Please keep going with the job you all are doing. My heartiest blessings are with you all at rudraksha center. Best wishes. "

United States
03 Jan, 2023

"The zodiac bracelet looks very elegant and beautiful. I liked it too much, its totally worthy and fits my wrist. I also liked the quality of stone and rudrakshas, it is sturdy as well as good for daily wear. I will order more for my family also, as they also want such wrist band for their own zodiac signs. Thank you. "

United Arab Emirates
22 Dec, 2022

"Thank you team rudraksha center for performing the chandi puja. I am very impressed and happy with your services. Your priests have undoubtedly did a great job. I am experiencing great relief after getting this puja done. Thank you all and God Bless, may you all continue the good work. Jai mata di "

12 Dec, 2022

"Namaste. I am wearing red tiger eye, tourmaline and hematite bracelet purchased from rudraksha center. It is really a worth. It has helped me a lot in dealing with my stress and mental turmoil. I will recommend to wear this bracelet to all those people who are facing such issues. "

25 Nov, 2022

"I would like to take an opportunity to review about Sampoorna Rog Nashak Yantra. I bought this yantra from www.rudraksha-center.com 2 months back. At that time, we were facing a lot of health issues one by one, at times I got sick, another time my husband, and sometimes my children. There was something going on back to back, which made me worried. After installing the sampoorna rog nashak yantra at my home, we are feeling good by God's grace. I do prayers in front of the yantra everyday which gives me so much positivity and assurance mentally. Thank you everyone at rudraksha center. "

Delhi, India
10 Nov, 2022

"Thank you to all the priests at rudraksha center for performing angarak dosh puja for me. I am feeling great calm and relaxation in my mind now, I have become very frustrated and agitated and started over-reacting on my dear ones without any reason. But I am so thankful to Ramesh ji for suggesting this puja, it is really a great relief for me. I have also ordered a horoscope analysis report for my wife, as she is facing various obstacles in her career, and I am sure that your suggestions can make a change. Om Namah Shivaya "

23 Oct, 2022

"I purchased a business luck kavacham few times back, and happy to admit that it truly works. I have seen increase in my cliental gradually and they all are very satisfied with my services. I am thankful to team divine rudraksha and ramesh for helping me out and guiding me in my tough times. God Bless you all. "

New Zealand
06 Oct, 2022

"Thank you for donating the shani shanti packs for me. I feel very relaxed and calm whenever you have donated it. I consider it very effective and pocket friendly as well. It was very difficult for me to chant the mantras or wear the rudrakshas, but I find it convenient as I don't have to do anything. Please continue your wonderful services, and help people like me. I will order for more donation packs soon. "

United Kingdom
27 Sep, 2022

"I am very happy with the services offered by Rudraksha Center. They notified me for every step timely and their priests perform the pujas whole heartedly, and gives attention to every detail. They have done two pujas for me in the past, and recently shraadh pooja has been done by them in a great manner. I am very thankful to all the priests and team rudraksha center for helping me out every time, and for all the blessings and love they give to their clients. "

15 Sep, 2022

"Good morning Team Rudraksha Center, I received the Shiva Shakti Rudraksh Mala beautifully packed in a box. The fragrance of sandalwood paste applied on it is so nice and divine. I am touched to keep the mala in my hand, I can feel the immense positive aura of it and will start wearing it soon. I will recommend your beautiful and genuine services to all my near and dear ones for sure. Om Namah Shivaya ! "

Auge Mishler
26 Aug, 2022

"Thank you for sending beautiful yantras. They were packed nicely with love and care. I am touched by your services, your efforts towards customer satisfaction is amazing. Whenever I have asked any questions about the yantras, you have answered them thoroughly. I will surely buy more things from you in near future. "

09 Aug, 2022

"I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to all your dedicated priests and your entire team. I have married to a beautiful girl two months back by God's grace and your prayers. I got vivah vighna puja performed few months back, and felt immense positive results of it. I want to feed all those priests who have performed my puja to express my gratitude. I would also like you to perform a gauri shankara puja so that our married life remain happy and blessed. I will place my order soon. Om Namaha Shivaya "

United States
13 Jul, 2022

"This is my first purchase on rudraksha center, and I am very happy with it. The packaging and communication was perfect. I was notified with every step till delivery. Apart from this, the hanuman sakti rudraksha kavacha is very much powerful and energetic, I feel blessed while wearing it. I did receive the lab tested certificates also for each three rudrakshas used in the kavacham. Overall satisfactory purchase. Thank you. "

05 Jul, 2022

"I am glad that I reached you for seeking help for my daughter. After getting the Vidhya Prapti Pooja done from your priests, she is concentrating on her studies, and we found a very good tutor as well for her. I was very worried about her education, inspite of the fact that she is very intelligent and smart, but somehow she could not able to pay attention towards her studies. I am very happy that she is now doing well. Thank you so much to all your priests and your entire team to provide such services. I would also like to get her horoscope checked for any hindrances in her education, so that she would not have to face any issues in future as well. Thank you once again. "

22 Jun, 2022

"I got two pujas done through Rudraksha Center and I have to say that I was very impressed with their efficient communication - they let me know the details of the puja, when was a good date to perform the puja, the exact date and time of the puja and what I needed to do from my end. The prasadam was sent on time and I received it perfectly wrapped with all instructions. Namaste with all my gratitude to everyone who performed the puja. "

Anuja Chaudhri
San Jose, United States
02 Jun, 2022

"Thank you Team Rudraksha Center, I received the protection rudraksha bracelet last week, it arrived safely packed in a box, I must appreciate your packing. The instructions were very clear and precise, and I have already started wearing it from this monday. I feel so relaxed and positive while wearing it. It is amazing. Om Namah Shivaya ! "

18 May, 2022

"Dear All, thank you for performing Akshay Tritiya Puja for me and my family, we are highly thankful to your pandits and your entire team for arranging this special puja. We are glad to find you, as your services are genuine, true and communication with you is very easy. I will definitely recommend your services to all my dear ones who need it. God bless you and take care. "

09 May, 2022

"Namaste, thank you very much for asking. I have received the prasad yesterday, and will start wearing the stuffs from Tomorrow. I also want to thank all the pandits and your team for conducting such a beautiful puja ceremony. I am very pleased and blessed to hear Hanuman Chalisa in the video, the brahmins have beautifully did it playing with hand instruments. I was able to see their hard work and dedication clearly, for which I am grateful. Thank you again. "

24 Apr, 2022

"Thank you for the quick delivery. I have safely received the 14 Mukhi rudraksha package. When I opened it, I could feel the divine aura in the Rudraksha, and immediately started wearing it. The rudraksh looks so beatiful that I dont want to keep it away from me. I am very happy with your service and efforts, and will surely recommend them to my friends and family. I will order more in near future, and also want to get two pujas performed from you. Thank you all :) "

06 Apr, 2022

"Om Namah Shivaya ! I am writing my experience here, so that everyone can get benefits of Rudraksha Center services, their work is very appreciable and true. They are always ready to help and assist. I have booked the Pariwarik Grah Klesh Nivaran Puja from them last month, and surprise to see the preparations in the video. It was amazing, I never felt such immense positivity and mental relief, which I felt by watching and hearing the puja. In prasadam also, I received a Kavach to hang inside my house for peace and prosperity in the family. Just in few days, the misunderstandings between my family members got resolved, and everyone seems happy now. It is truly amazing, and now I have more faith in God Almighty, much more than before. I am deeply thankful for the wonderful services provided by Rudraksha Center. "

United States
20 Mar, 2022

"Thank you Rudraksha Center for the beautiful Rudraksha Lava Bracelet, I received it last week and started wearing it from Monday. It is so calming and divine. I like the Om hanging the most, as it makes me feel positive and protected from evil energies. My anger has also came down after wearing it. I have recommended this magical bracelet to many of my relatives also, and I will place the order for them soon. Thank you for everything. "

08 Mar, 2022

"Pranams to all at Rudraksha Center. Received the blessings of 330 million deities blessings prapti puja this morning, and felt immense positivity all around. Please convey my special thanks to all the pandits and guruji, who performed my puja. It was so divine to watch the pandits performing the prayer for me. I don't understand the mantras, but when they were chanting, I felt like some positive powers are filling energy in me. So touched and blessed with the way the puja performed. My heartfelt thank you to you all again. Jai Shree Ram ! "

12 Feb, 2022

"Om Namah Shivaaya, What a beautiful surprise and blessing to have received my rudrakshas on a Monday !! Thank you for so aptly undertaking this delivery on such a timely manner. My Pranaams to the Guru who performed the pooja for the items as the energy/blessings were immediately felt!! Thank you very much for the special gift of Sree Yantra - I had always wanted one- feeling very blessed!! My prayers to all of your team and their loved ones!! "

John Arjunan
31 Jan, 2022

"Thank you all, received the Tiger's Eye Bracelet safely last week, and started wearing as well. I must say it is very beneficial and providing me a lot of energy and vigour. I am feeling very confident, energetic and strong than before. It is definitely worth purchasing. Will surely purchase more things from your website soon. Thank you all again. "

United Kingdom
05 Jan, 2022

"I have purchased a 1 face rudraksh attached to a rudraksha-coral mala 3 months back. At that time, I was very stressed and in depression, due to heavy loss in my business. One of the Astrologers suggested to wear one face rudraksh and a coral ring, then I started surfing the web, and came across this website, and found one face rudraksh with coral mala itself. I immediately ordered it, and wearing it since then. It is quite effective and mind soothing. Moreover, I am very happy with the efficient and speedy service of Divine Rudraksha, as they are always ready to assist me, and answer my queries. Truly appreciative and genuine products and services. I am very grateful for everything they have done for me. "

Trinidad and Tobago
09 Dec, 2021

"Hello and Namaste to all of you at Rudraksha Center. I am glad to write something about your genuine and divine services. May you guys continue this tremendous work for years to come and God Bless you all with prosperity and happiness. I would like to mention here that this is my first ever puja that I got performed from Rudraksha Center. I am fond of Indian Festivals, especially Holi and Diwali, and every year I come to India for celebrating these festivals. But due to covid, it was not possible for me to travel, it spoiled my mood. However, somewhere I found this website, and they were performing pujas on Diwali, for getting blessings for coming year. I immediately opened it, and gone through different pujas, and ordered a Subh Labh Puja. I don't know how, but I felt extreme positivity when my puja got performed there. After receiving the puja prasadam also, I did feel more positive energy. One of the most positive results that I have got is finding a new job opportunity of my choice, which I was looking for quite long. I am extremely grateful for the wonderful work of all the Pandits and Team Rudraksha Center. Thank you for everything. "

17 Nov, 2021

"Namaste Ramesh, received the Rudraksha wrist band safely. It looks so beautiful and divine. Thank you for the complimentary yantra as well. I started wearing the bracelet from today morning, and already started feeling much better. I am also very happy with the quality of silver used in the bracelet, it is so sturdy and shiny. Thank you so much for your blessings. Jai Maa Durga ! "

Taiwan, Province of China
13 Oct, 2021

"Hello, I would like to give feedback about one of your products, named as Navgrah Tortoise. I bought it about 2 months back, and kept it in the North corner of my living room. After few days, I start feeling positive energies in my house, which I never felt before. To be very honest, the relation between my family and I was quite bitter, and we used to argue on and off. But our relationship improved well in these days, we are understanding each other in a better manner now. Someone told me few months back that my house is having vastu faults, therefore I purchased the navgrah tortoise, and it is really working. Our finances are also improving, and we are thinking to get a vastu pooja done from you, so that we can live peacefully here. I will place my order soon for the same. Thank you for everything. "

09 Sep, 2021

"Om Namah Shivaya, I am happy to inform you that my father's health is improving after Maha Mrityunjaya Pooja, he is shifted from ICU to normal room yesterday. The doctors are also saying that he should be recovered completely in the next few days. My family and I are very grateful to you and your team of brahmins for performing the jaap and pooja at such a short notice. I will keep you updated about his health. Thank you to you, your pandits and your entire team for such a kind service. "

Hyderabad, India
25 Aug, 2021

"Yes, all yantras received well. Thank you for sending them safely with utmost care and in robust packing. Also for your kind gift of rudraksha mala, my wife loved it and already started chanting the mantras on it. I personally liked the way you guys have guided me in choosing the right yantras. I will start placing them tomorrow according to instructions, it is very helpful and re-assuring. Thank you all. "

Mr. Venkata
United States
10 Aug, 2021

"Good evening everyone, received the pooja prasadams with thanks. Also, started wearing the rudraksha pendant from today itself, it is very beautiful and divine. I can feel the positive energies around after wearing it. Apart from this, please convey my thanks to all the brahmins who have participated in my pujas. I am very happy with your services, and will surely ask my friends and relatives to take benefit from your amazing services. I would like to mention here that I was suffering from knee ache since quite long and I received multiple treatments for the same as well, but did not get complete relief. However after getting performed the suggested pujas of Ramesh, I am feeling better than before, it is one kind of miracle happened to me. Thanks to God almighty for accepting my prayers through you. Namaste "

28 Jul, 2021

"Thank you very much for feeding the needy people on my behalf, I am grateful for your kind services, and will continue ordering in future as well. It is quite difficult to find such honest people like you, may God bless you all. "

12 Jul, 2021

"Good morning Ramesh, thank you for your insights and suggestions. I am doing the mantras suggested by you from past 2 weeks and experiencing great calm and peace. I am suffering from lack of sleep, for which I have done many therapies as well. But recitation of mantras gave me ample of relaxation which I never felt before. I really pray to God everyday to heal my ailments, which I hope will be healed soon. I also wish to get some pujas done for my good health and improvement in my financial situations. I will soon order few pujas and keep you updated regarding any further improvements. "

21 Jun, 2021

"Hello Team, thank you for the beautiful shree yantra gift and your superfast delivery. I started wearing the rudraksh gem bracelet from yesterday, and I am already feeling the great energies, its unbelievable. I have also recommended your services to my family, and one of my brothers is really keen to get his horoscope done from Ramesh ji. He will contact you soon. Moreover, please convey my pranam to Guruji for energizing the bracelet for me. Om Namah Shivaya "

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
11 Jun, 2021

"Namaste Team Rudraksha, Thank you for sending the video. I felt immense energies seeing the brahmins performing the rituals. I wish I could be there to get more blessings, but from here also, I could feel the powers. Goddess Lakshmi has blessed me a lot in the past few years and it was the way to express my gratitude. I wish to serve poor kids also, for which I will place an order soon. Thank you for your kind cooperation and work. "

19 May, 2021

"Please accept my heartiest thanks to your entire team and brahmins for performing such a wonderful puja. I am an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and pleased to see such nice preparations and hearing of clear recitation of mantras. I have got many pujas performed from local priests here, but I felt some divine connection watching this puja. You guys are doing great work and I appreciate you all from my heart. I have also placed an order for few other pujas, and quite hopeful that it will bring more blessings for my family. Thank you. "

United Kingdom
05 May, 2021

"Namaste Ramesh, thanks for your prompt response and guidance. I will start wearing the mala from this Monday. I would also like to appreciate your customer service and fast delivery, which is exceptional. I have bought many spiritual things from other websites as well, but never received such quality services, from receiving notifications for each step to delivery is quite satisfactory. Your packing and rudraksha quality is also tremendous, which inspires me to buy more and more divine products from you and I will surely buy them in near future. "

28 Apr, 2021

"well received, thank you. I was not expecting such a fast delivery with very good packing with care. I am extremely thankful for it. The idols are very divine, with detailed carvings. I will place them on my puja altar according to each diety's particular day. And already recommended your website to few of my friends. Have a blessed day ! "

New Zealand
19 Apr, 2021

"Jai Siya Ram to Team Rudraksha Center. Thank you for informing the same. I have ordered for another 12 months Cow service pooja, as I don't want to stop this. I feel blessed when I'm contributing something for the good cause. I am thankful to you all for doing this on my behalf and your service is appreciated. I am an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna and want to serve the cows till my last breath, as it provides me the mental relaxation as well. I am not able to do it on my own, but your generous services enables me to contribute for cow feeding. Gratitude and Pranams "

South Africa
25 Mar, 2021

"Thank you all for performing maha mritunjaya japa and pooja for me. I really liked the rituals and ceremonies the pandits were performing, even I felt much healthy listening the mantra recitations in video. You are doing commendable services, for which I am indebted to you all. I am pretty sure to get well soon with your blessings. God bless you team rudraksha center and your pandits for praying for me. "

10 Mar, 2021

"Yes, received the meditation power pendant safely on Tuesday, I was not at home so my neighbour took the delivery on my behalf, that's why I am writing to you today after opening the package. The rudraksh kavach looks more beautiful than the picture, I feel more calm and composed now as soon as I worn it this morning. Moreover, the Om Namah Shivaya chant gave me more relaxation. I hope that this kavach will guide me and bless me for betterment of my mind and soul. Thanks again for your beautiful services. "

German Luis
United States
22 Feb, 2021

"Om Namaha Shivaya ! Received the shiva shakti rudraksh bracelet in very good condition and started wearing it immediately as well. I appreciate your complimentary gift of shri yantra and the information regarding the rudrakshas. Will definitely recommend your service to others. Best regards "

11 Feb, 2021

"Hello all, hope you all are fine and in sound health. I just want to convey my special thanks to all the Brahmins and Guruji for performing pujas for me, they put all their best efforts as can be seen in the videos. I also felt the good vibes and energy in me after these pujas, for which I also want to thank Mr. Ramesh and your entire team. God bless you all. I will get more pujas done for my entire family for overall protection very soon. Have a good day ! "

21 Jan, 2021

"Hello, Good morning. Thank you for the best wishes and your generous mail. My husband is also thanking you for helping us so much. We are now living very peacefully and respecting each other, our love and faith has definitely increased. We both are wearing marital bliss rudraksh kavach daily, which has changed our lives for good. I also recommended your services to one of my friends, who has contacted you and benefited from your valued suggestions. I would like to thank you thousand times, which is also not enough in front of your kind support. My hearty wishes and love is always with you all ! "

05 Jan, 2021

"Dear Ramesh, Thank you for including the Maa Saraswati Rudraksha for my daughter in prasadam. I am elated to inform you that my daughter is doing good in her studies compared to before, all has been happened with blessings of Maa Saraswati Pooja and Guruji's blessings. I am highly thankful for your suggestions and will surely recommend your services to my friends and relatives. Om Namaha Shivaay "

28 Dec, 2020

"Good morning to all and Namaste. Just wanted to inform you that I have placed the yantras in my pooja place on last monday, and since then I am feeling very good energies in me. Praying to God Almighty to bless me with very good health and peace of mind and request you and your Guruji to also pray for me. I am indebted to you for your kind suggestions and services. And wish you all the luck. "

Ms Swanson
09 Dec, 2020

"Namaste Ramesh and Team Rudraksha Center, I would like to thank you and your entire team of pandits for performing the sade sati shanti pooja for me. I feel blessed to see the pooja procedures in the video and genuinely felt positively in me after watching the same. Will definitely ask for more pujas in near future also. Thank you "

23 Nov, 2020

"Dear Rudraksha Team, Regarding the delivery, I received the prasad today. It looks amazing, and it has the instructions too. Many thanks for this care and gifts. I wish you great prosperity and the best for the Rudraksha team. Best wishes, Lily "

United Kingdom
02 Nov, 2020

"Hi Ramesh, thank you for the analysis and suggestions. I have received analysis from various Astrologers in the past but nobody has given me the reasons for my problems which are present in the horoscope chart. I have already started chanting the mantras that you have suggested and feeling much relaxed. Thank you again for your kind help. "

26 Oct, 2020

"Namaste Ramesh ji, hope this mail finds you well. I want to thank you for performing the pujas for me and my family, we are very grateful for your genuine and authentic services. We were searching for such services since quite long and fortunately found you on internet. Please also convey my thanks to respected Guruji and their brahmins and if possible, I want to get the Brahmin Bhoj served on this Thursday in memory of my late father, kindly let me know and I will place the order immediately. Thank you so much to your team as well. "

Bangalore, India
09 Oct, 2020

"Yes, thank you. Received all the products on time in perfect condition, with necessary instructions. Also, thank you for the gift of shree yantra, which I have kept in my purse, hope it is okay. I also want to thank your guruji for energizing all my stuff and making them more effective for me. I would definitely love to order more in near future, as your services are commendable with timely notifications. God Bless you all. Om Namaah Shivaaya ! "

16 Sep, 2020

"Yes, I received it yesterday. Thank you so much! It arrived in perfect condition—so carefully wrapped with beautiful colored paper. The instructions were clear and concise. I feel very blessed. Diane "

United States
04 Sep, 2020

"Dear Ramesh, thank you for performing the Lakshmi Ganesh Pooja for me. I received very good energetic vibes while pooja was performed and the very next day, I got very good offer from one of my clients which can boost up my business. I am very thankful to Maa Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh for accepting my prayers and also thankful to Guruji and their team for performing this pooja for me. Please remember me in your prayers. With Love, Deonarine "

22 Aug, 2020

"Thank you for performing the Shravan Somvar Pooja Homa for me and my family. I feel blessed seeing the video clip of puja being performed by purohits and really thankful for your genuine services. I felt enormous good vibes while the puja was being performed there, I cannot express in words how much grateful I am for providing an amazing service. Thank you so much to your team as well. "

United States
07 Aug, 2020

"Yes, the Rudrakshas have been delivered yesterday and it was packed nicely with so much care and love. Thank you for the instructions also which helped me a lot and I will follow the same whenever I get started wearing the Rudrakshas. Also thank you for the complimentary gift of shree yantra which I have kept on my prayer altar, I hope it is okay. As such I am already feeling the positivity around me just by merely keeping the rudrakshas near to me and hope it will bless me more. will ask you if I would have any queries regarding the wearing procedure. "

New Zealand
22 Jul, 2020

"Dear respected Mr. Khaitan and Team Rudraksha Center, My family and I have been your customer for over 3 years and you always continue to provide excellent customer service and best follow-up with confirmation of delivery. You are quick to respond to emails and questions. Your care about your customers very much. Your services are priceless and deeply appreciated. I love your rudrakshas (it is genuine and beautiful!) along with Certificate of Authenticity. Wearing the rudrakshas daily has helped us tremendously of all levels of our lives. Thank you for your good business integrity, beautiful rudrakshas, and excellent customer service ~ Om Namah Shivaya ~ "

Orange, United States
28 Jun, 2020

"Hi Namaste, received the package and really amazed with your super express services. It arrived very quickly to me. The best part is when I opened the package, I realized that it has been packed with utmost care especially the fragile things which could be damaged during the transit for which I am very thankful. Apart from this, the malas are very nice and fragrant with lots of positivity and easy to wear. I am undoubtedly happy with my purchase and will definitely recommend your services to my friends here. Please remember me in your prayers. Thank you "

17 Jun, 2020

"Dear Ramesh ji, Thank you for performing the Vat Saavitri Katha for me. The Brahmins have performed the katha and pooja beautifully as I wished. I am highly grateful for your services as I really wanted to do the vat savitri katha & puja for my husband's good health but looking to current scenario, it was almost impossible for me to go out at any temple here in US and do the rituals. Thank you again. Just keep yourselves safe. Have a nice day "

United States
24 May, 2020

"Thank you Ramesh ji for everything. Our whole family has seen the video of Akshay Tritiya pooja performed for us and highly obliged to you for your services in this difficult times as well. Thank you to Guruji and their team of brahmins for providing this wonderful services to us. Pray to God to keep you, your team, Guruji and his team of brahmins safe always. Bless you "

Mrs. Nair
28 Apr, 2020

"Hi guys, thank you for sending the shivlinga so quickly, it arrived yesterday evening and reached to me in very good condition since you have packed the shivlinga very carefully. I was able to keep it in the shiva puja today just because of your superfast delivery. Instructions for the same has also came along which helped us much. Happy to find you on internet and will order soon more things from you. Have a good day ! "

Mumbai, India
16 Mar, 2020

"Namaste, I have been using the services of Rudraksha Center since past more than 7 years. Got many pujas performed and also ordered few things. Your services are very genuine and truthful. My each and every puja was performed with same enthusiasm each time in most responsible manner and care. I got notification of every step diligently without failure. I am highly indebted for your true services and blessings received from pujas. I am living a happier life now and all because of you. Aum Namah Shivaya "

12 Feb, 2020

"Hello Team, yes received the shiva bracelet yesterday perfectly and carefully packed and also started wearing it from this morning. Its really beautiful and fit to my wrist. I am already feeling the positivity and good aura around me. I feel the bracelet is blessings of lord Shiva for me which will make my life more happier and successful. Thank you to you all for your fast, reliable and genuine services. I am highly thankful. "

17 Jan, 2020

"Namaste Ramesh ji, Thank you for sharing the video. I am amazed to see the Brahmins performing the puja as I never saw such beautiful arrangements. The recitation of mantras are still echoing in my mind, I am feeling much protected now and I am highly thankful to your services for this and to your brahmins and your team who are doing such great work. Eagerly waiting for the prasadam now. Jai Shankar "

Vandana ji
05 Dec, 2019

"I was so delighted at the results I experienced since the puja was conducted to minimize the effects of Saturn and Rahu on my business. I was facing great challenges like I have never witnessed in more than two decades of running the operation. I received a phone call the day after the puja was performed from my attorney giving me some very good news. The first lawsuit was resolved and my business was able to conserve lots of money as a result. I am bow to Guruji and this group of Brahmins for making a needed service available for those who live outside India and would find it difficult to travel there for such religious assistance. Thank you and Hari Om. "

United States
26 Nov, 2019

"Dear Rudraksha Center, I have placed 4 orders and I am very thankful for the items which I have received today. Your services are very fast and the packing was very efficient. I will consider your services to my friends and will purchase more products in near future from you. Thank you "

30 Oct, 2019

"Hi there, thank you for the video of dashavtar puja homa. Also thanks to your priests for performing the puja in such a nice way. I am highly satisfied that the dashavtar vishnu maha puja has been performed for me by such knowledgeable priests, that was indeed a good decision of mine in choosing your website. I will definitely recommend your site and services to all my relatives and friends in case they need your help. "

United Kingdom
15 Oct, 2019

"Namaste Ramesh ji, received the 14 mukhi rudraksha safely. Thank you very much for such a nice bead. The lines are very very clear and the colour of rudraksha is also very nice as I wanted. I never imagined that I would get such a wonderful piece of 14 mukhi at such an affordable price online but I am very happy now that I chose to order from you this divine shiva bead. I will start wearing it from monday morning as you have mentioned in the instructions and will let you know what I felt soon. Also thank you for the gift of protection bracelet. It means a lot to me. Jay Jay Bhole ! "

Hitesh Kumar
13 Sep, 2019

"Hello Good evening, received the package so rapidly and also placed the beautiful Lakshmi Steps on my Puja altar. As you have mentioned, I have recited the mantra and lightened the incense sticks infront of the steps this friday morning and felt very good. My house is filled with Auspicious energies after it. I feel so blessed and lucky to have them. Also got a new project today which will benefit me a lot. All have happened because of maa lakshmi's blessings. I will also get the Lakshmi puja done after completion of this project so that I can get more blessings from maa. Thank you guys for wonderful services and stay blessed. "

Mike Williams
09 Sep, 2019

"Dear Team Rudraksha Center and respected Ramesh ji, Thank you for sending me the beautiful shiva bracelet so quickly. packing is intact and the bracelet is also in a nice beautiful box above my expectation. Also very thankful for the beautiful gift of 7 chakras pendant. I could not wait to wear both the beautiful things and started wearing them soon I received the package. From the very first moment of wearing the shiva shakti bracelet, I started feeling protected from some divine energy and my body ache gone like some mysterious energy has heeled it. the 7 chakras pendant is also very effective as it is filled with much positivity and have heeled my chakras gradually. I will inform you after some time about what benefits I gained from it. Thank you again to You all and your priests for energizing it. "

22 Aug, 2019

"Respected Ramesh ji, I just want to convey my thanks to you. Since the last remedy you had performed for me my life is much smoother l feel calmer in my duties. I have decided l want to open a Salon. Can u check my chart to see if this is good career path for me and advise. any remedy or mantras for my success in my future endeavors. Your guidance is the best l see positive changes in my life always. Thank you "

Laura Fried
08 Aug, 2019

"Dear all, thank you for the suggestions and help. I have well received the divine protection bracelet and wearing it since last week. already feeling very positive since wearing it. Divine bracelet has tremendous energies and I am really thankful to you for such a magical shield. Appreciate your great services and help. God bless you and keep going. Regards "

South Africa
17 Jul, 2019

"Hi, I want to thank you for your help. the remedies and pujas have helped me tremendously my life is changing for the better. I am interested in doing wealth puja as l have seen many on your site. Can u advise me which one is best for me in alignment with my chart? Can you also tell me how often your recommendations for wealth puja should be repeated? I want to make much money for my own to buy a good car and house as soon as possible. and also want to get a highly paid job with good post. Thanks again Ramesh for the help suggestions. "

Mr. Johnson
06 Jul, 2019

"Dear Team Rudraksha Center, Thank you very much for the Photos. I am overwhelmed to see the priests having the bhojan for the peace of my father's soul. I am heartily thankful to the priests for performing such a nice ritual. and will definitely recommend your great services to my near and dear one's. I will soon re-order the bhoj along with feeding of grass to cows for keeping my budh good. Thank you again "

United Kingdom
26 Jun, 2019

"Dear Rudraksha-friends Namaste, I receive my parcel on Friday 7. All perfectly and lovingly packed. I am grateful. I feel blessed that you gifted me with Shree Yantra TripurSundari. I feel the great powerful, gentle and loving shakti of Shree Yantra... just like a Mother. I am very satisfied and congratulate you for all the work and love you put in your services. Thank you. It is always a great blessing to order and receive parcels from you. I wish you a successful and healthy time ahead. Kind Regards "

12 Jun, 2019

"Thank you so much for organising the beautiful Lord Shani Puja and Abhishekam. I am very grateful for your service. I have been feeling the benefits most definitely. I am looking forward to receiving the parcel of Prasadam which will come soon. Please thank the priests / pandit’s for me. Thanking you very much "

07 Jun, 2019

"Dear Team Rudraksha Center, Thank you for sending me the rudraksha mala so promptly. It arrived in perfect condition with its perfect wrappings intact and auspiciously on Guru day. It is now resting on my puja table until I can start wearing it on Monday. Thank you for the gift as well. With warm regards "

Ms. Lucas
United States
25 May, 2019

"Hello, I did receive the package and I wanted to thank you very much for the wonderful experience. Thank you so much for the gift, it is beautiful! I will definitely do business with you in the future. Hope you have a wonderful evening. "

Mr. James
United States
19 Apr, 2019

"Namaste, We thank you for the saraswati puja and were pleasantly surprised and happy for the video. Thanks again for the puja of our son, for the video and the high quality of your services. Best regards "

Mrs. Palama
13 Apr, 2019

"Namaskaar Rameshji and Team Rudraksha. Allow me this opportunity to sincerely express my sincerest GRATITUDE for all the POOJA and services you have provided my Family and myself over the years. These Advice, Poojas and Guidance has assisted me in many way from the time I found you while surfing the Internet. It may have been more than 15 years you have provided Spiritual and other Guidance to my Family, Myself and my Company. We will continue to seek your Advice and Guidance. We wish you and your team Great Success in all your Undertaking and looking forward to your continued services. Many Thanks and God's Choicest Blessings. "

Satdeo ji
United States
23 Mar, 2019

"Hi all, thanks for doing the Durga Prayers during Navratri, I am highly thankful to you all for arranging the puja on such a short notice. So glad to find you guys over the internet. Your services are truly awesome, each time I was kept informed about the things regarding my puja which is appreciable. Puja photos are also very nice and I find the puja performed in a spiritual manner. I will definitely spread good words about you to my friends and relatives. Would also like to get more and more blessings through your puja services. Please accept my heartiest thanks for you all and for team of Guruji. Have a blessed day ! "

07 Mar, 2019

"Ramesh ji I have received the Shiva Shakti Bracelet yesterday. It is so beautiful and powerful as expected. It is a pleasure doing business with you over the internet. The services you provide are priceless. Your recommendations and assistance has always been fruitful to me and my family. I am thankful to God almighty that I came across with such a wonderful people like you. Sincere Regards & Warm Thanks "

14 Feb, 2019

"Namaste Ramesh ji, Many thanks for performing maa tripur sundri puja in such a blessed way. The photos are really very nice and I also want to thank the Guruji for arranging the puja so beautifully. Hope that Maa will soon bless me with rightful life partner and my finances get more powerful. I have also ordered for Gauri Shankar Puja so that I can get the life partner like Lord Shiva and hope this will also bring positivity in my life. God Bless you and your team for such a kind work. "

29 Jan, 2019

"Dear Ramesh, First of all, I am highly thankful to you for your support and guidance. The Rudrakshas arrived to me safely and Garry started wearing it from Monday as instructed. In just 2 days of wearing the Rudrakshas, he feels very peaceful and healthy. His blood pressure is also going normal now-a-days. I must say that the Rudrakshas are very magical, they are just the blessings for Garry from Lord Shiva. Seeing these kind of results, I also want you to suggest me the Rudrakshas suitable to me so that I can also get the benefits. I will surely recommend your site and services to my family members and friends. Looking forward to receive your suggestions. "

05 Jan, 2019

"Dear Team, The prasadam has been reached to me yesterday. I am very glad that you have perform the homa with all genuineness. Thank you for the photos as well. I would also like to share that my health related issues are getting low by the blessings of Goddess Durga and it is definitely due to the positive effects of the homa. I am really very thankful to you guys for your wonderful work and pray that you continue doing these services for the benefits of people in need. God Bless you team ! "

09 Dec, 2018

"Hello Mr. Ramesh Khaitan, This is Meera here. I have purchased a Shiva Shakti Mala Indonesian with sandalwood beads few weeks back. I want to share my experience with you and first of all, Thank you very much to you and your team as well for such a wonderful mala, I am very happy to have such powerful and beautiful mala with me. It arrived to me very quickly and safely and I regularly started wearing it, on the very first day, I realized that it has so much positive energy in it and it was just magical feeling. I felt very peaceful, calm and energetic, I was so happy and one fine moment, I came up with the thought that it is blessings of Lord Shiva that I am having this mala and I should do Maha Mrityunjay Mantra Jaap on this mala so that I can get more protection and blessings from shivji. I have started doing the japas on next morning, and above my expectation, I have recited the japas till afternoon, it was all Lord Shivas magic that I neither feel thirst nor hunger during the japas. Now, I feel that I should get the Maha Mrityunjay Homa done as well. Kindly guide me for the same. I am again highly thankful to you for your wonderful services. "

16 Nov, 2018

"Hello Ramesh ji, Thank you very much for your suggestions and help. I am getting very good results of Gauri Shankar Puja, my relations with my husband are better than before. I feel very happy now and we also wish to have a child for which I need your help. Please suggest us whether the Santan Gopalam Puja should be helpful to us or any other puja or rudraksha we should consider. I feel obliged for all your help and recommendations that have been proved fruitful in my life. Thank you and shall wait for your suggestions. "

30 Oct, 2018

"Hi Ramesh, Good Evening and Pranams ! I am extremely thankful to you for customizing such an effective and protective kavach for black magic. I am a victim of black magic since last many years and was in search of such a strong talisman that can remove the effects of black magic and my search has ended when I purchased the black magic rudraksha kavach which proved very worthy. I cannot explain you in words how much protected I am feeling by wearing this kavach. My bad dreams, insecurities and most of all, the negativities around me which I have felt in earlier days have all gone now. I will also get the black magic removal puja performed once I come back to usa and will also consult you regarding my horoscope. Thank you to you and your team for best of your efforts and services. "

United States
20 Oct, 2018

"Dear Ramesh ji, I am very thankful to you and guruji for arranging the sunderkand path so nicely. I have seen the video recording and wished that I could be there to attend the path. I feel very peaceful after this path recitation and wish to get it done every month so that I can get blessings from Lord Hanuman on regular basis. I wondered if I can also get the Hanuman Chalisa Path performed every month along with Sunderkand Path or not. Your advice will be highly helpful to me. Thank you so much and God Bless "

13 Sep, 2018

"Hello Ramesh, Thank you so much Ramesh for sending me such a wonderful bead. I felt a very auspicious aura by just keeping the bead in my hand. The faces are very clear and prominent. I am really very happy with this and will definitely recommend your services to my near and dear ones so that they can also take benefits from your services. I am a devotee of Shiva and want to get the Maha Rudrabhishek done on my behalf, for that I will place the order soon. God Bless you Ramesh and your Team for your wonderful services. "

18 Aug, 2018

"Dear Mr. Khaitan, Namaste and Good Morning to you all. I am very grateful to you guys for providing such an excellent services. I am wearing the Coral Rudraksha Mala regularly and feeling very energetic and enthusiastic like never before. It gives confidence and peace to me, it is also helping me in meditation. The quality of this mala is very excellent, I was scared about the silver quality but it is also very nice. You guys are doing excellent work and I wish all the best to you all. "

Daniel D
Hong Kong
28 Jul, 2018

"Hello, Thank you for all your efforts and services. I feel very satisfied with the lakshmi ganesh puja, you guys have updated me each and every time, this shows your dedication. The photos are excellent and puja prasadam is also very useful. I have placed the Chunri in my Puja Altar and started wearing the Rudraksha that has been sent in puja prasadam. With the blessings of Lord Ganesha & Goddess Maha Lakshmi, obstacles in my path are getting removed, I am seeing positive effects of this puja and I really bless you guys for providing such amazing services. Thank you with all my love. "

09 Jul, 2018

"Hi Team, Thank you for the photos of Brahmin bhandara. I really liked the arrangements that you have made, the quality and quantity of food was also looking great. I am highly thankful to you for arranging such high number of brahmins in such a short notice. That was my mom's hearty wish to serve brahmins on my behalf so that all the hurdles and obstacles of my path get vanished as she is a great devotee of Lord Shiva. Also thank to your Guruji for performing the homam for us. "

United Kingdom
14 Jun, 2018

"Hi Team, I have received the package, the packing was excellent and the Rudraksha faces are very clear. I appreciate your efforts and services and definitely recommend it to my friends and relatives. As a first time buyer, I am highly satisfied with the products, services and delivery. I have also started wearing the rudrakshas from this morning and feeling very positive. I also want to purchase a Shiva Rudraksha Mala seeing to the quality of your services and have full faith and trust in you. I will soon contact you for the mala. "

27 May, 2018

"Dear Ramesh ji, I have placed some items of Kemedruma Dosh Nivaran Puja Prasadam on my puja altar as per instructions, the chunri got fitted perfectly on the altar as seen in the picture I have attached. I am really very happy by seeing the photographs of puja as well, your pundits did really a good puja. I can see the effects of this puja as well, my relations with my friends, business relatives and family are getting better, slowly but gradually, now I have started to take any decision after thinking on it for a while. Again, I am very thankful for all your kindness, services and answers. "

King Ernest
15 May, 2018

"Hello Everyone, I am very happy with the Divine Protection Bracelet purchased from you last month and I have ordered few more for my family members this morning. It gives me so much positivity and feeling of protection, each and every word that has been written for this bracelet on your website has proved true. I was very scared since last few months due to some evil effects and after wearing this bracelet, I felt very good and protected. Yesterday suddenly the bracelet broke when I was with my few relatives and I guess that it has protected me from some evil energy and broke down that's why I have also purchased one for me as well and wish to receive them soon so that we can get protection. I wish all of you all the very best and good luck. "

29 Apr, 2018

"Hello Dear Rudraksha Center Team, I am very grateful to you for all your sincere work and dedication. The goddess saraswati puja photos are excellent and my daughter is becoming serious towards her study after this puja. I am very happy and just want her to achieve something. I have also purchased a vidhya dayak saraswati pendant for her today, please ask your guruji to energize the pendant in her name so that she can get maximum benefit from the pendant. "

Fred Marlo
United States
08 Apr, 2018

"Dear Team Rudraksha Center, I have received the pendant in very good condition in almost 4 days which is very much appreciated. I have started wearing the pendant from yesterday itself and feeling very peaceful and getting the results from this pendant in 24 hours itself. This is very powerful as you said and I am highly thankful to you Ramesh ji and your team for such wonderful services. I will definitely refer your website and services to my friends so that they can also be benefited. I will soon order the pujas as well that has been suggested by you, I trust you fully and seek your blessings. "

17 Mar, 2018

"Dear Sir, I am very happy with the rudraksha gem bracelet for Aquarius purchased from you. It is very beautiful and elegant, I feel very peaceful. My health is also getting better by time. I am highly thankful to all of you for providing such beneficial products and the informative write ups. I have also read about the Rudraksha beads and it gave me thorough knowledge of rudrakshas, I have recommended your website to my sister as well so that she can get the benefits of rudrakshas, she is suffering from acute skin diseases and I believe that rudrakshas will help her to become healthy. "

25 Feb, 2018

"Dear Ramesh ji, I have started wearing the 16 mukhi Rudraksha, I really appreciate your services. The size of Rudraksha and its quality is very good. I was intending to purchase this Rudraksha since last many days but I was bit confused about the authenticity, when I visited your website, I just placed the order and I am happy now with my purchase. I want my business to prosper, win big contracts and establish my business globally thats why I have purchased this. I am also thankful to you for making my horoscope analysis, I will order your suggested Rudrakshas and Pujas soon so that I can get full beneficial results for my business. "

12 Feb, 2018

"Hi Ramesh ji, I just got the prasadam of radha krishna puja and done all the required rituals as per the instructions. I am very glad to tell you that yes I am feeling very good now, the results are there, my partner has started noticing me suddenly. I am very happy that he is giving me much attention now. I just pray to God that please give me Love and Affection from my partner that were there between Radha and Krishna. I also appreciate all your efforts and services. "

United Kingdom
13 Jan, 2018

"Hello, I got my products and they are very beautifully packed. I must say that the product quality is very much good, the Laughing Buddha and Fuk Luk Sau are too energetic. I feel like positive energies are around me. I really hope that it will bring good luck to me. I will definitely like to purchase rudrakshas as well, as I have read lot about it on your site. "

08 Dec, 2017

"Hi Team Rudraksha Center, I have received my ordered meru yantra, the delivery is really super quick and the packing is also very good. I have started chanting the Maa Lakshmi Mantra from today itself and established the meru yantra as well. I felt very good energies when I have opened the package, I want to thank Guruji for energizing the meru yantra for me. Last but not the least, the instructions were really helpful to me in establishing the yantra. I will definitely recommend your site and services to my near and dear ones. Thank you for your services "

12 Nov, 2017

"Dear Guruji, as per your suggestion, I am wearing the bhaymukti rudraksha kavach regularly. Finally, all my fears and phobias have just vanished off. I am really thankful to you and your team for customizing such a fantastic combination. With the blessings of Maa Durga and Lord Hanuman, I am living peacefully without any worries. "

Marc Silva
Hong Kong
26 Oct, 2017

"I am regularly wearing the shiva power bracelet purchased from you and getting very good results from it. I have no words to describe how much contented I feel than before. It is all because of this bracelet itself that Lord Shiva's blessings are there with me in the form of this bracelet and it wards off all negative and bad energies around me which I have felt in last few days. I will definitely recommend your website and services to my friends and relatives and will be your regular customer for sure. "

Jennifer Darla
10 Oct, 2017

"Hello Team, Thank you for the updates. I really appreciate your services as you have informed me each and every time from receiving the order till performance of puja and despatching the puja prasadam as well, for which I am highly thankful to you and I will definitely recommend your website to my friends so that they can also get benefits from your services. I have felt the positive things in my life after performance of this puja, my bad dreams have gone now and my health is quite fine nowadays. I want to thank you once again for your kind services. Wish you Guruji and your team a very good day. "

17 Sep, 2017

"Dear Ramesh ji, I am very glad to inform you that I am going to be tied in a marriage knot this september, all my worries and tensions have been gone and I am really very happy. I am thankful to you for this because your suggestions have proved fruitful for me, I am regularly wearing Lagan Yog Pendant that you have suggested. I would also like to get performed a best suitable puja for me and my partner so that we can live happily without any troubles, I need your suggestion for this as well. Please suggest some puja or rudrakshas as per our birth chart. Thank you once again for your kind help and suggestions. "

United Arab Emirates
25 Aug, 2017

"Good morning Ramesh ji, First of all thank you very much for performing the Shri Ram Raksha Stotra for me, I believe in Lord Ram very much and had also visited Ram Mandir several times. I really appreciate your Pandits and Guruji for performing the path and pooja in a very well manner, the photos I have received are excellent and shows your dedication and services towards people. Your website and products are very amazing, whenever I visit your site, I cannot stop myself to purchase something as each and every product has its own energy and significant. I really do appreciate your team for giving updates time to time. I am very excited to receive the prasadam of this path as well the other rudrakshas. Thank you once again to you, your pandits and your team. "

New Zealand
16 Aug, 2017

"Hello, This is to inform you that the parcel reached to me safely and securely. I really liked the Tortoise pendant, it looks very delicate with strong effects. I have just started wearing it since this morning and I feel very energetic and delighted, I think this is because of the amethyst gem which is very suitable to my sign Aquarius. I feel very satisfied with your services and products with reasonable price range. Thank you so very much for providing such services and I will definitely recommend your site and services to my near and dear ones. Thanks "

United States
08 Aug, 2017

"Dear Ramesh, I am highly thankful to you for performing the Asht Laxmi Puja in such a great manner. I have lots of financial issues, all my business is going in loss, my investors are also asking to take back their money, its a very difficult time for me and I want the blessings of Maa Laxmi so that I can be able to overcome the financial issues, I want lots of money, a stress free life. This puja should definitely work as I have great faith in you and Maa Laxmi. Please also suggest me some rudraksha as per my chart, I will be highly obliged to you for doing me the favour. Namaste "

Marguerite Sorkin
29 Jul, 2017

"Hi Team, I got my parcel safely by yesterday morning, the packing was really commendable and my ordered rudrakshas were packed beautifully in it. I felt very blessed by receiving the shani shanti kavach as I am suffering from lots of financial and family issues since last one year and it is all due to badly afflicted planet saturn and sade sati in my horoscope as per information from astrologers. I can feel the positive energy in just one day itself and really happy by your services as well, I received the rudraksha within 5 days which is super quick. I will soon order the Shani Shanti Puja as well for me and my family so that we can live happily without any more troubles and sufferings. Thanks once again Team Rudraksha Center "

United Kingdom
25 Jul, 2017

"Thank you Ramesh ji for performing the navchandi homa on such a short notice. I am really very happy by seeing the photos, you have done very nice arrangements for the homa, the prasadam has also been arrived today, it is also very beautifully packed with necessary instructions. All I can say that your services are really amazing, I will look forward to take benefits of your services sooner. Thanks & Regards "

21 Jul, 2017

"Namaste Ramesh ji, We have received our Rudrakshas and Shiva Shakti Mala last Monday perfectly and started wearing them immediately as I got desired results by wearing the mohini pendant which I have purchased before, my life becomes more cheerful day by day and I feel like people around me started noticing me suddenly, they are giving me compliments especially my partner loves me a lot more than before after wearing the mohini pendant and I believe that this shiva mala is very powerful that all my hardships will end someday. I feel very relaxed now and very thankful to you for providing your valuable services and will definitely order more and more products from you to make my life more happier and wealthier. Thank you "

United States
03 Jul, 2017

"Thank you Ramesh ji for arranging the food to poor people on my behalf, I have donated many times in Trust and NGO's but its really very good feeling to give food to those people who can not fulfill even their basic needs. I am very happy also by the photos sent to me, I have seen that they were getting served very lovingly and I have also noticed the quality of food, it is really a commendable work from your side which you are doing not for the poor people but for the people like us who can not find time out of their busy schedules. Once again thank you and I will definitely want you to arrange food for poor ones every month on my behalf. I will be in touch with you and also take benefit of your other puja services as well. Om Namo Namah "

Latchman Angola
22 Jun, 2017

"Dear Rudraksha Center Team, Namaste & Good morning to team Rudraksha Center and Mr. Ramesh Khaitan. I have received the Rudraksha yesterday, it was packed very beautifully with utmost care. Your services are really commendable. I have started feeling the effects of 14 mukhi rudraksha by the blessings of Lord Maheshwar, I have deep faith in Shiva and this rudraksha is itself worn by Shiva thats the reason behind purchasing this rudraksha bead. I will definitely take benefits of your services in near future and will recommend your website to my friends and relatives as well so that they can also get the similar benefits. Om Namah Shivay and Good Day to all of you ! "

Trinidad and Tobago
17 Jun, 2017

"Good Afternoon Ramesh ji & Namaste as well, I have received the prasadam and photos of Hanuman Chalisa Paath, I really liked the photos you have sent to me. After this path, I just felt some auspicious aura around me, for a moment I felt like all my problems, sadness and fears have been vanished off. All I want to convey is that you have suggested me a very good thing and I would like to get this path done every month for me as it gives very calm and relaxed feeling. Thank you very much once again Mr. Khaitan. I will get back to you soon. "

Joanne Antonellis
New Zealand
24 May, 2017

"Hello Ramesh ji, I am very glad to receive the rudraksha pendants that I have purchased for my family members, they are also very happy to get the beautiful pendants which will protect them throughout their lives. I am very obliged to you that you have suggested the rudrakshas for us according to our horoscopes and will definitely purchase the higher mukhi beads as well very soon. I am wearing the rudrakshas since very long back and I do believe that it is definitely giving positivity in human lives. Thank you Ramesh ji and Best Regards "

Howard Kain
United States
13 May, 2017

"Hello Khaitan ji, Greetings for the day. There is a good news about the lawsuit filed against me, the judge will give the judgement next week and there are higher chances of winning this after yesterday's hearing. The opponents have just failed to prove the allegations that they have charged on me. I am feeling so relieved and very much thankful to you for suggesting me the Lawsuit winning puja. I am also intending to purchase the lawsuit winning rudraksh kavach so that I can get myself protected from lawsuits. Thank you once again for all your suggestions and efforts. "

Dyzen Keneally
11 May, 2017

"Dear Ramesh ji, Thank you for the fast reply. I could not wait to wear the one mukhi rudraksh mala that's why I have just worn it today itself. I am feeling more peaceful and calm by wearing the mala like someone has kept energy in my body. I am also chanting the OM NAMAH SHIVAY mala everyday to bring myself calm. Your suggestions and astrological view have also been proved very helpful to me to kick out the anger and stress which I have felt since long times. I will keep updating you my experiences about the mala and will be in touch with you to have your astrological advices. Om Namah Shivay and Warm Regards to you. "

01 May, 2017

"Dear Ramesh ji, I have received the prasadam and recordings of maha mritunjaya puja last week, it was packed very beautifully and thank you for the instructions as without that I would not be able to understand what to do with the puja prasadam. As seen in the recordings, the pandits have done the puja very systematically for which I am very grateful to you for providing such services. Have a blessed day ahead "

Ananta Wall
United Kingdom
22 Apr, 2017

"Hi, First of all thank you very much for sending me the wisdom power bracelet, I have received it on yesterday evening, the moment I have opened the package, suddenly I realized the energies around me and I have decided to wear the bracelet at the moment, I haven't felt such kind of energies before. It must be the blessings of Lord Shiva that I have thought to wear the six mukhi rudraksha bracelet. I want the bracelet for my son also as I want him to be successful in his education and career. Kindly inform me whether it will be good to get him worn the bracelet or not. Thanks & Regards "

Charles Danner
13 Apr, 2017

"Hi, My heartily greetings to Rudraksha Center team for keep me updated with the puja schedules and other information, I got my prasadam today, it was packed beautifully with all the relevant information and also I have seen the photos as well. I do like your puja services and your dedication towards the customer satisfaction, thank you very much for all your efforts. I would like to get some more pujas performed by you as soon as my debts are cleared. wishing you a great day ahead. "

Geetha Rao
05 Apr, 2017

"Hello Mr. Ramesh, My sister have received the 13 mukhi rudraksha package this afternoon. I am staying far away from my hometown, hence I will collect it most probably by next week. I can't wait. I really wish to get my dream partner by the blessings of shiv ji. Once again thank you for your blessings and great service from all the way from India. Om Namah Shivaya "

Ms Bazaldua
New Zealand
30 Mar, 2017

"Hello Ramesh, The package of beautiful Prasadam from the puja performed on my behalf has arrived. Thank you so much for all the work on my behalf ! Puja photos were really very praiseful and the preparations and decorations were also very great. I wish I were there to attend the puja. "

18 Mar, 2017

"Hi Rudraksha Center Team, Thank you for performing the akhand ramayana path for me and my family. I am realizing the effects of path from now onwards, the negativity of my house is no more, I am feeling peaceful and more happy than before. My family is also feeling relaxed and happy. I believe that this path will also reduce my business related issues and we can live happily with the blessings of shri ram ji. Wish you a great day... "

Yagnesh Govender
08 Mar, 2017

"Hi Ramesh ji, I am highly thankful to you for delivering me such a hand picked crystal shri yantra, I can see inside the shri yantra clearly without any inclusions. It shows the quality of your products which is very appreciable where there are many people like me who don't believe to do online purchasing. I will also like your astrological advice for which I have already placed an order. Thank you for all your efforts and services. "

United States
02 Mar, 2017

"Dear Mr. Ramesh, Thank you for the Puja prasadam, I have received it today. I was very excited to get the Subh Labh Puja performed by you because I was feeling bad since past few days with no reason, I wanted to get peace and protection at any cost and just ordered the puja. After getting performed this puja for me, I felt some positivity in me and around me. I really appreciate you time and devotion for people and will get some more pujas performed by you very soon. "

25 Feb, 2017

"Hello Guys, Thank you very much for the information about wearing the Navgrah Rudraksha pendant, I have started wearing it and feeling blessed day by day because my health is getting steady, my business is running good than before and my children are also listening to me these days. All of this became possible just because of the navgrah pendant. It is really very effective and I will definitely purchase another 2 for my children so that they can also get benefited by this magical pendant. "

Suchitra Prasad
14 Feb, 2017

"Dear Mr. Khaitan, I have received my horoscope analysis today and I just wanted to thank you for the remarkable charts and details of the report. I cannot honestly say that I understand much of the charts themselves, but I am thrilled to have something new to learn about. Also, thank you for your personal observations and suggested remedial measures, I am seriously considering the Navgrah Shanti Puja and rudrakshas suggested by you. Again, thank you so much. "

04 Feb, 2017

"Hello, I am highly thankful to you for arranging the food for Poor and needy people on my behalf. I am feeling the positive vibes around me . Would like to donate the food every month so that I can get their blessings all the year. Thank you once again Team Rudraksha Center. "

21 Jan, 2017

"Hello Team, I am wearing the gauri shankar rudraksh from last two months and like to tell you that a week ago my husband came to me again and we are living a very happy married life. This all has become possible because of Shiv ji and Parvati ji's blessings or I can say because of gauri shankar rudraksh. I would like to order one more gauri shankar for my husband so that we can live happily with lots of love. I am really very thankful for your kind support. "

Riaa Chaudhry
United States
12 Jan, 2017

"Hello Ramesh ji, Thank you very much for serving food to brahmins on my behalf. I have seen the photos of brahmin bhojan, you have served them very respectively and I am very happy to see that. I will soon order bhandara for brahmins as I believe that serving food to brahmins will prove very beneficial for me and it will relieve me from any danger and obstacles. Thank you once again. "

Glenn Griak
05 Jan, 2017

"Dear Mr. Ramesh, Glad to receive the good luck rudraksh pendant yesterday. The pendant is really very charming and you guys have packed it very beautifully, it has arrived to me perfectly at right time. I was thinking to wear the pendant on tuesday as I truly worship Lord Hanuman and great faith in him. Can you please suggest me if I can chant Hanuman mantra along with Shiva mantra while wearing the pendant first time ? I will appreciate your answer. Thank you for all your efforts and great services. "

Juddi Saikia
19 Dec, 2016

"Hello Ramesh ji, I am wearing the black magic removal kavach regularly and very happy to see the results of this kavach in a very short span of time. I was very frightened since last few days because of unwanted incidents and felt like somebody has done black magic on me, somebody wants to harass me, but after wearing the kavach, I really feel peaceful and fearless by blessings of hanuman ji and durga ji. Thank you very much for suggesting such an effective kavach. I would like to buy more from you for sure. Have a nice day and year ahead. "

Reena Kumar
09 Dec, 2016

"Dear Mr. Ramesh ji, I am getting very good results of black magic removal puja, someone has done black magic on me and I was unable to achieve success in my profession inspite of very competent but after getting this puja performed, I have just got a very good opportunity with the blessings of Maa Durga and Lord Hanuman ji. I am also wearing the mala and rudraksha regularly and feeling much peaceful and calm in comparison to past days. I am highly thankful to you for performing this puja in such a wonderful manner. "

Indranil Ghosh
25 Nov, 2016

"Hi Team Rudraksha Center, Thank you so much for delivering me the Lord Ganesh kavach rapidly. It looks very delicate and I have also started wearing it from yesterday itself and you wont believe but the kavach has saved me last night from very dangerous accident as if Lord Ganesh has given me one more chance to live on this earth. I really appreciate your hard work and great services. My heartily thanks to you guys and God Bless. "

Nirvan Prasad
United Kingdom
20 Nov, 2016

"Hi Ramesh, Thank you very much for performing the birthday puja for my daughter. The puja prasadam has been packed very beautifully and reached to me safely. I liked the prasadam items especially the chunri, I have kept that chunri on maa lakshmi idol at the home puja temple. Keep going and I wish that you guys keep serving us always like this. Thank you "

Debbie Arya
04 Nov, 2016

"Dear Ramesh ji, I am very glad to have a protection power pendant from you. I always wanted to get something which would be less in cost and as much effective to protect me from negativity and evil eyes. Protection power pendant has proved protective shield for me, it has saved me from several dangers in past few days. I am really very thankful to you to make such a protective combination for us. Thanking you "

Susan Crews
29 Oct, 2016

"Hi, I have just received the mala yesterday. It looks very beautiful and elegant. Some people said me that nepalese five mukhi mala is very long to wear but it has proved wrong because it is very much comfortable to wear. I am very happy with this mala and wish to deal with you in future also. Have a good day ! "

Nikhil Samatani
South Africa
23 Oct, 2016

"Hello Ramesh ji, I thank you for performing the Sunderkand path for me. As you suggested, I have ordered the path and rudrakshas, as you told me that there is an adverse transit of mars in this month, I am also reciting the Hanuman Chalisa everyday. Please suggest me if I can get the sunderkand path performed for me every month, and if it is ok then let me know and I will order the path regularly for my health. Thank you "

Jignesh Murada
12 Oct, 2016

"Dear Rudraksha Center, Thank you so much for the fastest ever services. I have received the rudraksha, it looks flawless. I will soon buy more from you because you are providing amazing and worthfull services. Namaste ! "

Collin Greak
10 Sep, 2016

"Hi, I have received the package, the bracelet is really very amazing according to my imagination. You have done very good work, I was astonished that 12 rudrakshas are there in my bracelet and that too according to my choice and fit to my wrist. I will keep buying from you as your services are very appreciable and fast. "

Leah Smith
United States
02 Sep, 2016

"Hi, I have seen the Satya Narayan Puja recordings and also received the prasadam yesterday. It was really great to see the entire puja performed by your purohits, they have done all the rituals according to shashtras and I am very pleased to see it. I will also order the Lakshmi Kuber Puja as I am facing lot of financial problems in my business, it will be very great if you can check that which will be the most auspicious date to perform this puja next month as per my chart. "

Archana Sahtiani
New Zealand
28 Aug, 2016

"Dear Mr. Khaitan, I would like to inform you that my son is regularly wearing the vidhya dayak rudraksha pendant and getting good results from it. Previously he was unable to concentrate on his studies inspite of being very intelligent and sincere but with the blessings of Maa Saraswati, he is doing very good and getting good ranking at state level also. I am very happy with this and also want to purchase the rudrakshas for me according to my horoscope. Kindly look into my charts and suggest me which will be the suitable rudrakshas that I can wear so that my finances gets improved. Waiting for your suggestions. "

Shyna Mickael
Hong Kong
18 Aug, 2016

"Hi Ramesh ji, Thank you for the prompt delivery of Rudraksha. It has been reached to me safely and in nice packing. The 14 Mukhi Rudraksha pendant is really looking amazing and charmful. I am wondering if you can suggest me if I can add 16 and 17 cleft rudrakshas to this pendant for betterment of my business and getting more and more success. Thank you "

Kalyani Kumaran
United Kingdom
06 Aug, 2016

"Hello Guys, I have just received the Devi Mahakali Puja Prasadam and started wearing the Rudraksha and Mala as per instructions. I am feeling very good after the performance of puja to devi Mahakali. My fear about unknown has been totally disappeared and my mind is also feels cool and calm nowadays. I believed that somebody has done black magic on me and thats the main reason to get this puja performed. I am really happy now that all my problems and fear will be vanished off as I have read somewhere that devi mahakali is the symbol of fearlessness and if she will appease, all your problems and tensions will be removed. I will definitely recommend your site to my near and dear ones so that they can also get the benefit of your services. "

Maria Hotchiss
29 Jul, 2016

"Hello Team, Thank you very much for the beautiful Coral Rudraksha mala. I have started wearing it from yesterday itself and really glad to have this mala with very good quality coral and rudraksha beads. I believe that it will really work for me and will also recommend your services to my friends. "

Sara Razdaan
02 Jul, 2016

"Hi Ramesh ji, I have received the Wealth Basket. It was arrived in really very beautiful packing, I really appreciate the products which you have added in the wealth pack and it is really very useful for the puja. I am also looking to place an order for divine shri yantras for my relatives and friends. Thank you for your time and patience. "

Hilda Negroni
04 Jun, 2016

"Dear Mr. Ramesh, This is to inform you that I am getting very good results by wearing the 21 mukhi rudraksh. I got the promotion in my job and also with very good position. I was planning to buy a big house but due to financial issues, I was unable to do so but in the last month, I got the huge money out of my father's property. I am really happy with all these things. Thank you very much Ramesh ji for suggesting me this rudraksh. I am intending to buy a shiva mala also in the next week on the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras. Kindly suggest me what other thing I can purchase or shall I get the Lakshmi Kubera puja done on that day. "

Marcia Smith
New Zealand
12 May, 2016

"Dear Ramesh Khaitan ji, I am highly thankful to you for performing the recent Rudrabhishek Puja for me and my family. It really works well, my health was deteriorating day by day and doctors have said that all my reports are normal, nothing to worry about but actually I was not feeling good, my family were also worried about the same. But in all way, the Rudrabhishek puja proved very beneficial for me and my health. I am also wearing the Rudrakshas suggested by you earlier and they are also giving me good results. "

Lue Martini
07 Apr, 2016

"Hello Team, I am regularly keeping the divine shree yantra box in my purse and got very good results of it. I have lost a big amount in my business last year and few days ago I won the case against my customers. I believe that all this becomes possible because of the divine shree yantra. I am intending to purchase the rudrakshas also which you have suggested me earlier. Thank you for your genuine services "

Divya Sharma
20 Mar, 2016

"Dear Team Rudraksha Center, I want inform you that the Devi Bagulamukhi Puja works very well. So the first action that I received is that the court have sent to me a date for the first hearing that will be in next month on wednesday at 16.10. I know that is the next months, and I have to wait other 5/6, but I think is the first victory. I think that we'll perform the Puja again in the day before or the same day of hearing court. So let me know your advice, Om Namah Shivaya "

Louise Lama
United States
17 Feb, 2016

"Hello Ramesh ji, Many thanks for recent Rudra Abishiekam puja and Maha Mrityunjaya puja, within 2 days of pujas the entire atmosphere in my home had lifted, and the oppressive vibration has very significantly diminished. Also, I have begun to experience relief of the sleep disturbances which had been so troublesome. In addition, marriage prospects are looking more hopeful now. Thank you for your assistance in this matter. "

Meera Patel
13 Dec, 2015

"Hello Guys, The one face rudraksh has been arrived today in a beautiful designer gift box. The rudraksh is very beautiful and of good quality. I did like the pendant also which increases the beauty of the bead. I will soon start wearing the rudraksh and have deep belief that it will bring positivity and peace in my mind with the blessings of Lord Shiva. I will keep ordering the rudrakshas for my family members also. Good Day :) "

Anthony Ellango
24 Nov, 2015

"Dear Team, Thank you for performing the vish yog nivaran puja for me, it was really grateful to see the dvd of the puja performed for me. Your pundits have done really good work and the management was so appreciable. I will soon order the Baglamukhi Puja also for getting success over my enemies, as I told you somebody is behind me to make my name demolished thats why I want this puja to be performed as early as possible. Thank you so much once again. It has been always a pleasure to do business with you. "

Deon Gummadi
Hong Kong
09 Oct, 2015

"Hi Ramesh ji, I have received my package in time, the mala you have made for me is really very beautiful. I haven't thought that you can customize such beautiful mala with my desirable rudraksha beads. For this I am very thankful to you and your team. My wife don't believe in all these things but looking to this mala, she also wants to wear some rudrakshas. I will really appreciate you if you can suggest her rudrakshas according to her birth chart. I am sending you the birth details of her to you in separate mail so that you can guide her. Thank you so much once again for your kind services. Namaste ! "

Jose Pullinse
United States
22 Aug, 2015

"Dear Rudraksha Center, I am all pleased to let you know that I am really happy with the divine protection bracelet that I have purchased two months ago from you. I have read all the information and testimonials about the bracelet on your website but I could not believe that this bracelet can protect a person from evil energies and finally I have purchased it just out of the curiosity but this little bracelet has saved me from negativities all the time and I dont know but I have felt the energies in this very talisman of yours. I have placed the order for 5 more divine bracelets for my family with the believe that this will protect us from any kind of negativity and ill effects of that negativities. "

Charlie Hope
12 Jul, 2015

"Namaste Ramesh ji, I hope you are doing well. If you remember, I have ordered for Navgrah Puja last month for pacifying the negative effects of my kundli. I am very happy to let you know that I am getting very good results of this puja. My most of problems has been resolved within two weeks. I really very thankful for suggesting me the puja and perform it on my behalf in excellent manner as per rituals. "

United Kingdom
23 May, 2015

"Hello Ramesh ji, I am really happy with the vidya dayak pendant which I bought for my son last year. He is very intelligent and sharp minded though he was not able to get the results as per his preparation and thought process. But this year he has got extremely good results in his examination and he is able to concentrate fully on his studies. I also want to purchase rudrakshas for my husband, I will place my order tomorrow. Jai Shree Krishna "

Aadhish Powers
29 Apr, 2015

"Hi, Namaste Ramesh ji. Hope you are doing well. I have established crystal Lakshmi ji and Ganesh ji in my puja ghar. There are very positive energies in my house from the day I have established the idols. I felt that all the negative energies of my house are transformed into positivity. The idols are really very auspicious and lucky for me. I am highly thankful to you. "

Vinod Subramaniam
United Arab Emirates
14 Mar, 2015

"Dear Ramesh ji, Thank you to you and your Guruji for performing the Chandal puja for me. I dont know the Indian rituals but I felt that something good has been done. I wish to visit your office someday and meet you and your Guruji also. Please Bless me and thank you Ramesh once again ji. "

United States
17 Feb, 2015

"Dear Ramesh ji, I am happy with the explanations you have given about my problems. I will definitely do the things according to your suggestions and remedial measures. I have consulted few astrologers in the past for my queries and all of them have given me different opinions but I am fully satisfied with your predictions about my horoscope. I will surely refer your astrological guidance to my colleagues. And If it is okay I want to wear some more rudrakshas in addition to the rudrakshas suggested by you. Also kindly suggest me which rudrakshas I can add. Will wait for your reply, Om Namah Shivaya ! "

Michael John
28 Dec, 2014

"Dear Ramesh ji, I have received the parcel yesterday and happy to see the rudraksh quality. I was bit confused about the purchasing but now looking to the quality of rudraksh, I am really happy. The faces are very clear and profound, the sizes are also very good as per my expectation. I do appreciate your services and continue to business with you in future also. Thank you, Om Namaha Shivaya ! "

Neil Jenniger
16 Nov, 2014

"Hi, Namaste Ramesh ji. You have amazing range of products on your website. I have purchased the designer shri yantra from you last month for gifting. My friend has appreciated the quality of shri yantra since it was arrived to her in a beautiful designer box and she is carrying it in her purse everyday. I am looking to buy few divine kuber yantras also for gifting purpose and hope that you will continue your amazing services in future also. Wishing you a great year ahead. "

Baljit Keshwani
United Kingdom
23 Sep, 2014

"Hello Ramesh ji, Namaste ! Hope you and your team are doing well. I am really glad to tell you that finally after very long time, I am going to be blessed with a child. I cant tell you how much happy I am by hearing this news. I have consulted number of doctors but we just lost the hope. Someday I have visited your site and consulted you for a progeny report. You have given me very fair predictions and remedies for my problems. I have purchased the garbh gauri rudraksh and wore it with full devotion and finally my prayers came true. Thank you Ramesh ji for helping me. With lots of blessings and happiness ! "

Leah Perera
06 Apr, 2014

"Hello Rudraksha Center, This is to inform you that I have received the parcel today morning. You are providing very quick and superb services. The packing is really very good and I also like the design of my rudraksh necklace. It looks very pretty. I will definitely recommend your services to others also. "

Michail Anthony
United States
04 Jan, 2014

"Dear Mr. Ramesh Khaitan, It is my pleasure to inform you that I have started wearing the Shiva mala and from the very day I have felt the magical powers of this mala. I have heard about lots of things for this mala but i didnt imagined that shiva shakti mala has this much powers. Now, I can firmly say that it has got too much positive energy that I am wearing it for just few hours and I am getting good results. You are doing such a wonderful work by providing us the amazing products. I really wish you good days ahead. Thank you so much once again. "

Ganesh Ramavath
27 Nov, 2013

"Hi Ramesh ji, I have received the divine power yantra in a beautiful packing and in very well condition. It looks awesome like it is made of gold and the yantras are also very well etched in this very yantra. I have no words to describe the beauty of this yantra. I have placed it in my living room and it is really very convenient to place with the stand which is already provided in the yantra. I really believe that this yantra will bring good luck and happiness with lots of prosperity in my family. You guys are really doing great job. I will buy some more divine yantras next month for gifting to my friends. Warm Regards "

Lisa Shaw
United States
14 Oct, 2013

"Dear Rudraksha Center, This is Ronak Desai from Singapore. I have bought Shree Swastik from your website last month. I am very glad to let you know that I have placed the Swastik in my office on the main door and from the very day, I have started feeling positivity and energy in the office. I am going to place another order for Swastik to hang in my house so that I can also get the positivity within my family members. Om Namah Shivaya "

Ronak Desai
11 Jul, 2013

"Dear Ramesh ji, I have received the puja prasadam last week. Thank you so much for arranging such a wonderful puja for me. I was really scared when I came to know that I have a kalsarp dosh in my horoscope and all the hardships that I am facing in my life is just because of this fault but you were proved a great help to me. I am really feeling very peaceful and calm after the puja, I hope that all my hardships will be ended very soon. Thank you very much again and please pray for me. Namaste "

Evan Stocklin
19 May, 2013

"Dear Mr. Ramesh, Hope you are doing well ! I have purchased a 16 mukhi from you two months ago. You can't believe but since the day I have started wearing this rudraksh, I have gained lots of things in my life. My business partner was ready to break the partnership but suddenly he has changed his mind and that really saved me from grave danger. Suddenly all the things around me start moving in a positive way and all these are because of the rudraksh. I am thanking you and your organization from my heart. Today I have also purchased the divine protection bracelet for me and my family members. I really appreciate your services and requesting you to kindly suggest me some more rudraksh according to my horoscope and I will also purchase that. "

Jacquelin Moutzis
24 Oct, 2012

"Hi, I have received the package yesterday safely. The rudraksh pendant is really very beautiful and I will start wearing this pendant from day after tomorrow according to your instructions. You have covered all the aspects in the basic analysis of my horoscope but I want to ask you that from the career aspect, how will be my next year. Kindly give me some information about this. "

Alva Bandinel
United States
23 Mar, 2012

"Hello Ramesh ji, Thank you so much for sending me such a beautiful Shiva Shakti Mala, the beads are of very good quality and it was delivered to me very promptly. The Rudraksha beads are very powerful that I could feel the effects even keeping the Mala in my Puja place. Everything goes in a positive way from the very day I have received the Shiva Mala, my lost peace has come back and I can feel the positive aura around me. I am really thankful for suggesting me this divine Shiva Mala and giving me such a nice astrological remedies for my problems. I will order a Horoscope analysis very soon for my daughter as well as she is facing lots of problems regarding her studies. I am quite confident that you will suggest better remedies for her. Thank you so much again for your kind help and services. "

Chris Fitzpatrick
25 Nov, 2011

"Dear Rudraksha Center, I am highly thankful for such a wonderful bracelet which I have received today itself. It has got tremendous powers which I can feel by wearing it for few minutes itself. Your services are very fast and the packing was very efficient. I will consider your services to my friends and relatives also and will purchase more products in near future from you. "

Mark Wall
United States
14 Sep, 2011

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