Rudraksha FAQ's

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    What are Rudraksha Beads ? Where are they available?

    Rudraksha beads, botanically known as Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb are the seeds of the Rudraksha fruit from Rudraksha trees. Rudraksha trees are found mainly in South Eastern Asian Islands of Java, Sumatra, Timor of what is Known as modern day Indonesia and parts of South Asian Kingdom of Nepal, Around 70% of the Rudraksha trees are found in Indonesia, 25% from Nepal and 5% in India. To know more about Rudrakshas, CLICK HERE

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    How do the Rudraksha Beads work ?

    Please note that the Rudraksha beads are very powerful beads as per Ancient Vedic Texts and they provide positive results even if they are merely seen or touched. However, possessing and worshipping a Rudraksha bead gives maximum positive effects and therefore one should try to wear a Rudraksha bead or atleast keep them in pocket / handbag or in the Home Puja Temple.

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    How do we choose a good Rudraksha?

    Many people get confused with the shape and size of Rudraksha. One should not seriously worry about it. Just see that the mukhi is well defined, corns and contours are natural and there are no cracks near the central hole. The bead has to be lustrous and healthy and devoid of deep cracks and insect holes.

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    What is special about Rudraksha beads ? Are Rudraksha Beads used only for Meditation ? Is it meant only for people of certain background ?

    Asians have used Rudraksha beads traditionally. The ancient vedic texts tell us that Ancient Yogis and Monks found that merely wearing the Rudraksha beads gave them astonishingly tremendous amount of tranquility and concentration that helped them meditate for a longer period of time with spectacular control over their mind. This kind of state of mind is very ideal for meditation as well as for any other mind related activity. Rudraksha Beads can rejuvenate our Mind, Body and Soul, make us perform to our full potential and enhance our overall quality of life The anti ageing property of Rudraksha is well experienced. On seeing such powers of Rudraksha beads many considered it to have some Supernatural Powers. Divine and Godsend. There have been countless mention of these beads and it's powers in various ancient Indian and Buddhist scriptures. It is a wrong impression that the Rudraksha Beads can be used by only a few select people. Actually, the Rudraksha Beads can be used for general Health, Wealth and Happiness also for general people.

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    Do Rudraksha suit all people ?

    Rudraksha is hot in nature. Some people cannot wear it since their skin shows signs of allergy. In that case you may keep the beads in the Puja room and offer daily prayers.

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    Can ladies wear ? Is it that only Hindus can wear Rudraksha?

    Yes, ladies can definitely wear Rudraksha Beads and get full beneficial results . However they should not wear the Rudraksha Beads for those 4-5 days when nature is at work. Any human being in the world, related to any religion, society or community could wear Rudraksha. But care should be taken that you give full respect and maintain the sanctity of Rudraksha Bead while wearing it.

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    Non-veg and alcohol have become the part of our food. Are we therefore disqualified from wearing Rudraksha ?

    You can continue with your regular food habits even if you are wearing a Rudraksha. However, in this case, you should keep the Rudraksha energized by reciting the Beej Mantra " Om Namaha Shivaya " everyday after taking bath in the morning.

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    Can one wear the combination of Different Mukhis ? How do we decide which combination of beads to wear ?

    Yes, one can wear the combination of all the beads. In fact, the most powerful Siddha Malas have 1 to 14 Mukhi or 1 to 21 Mukhi Rudraksha beads in the same Mala. The individual Powers of the beads can be felt simultaneously. One can also wear a pendant of any number of Rudraksha beads. A person can wear more than one Rudraksha beads of the same Mukhi or a more number of different Mukhi Rudrakshas as per his requirement which may have been suggested to him by any Guru ji, Astrologer or a Healer as per the person's horoscope and the placement of planets or the current transits of planets. Unlike gems and stones, Rudrakshas are said to be always beneficial for the wearer. As the direct blessings of Lord Shiva is involved, no question of illness or negative results arises. To know more about the planetary power of Rudrakshas CLICK HERE

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    What is the life of Rudraksha Beads?

    The life could be any number of years. If well protected, they can be passed on from generation to generation.

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    Can we wear it in a ring?

    No, Please avoid this. Hands get dirty often. Purity of the bead thus gets affected.

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    Does it bring luck?

    As per Ancient Vedic Texts, a Rudraksha bead is blessed by Lord Shiva himself and therefore wearing a Rudraksha bead is bound to bring Good Luck as well as Health, Wealth & Happiness to the wearer.

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    Can children wear 1 Mukhi Rudraksha?

    A One Mukhi Rudraksha bestows a state of Serenity, Peace, Contentment as well as a feeling of detachment which is very ideal for Meditation and therefore it is not advisable for children to wear this Rudraksha. Children however respond very well to other lower mukhi Rudraksha.

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    Can the family members keep Interchanging Neck Malas, Japa Malas or Rudraksha beads ?

    A Rudraksha bead is Energized for a particular person so that he / she can get maximum beneficial results. Hence, they should not be interchange even between the members of the same family. However, A Rudraksha bead can be willed from one generation to another generation.

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    We read in the Puranas that Rudraksha are to be worn in different numbers on the different parts of the body like head, neck, both wrists, both forearms, waist, abdomen etc. What is the purpose?

    Yes. It is true for those who desire to acquire special Siddhis. The number of beads is very important when wearing on different parts of the body like 27 or 54 or 108 for the neck, 32 for throat, 6/11/15 for arms, 5 for waist etc.

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    Does Rudraksha beads have any medicinal value ?

    Yes, the Rudraksha beads definitely have medicinal values which is very well documented in our Ancient Vedic Texts and the same has also been established by the researches done by various Researchers of Modern days. Rudraksha beads are widely used in the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines.

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    In what other way can Rudraksha control Blood Pressure ? Does Rudraksha helps in Sudden Nervousness ?

    The following method is prescribed as per the translation of the ancient vedic texts: Take a glass of water. Dip two pieces of five Mukhis in it, preferably after sunset. Drink it when you get up in the morning, before any other Intake. Do not use copper glasses.
    Yes. Keep a big size 5 Mukhi Rudraksha with you. Whenever you feel nervous due to sudden shock and feel cold, just hold it tightly in your right palm for 10 minutes. You will regain your confidence and body will start warming up.

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    Is Rudraksha therapy effective?

    Yes. Very much. This knowledge is thousands of years old, as per the vedic texts. But the therapist should be a well-experienced person. Rudraksha beads work on physical, emotional and planetary and karmic levels to heal a person and this kind of healing is most deep-rooted.

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    What should a person do if after wearing Rudraksha he gets uncomfortable, unusual feelings, allergies, stress or depression ?

    Please note that none of the above happens by wearing Rudraksha. Mostly the above things happen due to physical discomfort or due to the metal or silver caps of the beads. In such a case ( which is very rare ), you should try to wear Rudrakshas without caps and they may be worn around the wrist or arm as a Bracelet instead of Necklace.

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    How much time is required to feel the positive effects after wearing Rudraksha ?

    A person may feel some positive effects immediately after wearing Rudraksha while other more prominent changes may take some time to manifest. Generally, it has been observed that a period of 40 days is required for getting proper tangible results. However, this period can also increase or decrease depending upon the wearers own situation and horoscope. A Rudraksha bead definitely brings Positivity and Auspiciousness in a persons life thereby improving the quality of life. A person should regularly keep the beads Energized by chanting " Om Namaha Shivaya " or the seed Mantra of the Rudraksha bead for atleast 11 to 21 times daily for getting beneficial results on a continuous basis. Even the Aura of a person becomes more Powerful, Sharpen and Brighter by wearing Rudraksha beads.

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    How to test the genuinity of the beads ? How do we choose a good Rudraksha ?

    Tests like floating and sinking of beads to test originality are not correct tests as even an unripe or dry but genuine rudraksha may float. And a non-genuine bead may sink. Copper coin tests etc do not give conclusive results, as nowadays fake Rudraksha are made by tampering original rudraksha beads So the client needs to be aware about the ways in which a rudraksha is faked and use simple procedures like observing the mukh lines by magnifying glass, soaking in warm water to observe tampered mukh lines if any etc Best way is to procure from reliable source.

    Many people get confused with the shape and size. One should not seriously Worry about it. Just see that the Mukhi is well defined and that there Are no cracks near the central hole and bead is healthy and not eaten By insects etc.

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    What should be done if I unknowingly purchase a fake Rudraksha bead or if a original Rudraksha bead that I am wearing gets damaged ?

    Please note that it is not Auspicious to keep a fake / damaged Rudraksha bead with you and hence the same should be disposed off in any water body. To know more about Identification of a Genuine Rudraksha CLICK HERE

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    What is the truth about One Mukhi Rudraksha ?

    A round One Mukhi Rudraksha from Nepal is a myth. Any Rudraksha sold as a Nepalese One Mukhi Round Rudraksha is 99% a fake Rudraksha and hence an alternate variety of One Mukhi Rudraksha from South India is a best alternate / substitute. This Rudraksha is known as " A Half Moon Shaped Rudraksha " and it is available at reasonable price with very good results.

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    Should I wear Rudraksha on body while attending a funeral or going to a cremation ground ?

    It is advisable to remove the Rudraksha bead while attending a funeral or going to a cremation ground. However, if you forget to do so then the Rudraksha may be cleaned with water and then you should wear it after reciting the general Mantra "Om Namaha Shivaya" or the Beej Mantra of Rudraksha for 108 time after taking bath when you returned back from the funeral.

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    Care and Precautions?

    A Rudraksha Mala should be taken off while taking bath as regular Soap could dehydrate the beads and clog the pores of the beads. Also Talcum powder clogs the pores of the beads and hence one should protect the Rudraksha bead from soap and powder. To know more about the Care & Precautions for the Rudrakshas CLICK HERE

Online Puja FAQ's

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    What are Pujas ?

    Puja is a religious ritual performed as per our ancient Vedic scripts. Puja is done to appease God, a Planet or any other Divine Entity. Puja is generally performed by learned Brahmins according to the Rules and guidelines laid in our ancient scripts. The Puja is generally performed for attaining certain wishes or for protection against any malefic effect. During Puja, the performer establishes a link between him and the deity by chanting certain Mantras for specific number of times and thereafter a Yagna is performed wherein various items are offered to the Deity with a request to bestow blessings. 

    It is very well known fact that whenever we, the human beings are in any type of trouble we look for some superior power or a force to help us and get rid us out of the problem. Now what can be a better solution for this than to resort to God Almighty who himself has created us. It is for this very purpose that our ancient sages developed a way to communicate and convey our problems to almighty God for getting rid of our problems or seek the divine blessings to save us from impending problems via certain specific procedures which are known as Puja and Homas.

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    What are Benefits of Pujas and Homas ?

    • To attain Health, Wealth & Happiness in our lives
    • To remove various obstacles in our lives which may be due to multiple reasons like any planet placed wrongly in our Horoscope
    • To attain a spiritual environment at the time of specific occasions like starting of a new business, marriage, housewarming etc.
    • Puja also helps to create positive and a pious atmosphere thereby eliminating negative energies responsible for the miseries and sorrows in ones life
    • Specific Pujas are performed to negate the malefic effects of certain bad yogas in ones Horoscope like Kaal Sarp Dosh, Mangal Dosh, Pitra Dosh etc.
    • Certain Pujas which are performed to protect a person from impending problems and dangers like Major Surgeries, Chronic & acute illness, Court cases etc.

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    What are Online Pujas ?

    Now while day to day Puja can be done by any person on his own, Specific Pujas need to be performed by experienced and learned Purohits or Pujaris to get the required benefits since these Pujas need to be performed strictly as per the rituals and guidelines provided in our ancient scripts. Hence, it becomes utmost necessary to get access to a learned and experienced Brahmin along with his team of other Brahmins (most of the Pujas need atleast 3-5 Brahmins) to perform the required puja so that proper benefits can be derived out of it. Also there are many Pujas like Dosha Nivaran Pujas which should not be performed at Home and therefore a suitable Temple is also required for this purpose which may not be available at many places.

    Now, while the above two basic requirements can be fulfilled at some places but it becomes very difficult when someone is residing outside India and therefore performing a Puja in a proper way either becomes impossible or otherwise exorbitantly expensive. It is due to these problems that a concept of Online Pujas have evolved wherein a person is residing abroad can book a Puja to Online Puja service providers who gets the Puja performed on behalf of that person in a perfect way and for reasonable cost. Any Puja that had been ordered Online is performed by a team of Brahmins ( usually at least 3-5 Brahmins ). Out of them, one of the Brahmins takes a "Sankalp" in that persons name who has booked the Puja and then he performs all the recitals and rituals that were supposed to have been done by the person if he was himself physically present in the Puja. This means that the brahmin who has taken the sankalp virtually represents the person who has booked the puja during the entire puja process.

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    Can the Online Pujas be deemed effective without the presence of the person who has ordered the Puja ?

    Please note that the online Pujas have already benefited a large number of people which is confirmed by the very fact that the same people have given repeated bookings for other Pujas after the initial order. We do not deny that if a person himself is present in the Puja, then it is the best option and it is for this reason that we always welcome the person who has booked the Puja to attend the Puja ceremony himself or atleast send one of his friends or relatives to attend the Puja. The fact that Online Pujas are also very beneficial and effective is further ascertained by large number of feedbacks and testimonials sent by our Esteemed clients. However, just like it is necessary to find a genuine learned Brahmin for performing Pujas at your end, similarly it is also necessary that you book an online Puja with a genuine and experienced Online Puja Service Providers who should have all the necessary infrastructure as well proper learned Brahmins with them.

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    What is the proof of that the Puja has actually been performed and on the day it was scheduled ?

    We are religious minded people and we are deeply concerned regarding the problems of our clients who trust us for performing pujas on their behalf so that they can get a desired result as per their expectations. These Poojas are performed by our learned Brahmins / Pundits who are into this line since at least two generations. All the pujas are performed strictly according to the guidelines prescribed by our ancient sages and our vedic literature so that our clients can get a maximum benefit of them.

    All the pujas will be performed at Ahmedabad, India and the venue will be decided by our purohits depending upon the type of Puja. The date is normally within 3 days of the receipt of the order unless it calls for a specific date either due to our customers choice of due to the type of puja which requires to be performed on some specific tithi as per vedic shastras.

    Apart from this, we will send a small video of Puja performed of around 10 minutes which will contain important parts of puja ( Sankalp, Homam, Aarti etc ).

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    How do we know that the puja is ONLY dedicated to us and it is not a combined Puja for a number of clients at the same time if they all have ordered the same puja ?

    Please note that each and every Puja performed by us is an individual Puja which means that it is performed for one single individual person who has booked the Puja. However sometimes, Names of his Family members may be recited during the Sankalp if he has specifically instructed us to do so. This means that suppose, a person has ordered a Lakshmi Narayan Puja and the same Puja has also been ordered by say 4 more clients of ours then all these Pujas will be performed individually.

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    How Long does it takes to see the effects of the Puja after it has been performed ?

    Please note that normally, the positive effects of the Puja are experienced within 30-45 days after the Puja has been performed. However, there can be some variation in this period depending upon the individual's horoscope and transits of planets. Please note that as already explained earlier, Puja and Homam are done as a Prayer and request to the God Almighty for showering his Blessings on the person who has booked the Puja. However, the final outcome and the level of relief always remains in the hands of God Almighty.

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    How Long it takes Prasadam of the Puja to reach me after the Puja has been performed ?

    Please note that the Prasadam of the Puja is despatched via reputed couriers like Fedex, UPS, TCCS, City Link, Maruti Courier, EMS Speed Post etc depending upon the delivery destination and normally, the Prasadam is delivered within 8-10 days (for destinations outside India) after it has been despatched. We inform our clients about the shipping details as soon as the Prasadam has been despatched along with other relevant details so that they are able to track the movement of consignment online by themselves.

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    How do I know what has to be done with individual items of the Prasadam after I have received it ?

    Please note that generalized details regarding each item of the Prasadam are already provided on our Puja Prasadam page. Apart from this, you will also receive a Printed Copy of Instructions specific to your Puja regarding each and every item of the Puja Prasadam.

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    Is there any item in the Prasadam that I have to consume ?

    Please note that we do not send anything for consumption since the same can get deteriorated while in transit thereby becoming unsuitable for consumption.

Yantra FAQ's

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    What is Yantra ? What are Yantras ?

    Yantra literally means "instrument". A Yantra is a geometric design acting as a highly efficient tool for contemplation, concentration and meditation. Yantras carry spiritual significance, and point the user to higher levels of consciousness. The Yantra provides a focal point that is a window into the absolute. When the mind is concentrated on a single, simple object (in this case a Yantra), the mental distractions ceases. Eventually, the object is dropped when the mind can remain empty and silent without help. In the most advanced phases, it is possible to attain union with God by the geometric visualization of a Yantra.

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    How do Yantras Work ?

    At the basis of yantra operation is something called "shape energy" or "form energy". The idea is that every shape emits a very specific frequency and energy pattern. Examples of old believes in shape energy are the yantras and mandalas of eastern philosophies, the star of David, the five pointed star (pentagon), the Christian cross, the pyramids and so on. Certain 'powers' are ascribed to the various shapes. Some have 'evil' or negative energies and some 'good' or positive energy, but in YANTRA only the benefic and harmonious energies are used. 

    When one focuses on a yantra, his mind is automatically "tuned in" by RESONANCE into the specific form energy of that yantra. The process of RESONANCE is then maintained and amplified. The yantra acts only as a "tune in" mechanism or a doorway. The subtle energy does not come from the yantra itself, but from the MACROCOSM. Basically yantras are described in the vedas as secret keys for establishing RESONANCE with the beneficial energies of the MACROCOSM. Very often the yantras can put us in contact with extremely elevated energies and entities, thereby providing invaluable help on the spiritual path. 

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    But I dont see any moving parts or mechanism in it. It's just a piece of metal with some kind of geometrical design on it.

    It is similar to the fact that you dont see any frequencies of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. You dont see gravity, you dont see a magnetic field. Still we are the most affected and controlled by those forces. In the same manner, yantras are big conductors of cosmic energy.

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    How much time does it take to notice positive result ?

    It depends on the size of Yantras, material of Yantras & type of yantras. In most normal situations, yantras get fully activated within 40 days of installation and continue to increase energy thereafter.

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    How does it work to help me ?

    Yantras have geometrical and mathemetical rhythm of natural forces to attract and absorb cosmic energy. Just like your TV or radio antenna works with the elements for better reception of frequency.

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    I am still confused and skeptic about how a piece of metal can change my life ?

    The geometry etched on this metal piece has great power. Each yantra is equivalent in effect to a Sanskrit Mantra as Sanskrit is a unique language of the Gods that can be drawn into a yantra. So placing a yantra gives the potency of that mantra to you and your environment. 

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    Does it need to be placed in a certain way ?
    Yes, direction of placement makes the impact. Every yantra works only when it is placed in the correct way. This applies to placing deity idols also.
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    Does the size of yantra make any difference ?

    Yes, the bigger the yantra the more is the impact. For smaller rooms, small size is sufficient.

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    Can I eat non-vegetarian food and smoke or drink while wearing yantra ?

    Yes, you can. Ancient texts do not mention any such taboo associated with yantras. 


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