Name : Anuja Chaudhri

Subject : Impressed with their efficient communication

I got two pujas done through Rudraksha Center and I have to say that I was very impressed with their efficient communication - they let me know the details of the puja, when was a good date to perform the puja, the exact date and time of the puja and what I needed to do from my end. The prasadam was sent on time and I received it perfectly wrapped with all instructions. Namaste with all my gratitude to everyone who performed the puja.

Name :  Hitesh Kumar

Subject : Received the 14 Mukhi Rudraksha safely

Namaste Ramesh ji,

Received the 14 mukhi rudraksha safely. Thank you very much for such a nice bead. The lines are very very clear and the colour of rudraksha is also very nice as I wanted. I never imagined that I would get such a wonderful piece of 14 mukhi at such an affordable price online but I am very happy now that I chose to order from you this divine shiva bead. I will start wearing it from monday morning as you have mentioned in the instructions and will let you know what I felt soon. Also thank you for the gift of protection bracelet. It means a lot to me. Jay Jay Bhole !

Name :  Satdeo Harricharan

Subject : Many Thanks for all the Pooja and Services you have provided

Namaskaar Rameshji and Team Rudraksha.

Allow me this opportunity to sincerely express my sincerest GRATITUDE for all the POOJA and services you have provided my Family and myself over the years. These Advice, Poojas and Guidance has assisted me in many way from the time I found you while surfing the Internet. It may have been more than 15 years you have provided Spiritual and other Guidance to my Family, Myself and my Company. We will continue to seek your Advice and Guidance. We wish you and your team Great Success in all your Undertaking and looking forward to your continued services.

Many Thanks and God's Choicest Blessings.

Name : Nisha Sachan

Subject : Thank you for performing Maa Tripur Sundri Puja

Namaste Ramesh ji,

Many thanks for performing maa tripur sundri puja in such a blessed way. The photos are really very nice and I also want to thank the Guruji for arranging the puja so beautifully. Hope that Maa will soon bless me with rightful life partner and my finances get more powerful. I have also ordered for Gauri Shankar Puja so that I can get the life partner like Lord Shiva and hope this will also bring positivity in my life. God Bless you and your team for such a kind work.

Name : Mrudula Seth

Subject : Shiva Mala is very powerful

Namaste Ramesh ji,

We have received our Rudrakshas and Shiva Shakti Mala last Monday perfectly and started wearing them immediately as I got desired results by wearing the mohini pendant which I have purchased before, my life is becoming more cheerful day by day and I feel like people around me started noticing me suddenly, they are giving me compliments especially my partner loves me a lot more than before after wearing the mohini pendant and I believe that this shiva mala is very powerful that all my hardships will end someday. I feel very relaxed now and very thankful to you for providing your valuable services and will definitely order more and more products from you to make my life more happier and wealthier. Thank you

Name :   Reena Kumar

Subject : Black Magic Removal Kavach is effective

Hello Ramesh ji,

I am wearing the black magic removal kavach regularly and very happy to see the results of this kavach in a very short span of time. I was very frightened since last few days because of unwanted incidents and felt like somebody has done black magic on me, somebody wants to harass me, but after wearing the kavach, I really feel peaceful and fearless by blessings of hanuman ji and durga ji. Thank you very much for suggesting such an effective kavach. I would like to buy more from you for sure.

Have a nice day and year ahead.

Name : Yagnesh Govender

Subject : I am realizing the effects of Akhand Ramayana Path

Hi Rudraksha Center Team,

Thank you for performing the akhand ramayana path for me and my family. I am realizing the effects of path from now onwards, the negativity of my house is no more, I am feeling peaceful and more happy than before. My family is also feeling relaxed and happy. I believe that this path will also reduce my business related issues and we can live happily with the blessings of shri ram ji.

Wish you a great day...

Name : Yagnesh Govender

Subject : I am realizing the effects of Akhand Ramayana Path

Hi Rudraksha Center Team,

Thank you for performing the akhand ramayana path for me and my family. I am realizing the effects of path from now onwards, the negativity of my house is no more, I am feeling peaceful and more happy than before. My family is also feeling relaxed and happy. I believe that this path will also reduce my business related issues and we can live happily with the blessings of shri ram ji.

Wish you a great day...

Name : Suchitra Prasad

Subject : Navgrah Rudraksha Pendant is magical

Hello Guys,

Thank you very much for the information about wearing the Navgrah Rudraksha pendant, I have started wearing it and feeling blessed day by day because my health is getting steady, my business is running good than before and my children are also listening to me these days. All of this became possible just because of the navgrah pendant. It is really very effective and I will definitely purchase another 2 for my children so that they can also get benefited by this magical pendant.

Name : Riaa Chaudhry

Subject : Gauri Shankar Rudraksh is a blessing

Hello Team,

I am wearing the gauri shankar rudraksh from last two months and like to tell you that a week ago my husband came to me again and we are living a very happy married life. This all has become possible because of Shiv ji and Parvati ji's blessings or I can say because of gauri shankar rudraksh. I would like to order one more gauri shankar for my husband so that we can live happily with lots of love.

I am really very thankful for your kind support.

Name : Geetha Rao

Subject : Thank you very much for all your efforts


My heartily greetings to Rudraksha Center team for keep me updated with the puja schedules and other information, I got my prasadam today, it was packed beautifully with all the relevant information and also I have seen the photos as well. I do like your puja services and your dedication towards the customer satisfaction, thank you very much for all your efforts. I would like to get some more pujas performed by you as soon as my debts are cleared.

wishing you a great day ahead.

Name : Nirvan Prasad

Subject : Thank you for Rapid Delivery

Hi Team Rudraksha Center, Thank you so much for delivering me the Lord Ganesh kavach rapidly. It looks very delicate and I have also started wearing it from yesterday itself and you wont believe but the kavach has saved me last night from very dangerous accident as if Lord Ganesh has given me one more chance to live on this earth. I really appreciate your hard work and great services.

My heartily thanks to you guys and God Bless.

Name : Indranil Ghosh

Subject : Black Magic Removal Puja

Dear Mr. Ramesh ji,

I am getting very good results of black magic removal puja, someone has done black magic on me and I was unable to achieve success in my profession inspite of very competent but after getting this puja performed, I have just got a very good opportunity with the blessings of Maa Durga and Lord Hanuman ji. I am also wearing the mala and rudraksha regularly and feeling much peaceful and calm in comparison to past days. I am highly thankful to you for performing this puja in such a wonderful manner.

Name : Nikhil Samatani

Subject : Five mukhi nepali mala

Hi, I have just received the mala yesterday. It looks very beautiful and elegant. Some people said me that nepalese five mukhi mala is very long to wear but it has proved wrong because it is very much comfortable to wear. I am very happy with this mala and wish to deal with you in future also. Have a good day !

Name : Jignesh Murada

Subject : Sunderkand Path

Hello Ramesh ji, I thank you for performing the Sunderkand path for me. As you suggested, I have ordered the path and rudrakshas, as you told me that there is an adverse transit of mars in this month, I am also reciting the Hanuman Chalisa everyday. Please suggest me if I can get the sunderkand path performed for me every month, and if it is ok then let me know and I will order the path regularly for my health. Thank you 

Name : Archana Sahtiani

Subject : Satya Narayan Puja

Hi, I have seen the Satya Narayan Puja recordings and also received the prasadam yesterday. It was really great to see the entire puja performed by your purohits, they have done all the rituals according to shashtras and I am very pleased to see it. I will also order the Lakshmi Kuber Puja as I am facing lot of financial problems in my business, it will be very great if you can check that which will be the most auspicious date to perform this puja next month as per my chart.

Name : Kalyani Kumaran

Subject : 14 Mukhi Rudraksha Pendant

Hi Ramesh ji, Thank you for the prompt delivery of Rudraksha. It has been reached to me safely and in nice packing. The 14 Mukhi Rudraksha pendant is really looking amazing and charmful. I am wondering if you can suggest me if I can add 16 and 17 cleft rudrakshas to this pendant for betterment of my business and getting more and more success. Thank you

Name : Sara Razdaan

Subject : Coral Rudraksha Mala

Hello Team, Thank you very much for the beautiful Coral Rudraksha mala. I have started wearing it from yesterday itself and really glad to have this mala with very good quality coral and rudraksha beads. I believe that it will really work for me and will also recommend your services to my friends.

Name :  Meera Patel

Subject : Pujas have lifted the atmosphere in my home

Hello Ramesh ji, Many thanks for recent Rudra Abishiekam puja and Maha Mrityunjaya puja, within 2 days of pujas the entire atmosphere in my home had lifted, and the oppressive vibration has very significantly diminished. Also, I have begun to experience relief of the sleep disturbances which had been so troublesome. In addition, marriage prospects are looking more hopeful now. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Name :  Anant Pandey

Subject : Navgrah Puja is giving good results

Namaste Ramesh ji, I hope you are doing well. If you remember, I have ordered for Navgrah Puja last month for pacifying the negative effects of my kundli. I am very happy to let you know that I am getting very good results of this puja. My most of problems has been resolved within two weeks. I really very thankful for suggesting me the puja and perform it on my behalf in excellent manner as per rituals.

Name : Aadhish Powers

Subject : Vidya Dayak Pendant is working

Hello Ramesh ji,

I am really happy with the vidya dayak pendant which I bought for my son last year. He is very intelligent and sharp minded though he was not able to get the results as per his preparation and thought process. But this year he has got extremely good results in his examination and he is able to concentrate fully on his studies. I also want to purchase rudrakshas for my husband, I will place my order tomorrow.

Jai Shree Krishna

Name : Vinod Subramaniam

Subject : Crystal Lakshmi Ganesh

Hi, Namaste Ramesh ji.  Hope you are doing well. I have established crystal Lakshmi ji and Ganesh ji in my puja ghar. There are very positive energies in my house from the day I have established the idols. I felt that all the negative energies of my house are transformed into positivity. The idols are really very auspicious and lucky for me. I am highly thankful to you.

Name : Michael John

Subject : Astrological Guidance

Dear Ramesh ji,

I am happy with the explanations you have given about my problems. I will definitely do the things according to your suggestions and remedial measures. I have consulted few astrologers in the past for my queries and all of them have given me different opinions but I am fully satisfied with your predictions about my horoscope. I will surely refer your astrological guidance to my colleagues. And If it is okay I want to wear some more rudrakshas in addition to the rudrakshas suggested by you. Also kindly suggest me which rudrakshas I can add. Will wait for your reply, Om Namah Shivaya !

Name : Baljit Keshwani

Subject : Designer Shri Yantra

Hi, Namaste Ramesh ji.

You have amazing range of products on your website. I have purchased the designer shri yantra from you last month for gifting. My friend has appreciated the quality of shri yantra since it was arrived to her in a beautiful designer box and she is carrying it in her purse everyday. I am looking to buy few divine kuber yantras also for gifting purpose and hope that you will continue your amazing services in future also.

Wishing you a great year ahead.

Name : Ronak Desai

Subject : Shree Swastik is giving Positivity

Dear Rudraksha Center,I have bought Shree Swastik from your website last month. I am very glad to let you know that I have placed the Swastik in my office on the main door and from the very day, I have started feeling positivity and energy in the office. I am going to place another order for Swastik to hang in my house so that I can also get the positivity within my family members.

Om Namah Shivaya

Name : Chris Fitzpatrick

Subject : Shiva Shakti Mala

Hello Ramesh ji,

Thank you so much for sending me such a beautiful Shiva Shakti Mala, the beads are of very good quality and it was delivered to me very promptly. The Rudraksha beads are very powerful that I could feel the effects even keeping the Mala in my Puja place. Everything goes in a positive way from the very day I have received the Shiva Mala, my lost peace has come back and I can feel the positive aura around me. I am really thankful for suggesting me this divine Shiva Mala and giving me such a nice astrological remedies for my problems. I will order a Horoscope analysis very soon for my daughter as well as she is facing lots of problems regarding her studies. I am quite confident that you will suggest better remedies for her.

Thank you so much again for your kind help and services.

Name : Mark Wall

Subject : Thank you for such a wonderful Bracelet

Dear Rudraksha Center,

I am highly thankful for such a wonderful bracelet which I have received today itself. It has got tremendous powers which I can feel by wearing it for few minutes itself. Your services are very fast and the packing was very efficient. I will consider your services to my friends and relatives also and will purchase more products in near future from you.


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