Krishna Yantra

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Krishna Puja Yantra should be installed and worshipped to appease Lord Krishna who is the 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu as per ancient texts and Hindu Mythology. Lord Vishnu has taken this " Avatar of Lord Krishna " to establish the "Righteousness" that is Dharma on this Earth and punish all those people who were doing Injustice and Adharma.

This Yantra bestows a person with mental stability thereby making him cool, calm and collected even in the most tough and adverse situation and therefore he is able to make right decisions. It enhances the speaking ability as well as the self confidence of the worshipper so that he emerges victorious from toughest of time. This Yantra also gives a positive energy to the aura around the person thereby making him more Healthy, Peaceful and Comfortable since Lord Krishna preaches the theory of complete devotion and dedication to God Almighty who in turn, protects him from everything evil or harmful and bestows him with peace, serenity and happiness.


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