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Mr.Ramesh K Khaitan is a Jyotish Maharshi ( Gold Medalist ) Consultant Astrologer of Rudraksha Center


  • Had been an Expert Astrologer on Astro Speak - An India Times group astrology website 
  • Life Member - All India Federations of Astrologers Societies - Delhi
  • Life Member - Indian Council of Astrological Sciences - Chennai
  • Life Member - Bhawishya Astro Research Center - Bhopal
  • Life Member - Akhil Gujarat Astrologers Society - Ahmedabad

Mr. Ramesh K Khaitan is the Consultant Astrologer of Rudraksha Center. He  has an excellent knowledge and understanding of the subject of Indian Vedic Astrology. His predictions and Remedies are based on complex calculations and interpretation done in the field of Vedic Astrology, Lal Kitab, Numerology, Vaastu Shastra and other branches of Astrology. 

Born in a devout religious family of Rajasthan, Mr. Ramesh Khaitan was himself very religious minded from early childhood and started taking interest in the various subjects and sciences related to Astrology. He has obtained varoius degrees in Astrology like " Jyotish Martand - ( Gold Medalist ) " ,  "Jyotish Parakram" , "Jyotish Maharishi" and "Jyotish Devagya" from well known Astrological Research Institutes" at Delhi, Ahmedabad and Bhopal. He is also a life member of "All India Federation of Astrological Societies, Delhi" and " Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, Chennai " and " Bhawishya Astro Research Center - Bhopal ".

Mr. Ramesh Khaitan also takes care of our Quality Control Department of Rudraksha Center. Being an Astrologer himself, he is very well aware of the importance of providing Original, Authentic and Genuine products to the clients of Rudraksha Center. Mr. Ramesh Khaitan was also in the Expert Panel of Astro Speak which is a Times of India group website for astrology.

Mr. Ramesh Khaitan is very well known and respected amongst other well known astrologers of Gujarat and India.

The Remedial measures suggested by Mr Ramesh Khaitan have benefited a large number of people from entire cross section of Society in solving their Problems related to Business, Career, Marriage, Progeny, Education, Relations and Finance in a most simplistic and effective way. A large number of Feedbacks received from his satisfied clients based in India and Abroad is a manifestation in itself about the blessings that has been showered upon him by the divine powers. 

He firmly believes that Astrology should be used as a Divine tool to solve the various problems and miseries of people in a most practical, simplistic and cost effective way without creating too much of a confusion or fear in the minds of his clients.


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