Puja of Yantras

A Yantra is an instrument or a talisman or a mystical diagram usually in Copper, Silver, Ashtdhatu, Bhojpatra or on other religious metals with Silver or Gold Plating. It is a technique or path, considered the simplest and shortest, through which one can attain one's desires, and fulfill one's wishes. It is said that the 'Deities' reside in the Yantras and by performing 'Puja' or worship of Yantras, one can appease them, remove the malefic effects of planets, and increase the flow of positive influences.

As such, we do a Primary Puja (Pran Pratishtha) of the Yantras that are sent to our valued customers, but we simultaneously recommend that they themselves also perform the following Puja of the Yantra so that they can get maximum benefit.

Procedures to be followed by you for Energizing ( Pran Pratishtha ) of Yantra :

1. First purify your body and start with a clear and positive mind frame

2. Find a place on the floor facing East, where you will be undisturbed

3. Light the incense or diya. (It does not matter how many you lit) 

4. Lay a fresh flower and a fresh fruit on the altar 

5. Open the Yantra and place it along with the image of the deity of yantra 

6. Take the water with any leaf from any tree and sprinkle the water on yourself 

7. followed by sprinkling the water on the Yantra

8. Close your eyes and concentrate on the deity to bless you with wishes. Now with all sincerity, ask God to grant you the desire of your life that you wanted to be fulfilled in your own language.

Now, chant the specific BEEJ MANTRA of the YANTRA for at least 11 times.

Beej Mantras for various Yantras are as follows :
Please note that the Beej Mantra of any Yantra remains the same irrespective of the material on which it is made

Brihaspati Yantra :    " Om Graang Greeng Graung Sah Gurave Namah "  

Chandra Yantra :    " Om Shraang Shreeng Shraung Sah Chandramase Namah "

Ganesha Yantra :        " Vakratund Mahakay Surya Koti Samprabha
                             Nirvighnam Kuru me Dev Sarva Karyeshu Sarvada "

Gayatri Yantra :         " Om Bhoorbhuvah Swah Tatsyavitur Vareniyam,
                                Bhargo Devasya Dhi Mahi Dhiya Yona Prachodyat "

Hanuman Yantra :    " Om Hanumate Namah "

Kaalsarp Yantra :     " Om Trayambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushti Vardhanam
                                   Urwarukmivbandhanaan Mrityormuksheey Maamritaat "

Lakshami Prapti Yantra :   " Om Shreem Hreem Shree Mahalaxmiyei Namah "

Mahakali Yantra :    " Om Kreeng Kalikayai Namah "

Navgrah Yantra :        " Om Bramha Murari Tripurantkari Bhanushashi Bhumisutau Bhudhashch
                             Gurushcha Shukra Shani Rahu Ketavah Sarve Grahah Shantikara Bhawantu "

Saraswati Yantra :        " Ya Devi Sarv Bhuteshu Buddhirupen Sansthitha
                                 Namastasye Namastasye Namastasye Namoh Namah "

Kuber Yantra :    " Om Kuberay Namah "

Maha Lakshmi Yantra :    " Om Shreem Hreem Shree Mahalaxmiyei Namah "

Mangal Yantra :    " Om Kraang Kreeng Kraung Sah Bhomay Namah "

Shukra Yantra :    " Om Draang Dreeng Draung Sah Shukray Namah "

Sri Baglamukhi Yantra :    " Om Hreem Baglamukhi Namaha "

Bhairav Yantra :    " Vang Batuk Bhairavaye Namah "

Bhoot Pret Badha Nivaran Yantra :    " Hoom Hanumate Rudraktamaya Hoom Phat "

Budh Yantra :    " Om Braang Breeng Braung Sah Budhay Namah "

Durga Bisa Yantra :    " Om Aing Hring Kling Chaamundaayai Vichchai Namah "

Kanakdhara Lakshmi Yantra :    " Om Vang Shreeng Vang Aing Hreeng Shreeng Kleeng Kanakdharayai Namah "

Sarva Karya Siddhi Yantra :    " Om Gam Ganpatey Namah "

Ketu Yantra :    " Om Straang Streeng Straung Sah Ketvey Namah "

Lakshmi Narayan Yantra :    " Om Kleem Shreem Lakshminarayana Namaha "

Maha Durga Yantra :    " Om Aing Hreeng Kleeng Chamundayai Vichai "

Maha Sudarshan Yantra :    " Om Namo Narayanaya Namah "

Maha Mrityunjaya Yantra :    " Om Trayambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushti Vardhanam
                                               Urwarukmivbandhanaan Mrityormuksheey Maamritaat "

Rahu Yantra :    " Om Bhraang Bhreeng Bhraung Sah Rahvey Namah "

Ram Raksha Yantra :    " Om Sri Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama "

Santan Gopal Yantra :    " Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya Namah "

Shani Yantra :    " Om Praang Preeng Praung Sah Shanishcharaya Namah "

Shukra Yantra :    " Om Draang Dreeng Draung Sah Shukray Namah "

Subh Labh Yantra :    " Om Gam Ganapataye Namah "

Vastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra :     "Om Namoh Bhagwate Vastu Purushay"

Vishnu Yantra :    " Om Namah Bhagwate Vasudevay "

Vyapar Vriddhi Yantra :    " Om Gang Ganapataye Namah "

Sri Yantra :        " Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamle Kamalal Yee Praseed, Praseed,
                                  Shreem, Hreem Shreem Om Mahalaxma Yee Namah "

Surya Yantra :    " Om Hraang Hreeng Hraung Sah Suryay Namah "

Vahan Durghatna Nashak Yantra :    " Om Hang Hanumate Namah "

Vashikaran Yantra :    " Om Vashikarnay Swaha "

Shiva Kavach :    " Om Namah Shivaya "

Vidhya Prapti Yantra :     " Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Vidhya Rupen Sansthita
                                     Namastasye Namastasye Namastasye Namo Namah "


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