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Astrological Reports

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Astrology is a time tested Divine Science developed by our ancient sages, which can give a very accurate prediction about our past, present and future life and events of life. Astrology is based upon Nine Planets ( Navgrahas ), Twelve Zodiac Signs and Twelve houses or cusps. Whenever an individual is born there is a particular position of each planet in the Zodiac. An astrologer makes a map of these positions of various planets in the zodiac at the time of our Birth. This map is known as NATAL CHART or JANAM KUNDLI. After a Basic Natal Chart has been prepared according to Day, Date, Time and Birth Place of a person, a more detailed horoscope is made using the various complex calculations as per the principles laid by our Ancient Vedic Astrology. By studying this chart an experienced astrologer can predict almost all the life events of the past, present as well as future.

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As such Astrology is a guiding Science which can inform us about any unpleasant event that may materialize in our future life so that we can make ourselves prepared for them and try to avoid them if possible or at least try to minimize their bad effects. For example, if a person is accident prone for a particular period due to some transits, he can be suggested to take special care while driving during that period.

Our experienced Astrologer Mr. Ramesh Khaitan can provide you with all the necessary important information about your life which you always wanted to know along with various types of Remedies for problems that he foresee in your horoscope after analyzing the various Houses, Planets, Rashis, Dashas and Combination of planets (Yogas) in various houses.

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