Nazar Nivaran Yantra

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Nazar Nivaran Yantra should be installed and worshipped to get protection from the negative effects of Evil Eye also known as " Buri Nazar ". It is a common experience with every person that all of a sudden everything starts going downhill for which no specific reason can be attributed. A perfectly healthy person may suddenly get sick, a smooth running and profitable business starts making losses or there are constant quarrels amongst the family members who were living in perfect harmony till now. All these things can happen due to a transfer of negative energy by someone who is a competitor or a enemy of the family with evil intensions. In such a case, establishing and worshipping a Nazar Nivaran Yantra can be of immense help and the problem gets rectified miraculously. This Yantra can be installed at home, office, factory, godown or even on the study table if there are sudden unexpected problems in the education of a student who was doing very well till now.


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