Remedial Measures for planet Venus as per Lal Kitab

Remedial Measures for Planet Venus

 Remedies of Venus in 1st House

(1)Do not eat Jaggery.
(2)Do not indulge in sexual intercourse during the day time.
(3)Take care of a black cow.
(4)Keep your character clean.
(5)Take bath with curd.
(6)Do not get married before you turn 25.
(7)Take advice from others before doing any work.
(8)Drinking cow's urine will prove to be beneficial.
(9)Take pure silver from your in-laws.
(10)Donate mustard and Jo.
(11)If your wife wears gold on her head, it might prove favorable.
(12)Keep faith in god.
(13)Keep your character clean.
(14)Fast on Friday.
(15)Repect your guests.
(16)Wear diamond and in absence of it you can wear pearl.
(17)Marry your wife again.

 Remedies of Venus in 2nd House

(1) Feed two kilogram potatoes after making them yellowish by mixing turmeric (haldi) with them to the cow.
(2) Donating 200 grams of cow milk's ghee in the temple will be favorable for you.
(3) Keeping animals will prove beneficial for you.
(4) Donating Potato, Ghee and curd will be good for you.
(5) Take care of a cow without horns.
(6) Respect and take care of your guests.
(7) Take special care of what you wear.
(8) Take special care to keep your character good.
(9) Using Mars related things might decrease the problems during child birth.

 Remedies of Venus in 3rd House

(1) Take care of your brother's wife.
(2) Respect your wife and do not try to make her feel ashamed or embarrassed.
(3) Keep your character clean.
(4) Use things related to Mars.
(5) Do not organize any music or dance programs at your house.
(6) Do not destroy your ancestral house.
(7) Take care of your guests.
(8) Take care of what you wear.

 Remedies of Venus in 4th House

(1) If your wife falls ill then keep a bowl full of honey on the roof of your house.
(2) Donate curd.
(3) Remedies of Jupiter will prove to be helpful.
(4) Take care of the cow.
(5) Marry your wife again after changing her name.
(6) Float rice, silver or milk in flowing water.
(7) If there is a quarrel between your mother and your wife, then feed rice pudding or milk to elderly women.
(8) Keep your terrace neat and clean.
(9) Float Jupiter related articles like gram, pulses or saffron in the river.
(10) Bury the stone of peach in the ground after filling it with antimony.
(11) Take care of 'Kapila' cow.
(12) Wear red coloured clothes and eat honey.
(13) Take special care of your clothes.

 Remedies of Venus in 5th House 

(1) Keep your character clean.
(2) Take care of cow.
(3) For your financial prosperity clean your hidden body parts with milk or curd. 
(4) Do not marry against the will of your parents.
(5) Take care of elderly women.
(6) Wear Diamond.
(7) Listen to the advice of your wife and do not quarrel with her.
(8) Take care of what you wear.

 Remedies of Venus in 6th House

(1) This person's wife should not walk bare footed.
(2) Feed milk and give donations to 6 girls continuously for 6 days.
(3) Always keep a solid silver ball in your pocket.
(4) For a continuous 6 Fridays, wash white stone with milk and apply white sandalwood on it before floating it in the water. 
(5) Feed rice and rice pudding (kheer) to the birds.
(6) Donate curd in a bronze vessel.
(7) This person's wife should apply gold paste on her hair.
(8) Respect women.
(9) Donate 'Kapila' cow.
(10) Use perfume, cream and powder.
(11) Take care of what your wear.

 Remedies of Venus in 7th House

(1) Take care of a red cow.
(2) If your wife is sick then donate jowar equivalent to her weight at a religious place.
(3) Take care of your parents.
(4) Float blue flowers in dirty sewage.
(5) Donate a bronze utensil at any religious place.
(6) Donate a cow at the time of marriage.
(7) Accept a bronze utensil as dowry.
(8) Be a perfect host to the guests who come to your home.
(9) Wear Diamond.
(10) Use perfume etc.
(11) Take care of whatever you wear.

 Remedies of Venus in 8th House

(1) On the day of Friday, donate 8 kilograms of carrot at a religious place.
(2) Feed Jowar for a continuous 43 days to a black cow.
(3) Do not give bail for anyone.
(4) Float one flower everyday in a dirty drain for a continuous 43 days.
(5) Feed bread to a cow on every Friday.
(6) Wear pearl in silver.
(7) If your wife is suffering, then feed sesamum or rice to a bird or donate it.
(8) Bury Jowar equivalent to the weight of your wife under the ground.
(9) Do not accept anything from anyone for free.
(10) Bow your head at religious places.
(11) Go to temple everyday.
(12) Keep fast on Fridays.
(13) Donate a cow having a calf.
(14) Take care of what you wear.

 Remedies of Venus in 9th House

(1) Take care of a black or red cow.
(2) Bury a square silver piece in the Neem tree for a continuous of 43 days.
(3) Bury silver and honey in the foundation of your house.
(4) Make your wife wear silver bangles painted with red color.
(5) Do not get married during the 25th year.
(6) Keep fast on Friday.
(7) Treat the guests visiting your house warmly. 
(8) Donate ghee, camphor, curd etc at a religious place.
(9) Take care of whatever you wear.

 Remedies of Venus in 10th House

(1) Donate clay or cotton in the temple.
(2) You and your wife should wash your private body parts with milk.
(3) Leave the place made out of clay along the western wall of your house.
(4) Keep away from alcohol and non-vegetarian food.
(5) If you fall sick severely then donate a black cow.
(6) Take care of guests who come to your house.
(7) Wear diamond.

 Remedies of Venus in 11th House

(1) Donate curd or cotton in the temple.
(2) Float mustard oil in water or donate it in a temple.
(3) Eat the ashes of gold.
(4) Donate a cow during your marriage.
(5) Eat fish oil.
(6) Keep fast on Friday.
(7) Serve food to the guests who visit your house.
(8) Take care of what you wear.

 Remedies of Venus in 12th House

(1) If the health of your wife is not getting better then donate Jowar equivalent to her weight at a religious place.
(2) Bury a Neem flower every evening at a desolate place for a continuous 43 days.
(3) Donate a black cow.
(4) Take care of a white cow.
(5) Keep getting donations done through your wife's hands.
(6) Give respect to your wife.
(7) Lite pure ghee lamps.
(8) Keep your character clean.
(9) Donate curd, camphor etc. 
(10) Take care of what you wear.


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