Remedies of planet Mercury as per Vedic Astrology

Remedies of planet Mercury according to Vedic Astrology

 Chanting of Mantra and Stotra

For removing effects of malefic Mercury, Mantra and Stotra related to Mercury are chanted. This can be started on any Wednesday in bright half ( shukla paksha ). Total number of Japa of Mercury is 17000 but in Kaliyuga, this figure must be multiplied four folds and hence 68000 Japa of Mercury Mantra should be chanted. After this a Homa ( Fire ritual ) should be performed in which the Mercury Mantras should be recited for 6800 times ( 1/10th of the total number of Mantras ).

 Fasting and Worship

For pacifying malefic effects of Mercury, one should pray to Lord Ganesha. Worship, visiting and offering Laddu to Lord Ganesha Temple on every Wednesday will be very beneficial. One should also keep fast on Wednesday. One should perform the fasting for 27 Wednesdays. Also, one should feed grass to cows.

 Gems for planet Mercury

The Gem for the planet Mercury is Emerald which is worn to remove the malefic effects of Mercury. Emerald must be purchased in the bright half on Wednesday. Purchasing and making it in a ring should be done in Pushya Nakshatra. If Pushya Nakshatra is not possible then this can be done in Ashlesha, Jyeshtha or Revati Nakshatra also. Emerald must weigh atleast 3 carats. Badly cut, broken or uneven Emerald will not serve the purpose. It should be embedded in the ring in such a way that its bottom is touching the body. This ring must be put on at morning on Wednesday. If a person is not capable to purchase Emerald then Onyx, Green Tourmaline or Green Zircon may be used in place of Emerald.

 Offering & Donations

For removing malefic effects of Mercury, at the time of morning, give offering to a Brahmin is also beneficial. The items of offering include Green Gram, Brass, Green Flowers, Green Cloth, Emerald, Ghee, Sugar, Honey and Mercury Yantra. This offering should be given on Wednesday. These things should be offered as per one's capacity.

 Other Remedies
  • One should offer green cloths and bangles to gay.
  • One should make a hole in the coin and flow it in water.
  • One should worship young girls and take their blessings.
  • One should worship basil plant.


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