Shree Meru Maha Yantra

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Shree Meru Maha Yantra also known as Shree Meru Chakra is the ultimate tool to get Peace, Prosperity, Health, Wealth and Happiness. It can be installed at any place like Home, Office, Business center, Temples and other places of worship. It gives very good and favourable energy which also have a healing power to it and hence this Yantra can also be installed at places like Hospitals, Healing Centers, Prayer Halls or even at places of Religious or social ceremonies.

This Yantra blesses the worshipper with Peace, Prosperity, Happiness, Name & Fame, Power, Authority, Wealth and Success and is said to be most powerful Yantra in this era which is Kalyug. This Yantra has been worshipped by people of all sections of society including Kings, Princes, Business man, Scholars, Researchers and Leaders to get Success, Name, Fame, Power and Authority. This Yantra can be worshipped by people of all religion, beliefs, cast and gender to get Success, Peace, Prosperity, Health, Wealth and Happiness. It is also extremely good if this Yantra is gifted to someone or at special occasions like wedding, house warming or start of a new business since it is a very auspicious yantra.


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