Remedial Measures for Planet Saturn as per Lal Kitab

Remedial Measures for Planet Saturn

 Remedies of Saturn in 1st House

(1) You should not eat non-vegetarian food nor consume alcohol.
(2) For the success of your business or your service, bury some black salt or black antimony in the ground. 
(3) Keep a monkey for money and property.
(4) For the improvement of your health, give milk to the roots of the Banyan tree and apply tilak of wet mud on your forehead.
(5) Donate a frying pan or stove to a sadhu.
(6) You should not speak lie, and should not look at things of others with bad intentions.
(7) Getting a dark room constructed towards the left side of your house will prove favorable.
(8) When these people are born, there should not be any drums etc. played.
(9) Praying to God Bharoon and donating alcohol in God Bharoon's temple will prove beneficial.
(10) Keeping a black Buffalo or feeding milk to the snake will also be beneficial.
(11) Looking at Rahu's position in your Kundali, you should wear Neelam. If Neelam is out of your reach, then wear a ring made out of the nail of a boat or out of a black horse's shoe.
(12) If Saturn is exalted in your Kundali, then do not donate things related to Saturn.

 Remedies of Saturn in 2nd House

(1) Business in Urad, gram or black pepper will be very good for you.
(2) Applying oil on your forehead will bring you bad luck. Apply milk tilak on your forehead.
(3) Visit the temple on bare foot continuously for 43 days and ask god's forgiveness for all your mistakes.
(4) For the good of your in-laws, feed milk to snake.
(5) Donate Urad, black pepper, gram, or sandal wood in the temple.
(6) You should not eat non-vegetarian food nor consume alcohol.
(7) Apply mustard oil on the wheat bread (roti) and feed it to a dog or a crow.
(8) You should not keep the hard earned money of the laborers.

 Remedies of Saturn in 3rd House

(1) If you keep a spotted dog (black and white) then it will increase your wealth.
(2) Construct a dark room towards the rear end of your house and keep articles related to Saturn in it.
(3) Hammer an iron nail at the entrance step of your house.
(4) If there is a bad effect on your eyes then distribute eye medicines for free.
(5) Pray to Lord Ganesha.
(6) Do not consume non-vegetarian food and alcohol.
(7) Do not keep the entrance door of your house towards the western or southern side.
(8) Do not have the door of your terrace without a stepping stone or do not keep any fuel on your terrace.
(9) Plant a berry tree within the premises of your house.
(10) Donate Udad dal, leather or iron or float them in water.
(11) Take care of your uncles.

 Remedies of Saturn in 4th House

(1) Feed milk to the snake.
(2) Feed rice and milk to crow or buffalo.
(3) Drop rice or milk in a well.
(4) Donate oil, urad dal and black cloth.
(5) Float alcohol in flowing water.
(6) Help people who are below you in the society.
(7) Keep your character clean.
(8) Do not wear green and black clothes.
(9) Do not consume a lot of things made out of milk.
(10) Do not catch fish nor eat it.

 Remedies of Saturn in 5th House 

(1) Keep moon dal or any arms in a dark room in your ancestral house. 
(2) At the time of the birth of a child, serve salty things to the guests.
(3) At a religious place, offer 10 almonds and bring half back home.
(4) Keep gold and saffron with you.
(5) Do not get a house constructed before you turn 48.
(6) Feed milk to snake.
(7) Donate oil and alcohol.
(8) Donate non-vegetarian food and alcohol.
(9) Do not speak lies.

 Remedies of Saturn in 6th House

(1) For the progress of your business, perform remedies of Mercury.
(2) During sickness, bury an earthen pot filled with mustard oil under a lake or in the ground.
(3) For the health of your children, keep a black dog in your house.
(4) Feed milk to a black snake.
(5) Give milk at the roots of the Plum berry tree.
(6) Donate 6 pairs of shoes to the labourers on saturday.
(7) Do not consume non vegetarian food or alcohol.
(8) Keep your character clean.
(9) Float almonds and coconut in flowing water.
(10) Do not buy new articles of iron and leather.
(11) Keep your leather shoes safe from being stolen.
(12) Do not start any work related to Saturn during a moonless night.
(13) If in your house, there is a death of a milk giving animal then keep a goat.
(14) Keep fast on Saturday.
(15) Donate alcohol at a bharoon temple.
(16) Do not speak lies.
(17) Feed wheat bread after applying mustard oil on it to the dog or crow.

 Remedies of Saturn in 7th House

(1) Take care of a black cow. 
(2) If the 1st house is empty then keep a vessel filled with honey in your house.
(3) Apply white antimony to your eyes.
(4) Fill jaggery in a flute and then bury it in an isolated place.
(5) Do not consume non-vegetarian food and alcohol.
(6) Donate oil and alcohol.
(7) Do not speak lies.
(8) Help your uncles.

 Remedies of Saturn in 8th House

(1) Keep a square piece of silver with you.
(2) While taking bath pour milk in the water and sit on a stone or wooden piece.
(3) Do not consume alcohol.
(4) Do not kill snakes.
(5) Float 8 kilograms of black udad dal in water.
(6) Take care of your uncles.
(7) Feed bread (roti) to the dogs or crows after applying mustard oil on it.

 Remedies of Saturn in 9th House

(1) Float rice or almonds in flowing water.
(2) Business related to gold-silver and cloth will be favorable for you.
(3) Get a dark room constructed at the rear portion of your house.
(4) Do not collect fuel on the terrace of your house.
(5) Remedies of Jupiter would be helpful.
(6) Apply a saffron tilak.
(7) Donate alcohol at the temple of Bharoon.
(8) Keep a black buffalo.
(9) Feed milk to the snake.
(10) Donate oil or alcohol.
(11) Do not speak lies.
(12) Do not consume non-vegetarian food or alcohol.

 Remedies of Saturn in 10th House

(1) Keep Ganga water in a brass metal in your house.
(2) Respect others.
(3) Do no consume non-vegetarian food and alcohol.
(4) Take care of your uncle.
(5) Float gram pulses for a continuous 43 days in flowing water.
(6) Travel across religious places.
(7) Feed food to 10 blind people.
(8) Do not get your house constructed before you turn 48 years.
(9) Do not kill animals.
(10) Do not keep any arms with you
(11) Do not indulge in work that requires running around.
(12) Donate alcohol in the temple of 'Bhairo'.
(13) Feed bread with mustard oil applied on it to the crows and dogs.
(14) Do not keep the laborer's money with you.

 Remedies of Saturn in 11th House

(1) At the time of sunrise, drop oil, alcohol or things that flow like water on the ground. 
(2) Before starting any good work, place an earthen pot filled with water in your house.
(3) Do not consume alcohol or non-vegetarian food.
(4) Keep your character clean.
(5) Do not live in a house facing southwards.
(6) Keep a silver brick in your house.
(7) Keep fast on Saturday.
(8) Do not keep the money of laborers with you.

 Remedies of Saturn in 12th House

(1) Keep your character clean.
(2) Do no consume alcohol and non-vegetarian food.
(3) Do not speak lies.
(4) Keep 12 almonds wrapped in a black cloth towards the southern corner of your house.
(5) Feed almonds to the fishes for continuous 12 Saturdays.
(6) Make sure to keep a dark room in your house.
(7) Do not eat food left over by someone else.
(8) Keep fast on Saturday.
(9) Donate oil and alcohol.


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