Shani Chandra Vish Yog

When in any person's horoscope, planets Saturn and Moon are placed together in any house, the combination forms a very bad Yoga known as SHANI CHANDRA VISH YOGA. The planet Moon controls our Will Power and Emotional stability whereas the planet Saturn represents negativity, struggles and hardships. Hence, whenever there is a conjunction of planets Saturn and Moon in a horoscope, then such a person is prone to have a generalized feeling of Negativity towards every aspect of life.

The strength of the above dosha increases if the planets Saturn and Moon are closer to each other and it also depends upon the house in which they are placed. The worst placement of this conjunction is in the 4th, 8th and 12th house although the negative effects are felt even if they are placed in any other house of the horoscope.

There is a long list of problems arising due to Shani Chandra Vish Yoga and on a general basis there may be regular / repeated problems of unknown origin at the house/ business leading to acute frustration.There is a lack of peace & harmony in the house / business premises & we feel negative vibes whenever we enter them. The overall growth of a person appears to have been stalled in spite of his / her best efforts.

Apart from the above general issues, there can be specific problems a few of which are mentioned below as per the house in which this yoga is present :

  • 1st house : A person having this dosha in the 1st house ( House of Mind & Body ) of his horoscope is prone to Health problems throughout his life especially the problems related to Blood and Nervous system. There is a lack of strong Will Power due to which he is unable to make any firm decisions. Apart from this, he may also get adverse results related to the house of which the planet Moon is Lord in his horoscope.
  • 2nd house : The person has to face financial problems and he is unable to achieve any good financial status. Apart from this, there can also be differences and problems with the family members and he is prone to adopt or fall prey to various kinds of addictions.
  • 3rd house : There is a lack of courage, differences and problems between Siblings.
  • 4th house : There can be a lack of Home Comforts, Mental Peace and Happiness as well as difference of opinion with Mother
  • 5th house : A person has to face problems related to Education, Children, Love & Romance
  • 6th house : Such a person incurrs various kinds of Debts which he is unable to pay, there are problems related to Jobs and Services as well as he is troubled by his Hidden Enemies and Competitors throughout his life
  • 7th house : There is a lack of Harmony in marital life as well as there can be a delayed marriage also. The person is unable to have a good Social circle and even Business and Partnerships can lead to Losses.
  • 8th house : A conjunction of planets Saturn and Moon in the 8th house can lead to persistent Health Issues, Accidents as well as Infections of various kinds thereby hampering his Growth
  • 9th house : Such a person is unable to get support of his Luck as per his expectations and there can be a lack of believe in Religion and Spirituality
  • 10th house : A person has to face regular problems in his Business / Profession / Career and also at times, he may not get due regards for his work and competence. Also, relations with his father may be not very cordial
  • 11th house : Earnings / Profits / Gains of a person may be less in comparison to his Efforts and Competence. Also, he may not get support from Seniors / Elders and Friends.
  • 12th house : There may be un-necessary Expenditures and Losses, Litigations, Court cases and Health issues. Problems of all types and delay in the Marriage of the native.

This is a very serious fault in ones horoscope & it should be rectified at the earliest as per ancient vedic texts by getting a puja known as "Shani Chandra Vish Yog Nivaran Puja" performed.


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