Vashikaran Yantra in 6 gms Silver Locket

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Improves Attraction power, To impress other people or attract the person you desire, Harmony between Couples
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VASHIKARAN YANTRA - Improves Attraction power, to impress other people or attract the person you desire, Harmony between Couples
Vashikaran Yantra Locket should be worn to attract someone you love or drawing a soulmate into your life. Also for bringing a beloved person under control for good or beneficial intentions such as promoting harmony and synchronicity between a couple. This Yantra should never be used for negative purpose or ill intentions. It is said that if a person's love is true and intentions are good then this Yantra definitely gives very effective and quick results. This Yantra can be used in various ways such as gaining cordial, professional and personal relationships between superiors, colleagues, friends and others. It can also help to obtain favours from others especially in matters relating to one's profession. This Yantra also helps to establish a good impression of yourself on others and to win there affection and friendship. This Yantra also causes others to be drawn towards you favourably. However, it should be noted that this Yantra will work only if there is a karmic relationship between two people.

Note : Please note that this yantra should not be used with any bad intentions as in such case it will negatively influence the person trying to use it.

Vashikaran Yantra in Silver Locket : This Vashikaran Yantra is in a Locket form so that it can be worn around the neck. The material used is silver (approximately 6 gms).
Energization of Vashikaran Yantra
Please note that as such, the Yantra sent to our clients are already energized by our Guruji according to rituals required as per ancient vedic texts and therefore it may be directly worn around the neck or can be kept in the Puja Room or in Hand Bag / Wallet.

However, if the client wishes then additionally He / She may do the following :
On Wednesday morning, after having bath, wash the Yantra with clean water and wipe it clean with a soft piece of cloth then wear it with full faith at your worshipping place. Light a lamp and kindle some incense sticks.

Beej Mantra
"Om Vashikarnay Swaha"
Presiding Deity
Lord Kaamdev
Day to Wear
Please Note
The Design of the yantra may differ slightly from the image shown above, as we keep on upgrading our yantras under the guidance of our learned gurus to make yantras more & more effective.

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