Red Quartz Bracelet

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Red symbolizes energy, thus the colour attributes to strength & vitality. Red quartz bracelet influences the same in wearer's life.
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About Red Quartz Stone Bracelet
Red Quartz is also called power stone, as it enhances the energy and thoughts. It is also known as Love Stone, since it is strong booster of enthusiasm. One can wear it to enhance the grace of love. Significantly, it transmits the energy of Venus, the planet of beauty and love. If anyone has a weak planet Venus in the horoscope, they can wear Red Quartz to empower it and impart Venus’s positivity in their life. Red Quartz is a gemstone that attracts both inner peace and beauty. The stone heals the inner sorrow by bestowing happiness and enthusiasm in life.
Benefits of Red Quartz
Besides its beautiful look, Red Quartz Bracelet has tremendous healing properties too :
  • Red symbolizes energy, thus the colour attributes to strength & vitality. It influences the same in wearer's life.
  • It can help in developing harmony between couples and flames the energy between the two, as per ancient vedic texts.
  • Red quartz bracelet can also prove helpful in calming anxiety, stress, panic and gloominess.
  • It can also be efficient in enhancing concentration power.
  • Red quartz is extremely helpful in attracting optimism.
  • A weak Venus draws low self-esteem and self-expression. By wearing Red quartz, one can enhance his self-worth & confidence. It balances the Manipura chakra as well.
About the Bracelet
This bracelet is made using stretchable elastic, which can fit your wrist easily.
Number of Stones used
12-13 stones
Size of stones
each of 1.5 cm (H) x 3 cm (W) approx

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