Divine Surya with Bells

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The Divine Surya protects its surroundings from all and any kind of Negativity, Evil Eye, Black Magic etc.
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Information about Divine Surya with Bells

The planet Sun is actually a star because it is visible due to its own light whereas the other planets are dependent upon the Sun's light for visibility. Hence, the planet Sun is known as the king of all planets. It represents Power, Authority, Immunity as well as Administration. The planet Sun is the bestower of Name, Fame and Progress as well as Life itself because life is not possible to exist on Earth without Sun's light. As per Hindu Mythology, the planet Sun is known as Surya Dev.

Divine Surya with bells is a representation of Lord Surya and it is made of Brass with bells and a thread on one side ( as seen in the picture ) so that it can be easily hanged on any anchoring object. This Divine Surya can be hanged on the main Door of the house, in the Living Room or even in the Home Temple. Similarly, it can be placed in the Office, Showroom, Godown, Business premises, Factory etc. This Divine Surya is also extremely auspicious if hanged in the Car and it can also be a very nice gift for any auspicious occasion.

The Divine Surya protects its surroundings from all and any kind of Negativity, Evil Eye, Black Magic etc. It is also considered as an extremely potent tool for minimizing the Vastu faults of any place since the negativity of the place is reduces and the energy levels are balanced. The persons living / working at a place where this Surya is placed are able to work more efficiently in a better friendly atmosphere. This Divine Surya should also be kept in the room of a person in whose horoscope, the planet Sun is either DEBILITATED or is giving Malefic results due to conjunction with malefic planets like Rahu, Saturn etc.

Pure Brass
3.5 x 3.5 inches
The Divine Surya can be placed anywhere although the preferred direction is East
Mantra for Divine Surya
" Om Suryay Namaha "

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