Tortoise with Shree Yantra

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Tortoise with Shree Yantra brings Positivity, Good Energy, Health, Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance where it is kept and one can get rid of Vastu Faults, Negativity, Evil Energies, Evil Eye.
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Information about Tortoise with Shree Yantra

Tortoise is one of the four celestial animals as per Chinese Fengshui and is of great significance in both Vastu as well as Fengshui. Tortoise has a very long life span and therefore it is considered very auspicious and hence it is recommended that a tortoise should be kept at house so that the family members may have a long life. A Tortoise made from mixed metals also works as a remedial measure for correction of Vastu faults since it has great power to balance the environmental energy around us as well as removal of negative energy thereby purifying the place where it is kept. This Tortoise can also help in studies if the same is kept on or near your study table. Similarly it can be kept on the office table as well. Tortoise with Shree Yantra should preferably be kept in the North or North East direction of the house.

Furthermore, this Tortoise's back contains the Shree Yantra which is the most powerful Yantra. Shri Yantra is also known as King of all the Yantras and is believed to be the abode of all the Gods & Goddesses. It is a very efficient tool for contemplation, concentration & meditation. Shree Yantra is dedicated to the Tripursundari form of Goddess Mahalakshmi who is the Bestower of Wealth being the consort of Lord Vishnu. This Yantra is also called Shree Chakra. The word Shree Yantra is composed of two words "Shree" meaning Wealth and "Yantra" meaning Instrument, therefore we can call it - "The Instrument for Wealth". Shree Yantra is the perfect answer to all kinds of problems & negativity in our lives. It brings materialistic as well as spiritual upliftment in our lives. Shree Yantra is worshipped to get the blessings of Goddess Mahalakshmi for Wealth, Beauty, Knowledge, Spiritual Upliftment & Pleasure. It is a very powerful & auspicious Yantra for getting all the worldly comforts and fulfillment of all the wishes. If a person regularly worships Shree Yantra then all kinds of obstacles, stress, anxiety & depression are removed from his life and he is blessed with Fame, Power, Authority, Financial Gain, Professional Success, Peace & Harmony. It is believed that Goddess Mahalakshmi never leaves the house where Shree Yantra is worshipped.

Hence, one can get rid of Vastu Faults, Negativity, Evil Energies, Evil Eye by placing this Tortoise with Shree Yantra at Home, Office or Study Table as per Ancient Vedic Texts and Scriptures. Also, this powerful combination brings Positivity, Good Energy, Health, Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance where it is kept. One should definitely keep this Tortoise with Shri Yantra for overall protection.

Golden plated Mixed Metals
Direction and Placement
Tortoise with Shree Yantra can be kept on the Tabletop or Corner of Home / Office / Study Table in the North or North East Direction
1 inches approx
Base Dimension
4 inches (L) x 3.25 inches (B) approx
92 gms approx

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