Kurm Prushth Meru Yantra

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Meru Yantra on Kurm Prushth is ideal yantra to get Peace, Prosperity, Health, Wealth and Happiness.
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Information about Kurm Prusht Meru Yantra

Koorm Pristhiya (Meru) Shri Yantra is one of the oldest, rare and precious Yantra created by 'Aadi Guru Dattatreya' for the welfare of common man. Perhaps, the thought of conceiving yantras for the benefit of mankind was formed during the Vedic age when metal came into being. Literally, "Koorm Prusht Meru Shree Yantra" means Shree Yantras which is mounted at the back of tortoise upwards. It is also believed that the tortoise lifted weight of the earth over its back, in relation to Lord Kachhap avatar (incarnation of Lord Vishnu). It is also believed that the whole energy and substance of this living world or earth is created around Meru Prushth (back of tortoise) which has the elements like water, earth along with mountains etc.

It is also believed that the 'Koorma Prishthiya Shree Yantra' was widely used by the learned Brahmin community of coastal area in Rameshwaram, Kerala in 7th or 8th Century. The Shree Yantra designed on the mount over the back of a tortoise looks similar to the dome of any temple which is slightly mounted. It also depicts one of the fundamental of "Vastu Kala" which says that any residential house, palace or temple must be mounted at the center to the top, so that the person residing in it should get more and more energy radiation & solar reflections from the cosmic universe or Brahmanda for remaining more healthy, wealthy and wise.

Kurma Prushtha Meru can be placed either at the foundation of a house, temple or in the clean place, locker or cashbox etc. In all, it is a rare, spiritual antique which helps to lessen the ill fortune and rotten fate.

Brass with Golden finish
1.5 (H) x 3 (B) inches
200-250 gms approx
"Om Aaing Hring Kling Shring Mahalakshmye Namah"
Kurm Prusht Meru Yantra should be Established in your Home Puja Temple, Locket, Cashbox or any other clean place from any Thursday morning. One can place it in the North East Direction if possible.

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