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Rahu also called as Dragon's Head or Ascending Node. It is a shadow planet which means that it does not have any physical existence. Even then the positive as well as negative effects of planet Rahu are very profound on human lives and have been very well documented in our Ancient sacred texts and unfavorable planet Rahu can cause all kinds of problems, obstructions, failures, illness and confusions which might lead to a very miserable life. Even when planet Rahu is in conjunction with planets like Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Moon and Sun, it forms various bad Yogas which can result in all kinds of troubles in a person's life.

Rahu is the planet of intuition and may be called the master of manipulation. Rahu can be considered to be expert among the planets when it comes to scheming and plotting that is why it can be said to be the better politician than Saturn. Rahu is the luck factor behind instant success or failure, its result both good and bad manifests in such an unexpected manner that the native involved hardly has any time to react to the situation.

According to the ancient Vedic system, nature has three major gunas- rajsic, satvic and tamsic. Rahu can function in all the three modes. Rahu gives prosperity when functions in a rajsic mode, Rahu gives knowledge and wisdom when functions in a satvic mode, Rahu gives inertia, inactivity, demonic tendencies and destruction when functions in tamsic mode. Rahu likes the night time - this is probably the reason why most criminals choose night time for their activities.

The planet Rahu is said to be EXALTED in zodiac sign Taurus and DEBILITATED in Zodiac sign Sagittarius in a person's Natal Chart. The planet Rahu gives good results if it is placed in the 3rd, 6th or the 11th house of a person's Natal Chart. Hence, if the planet Rahu is placed in any other house or it is in a DEBILITATED state or it is in conjunction with other planets then it may give bad results thereby making it necessary to be pacified. Rahu represents hidden enemies, wrong diagnosis of illness, Success, Name & Fame, Victory over Enemies & Foreign connections.


 Lord of Nakshatra  Ardhra, Swati, Shatabhisha
 Duration in Each Rashi  1 and a half years
 Exalted in  Gemini ( Mithun )
 Debilitated in  Sagittarius ( Dhanu )
 Day  Saturday
 Gender  Male
 Friendly Planets  Venus, Mercury, Saturn & Ketu
 Neutral Planet  Jupiter
 Enemy Planets  Sun, Moon and Mars
 Direction  South West
 Color  Black, Ash
 Metal  Lead
 Gem  Hessonite & Garnet
 Element  Air
 Period of Maha Dasha  18 years
 Deity  Goddess Saraswati
 Vedic Mantra  Om Aing Rahvey Namah
 Beej Mantra  Om Bhraang Bhreeng Bhraung Sah Rahvey Namah - 18000 times
 Articles of Donation  Mustard Oil, Black or Blue flowers, Blue cloth, Hessonite, Iron, Rahu ( at noon time )
 Remedies of Rahu as per Vedic Astrology  CLICK HERE
 Remedies of Rahu as per Lal Kitab  CLICK HERE


When Rahu is well placed, it confers high gains in a very short time to the native without much efforts. Well placed Rahu is a karak of having immense wealth through share market, speculations, betting, casinos and game shows. It also give authority, administrative position, high diplomatic skills. Powerful Rahu can also bring Success and makes a person successful politician.


When Rahu is weak, the natives are prone to treacheries and deceptions. They have many hurdles in their path towards success in many aspects of life. Rahu impacted people are also prone to be impacted by legal actins against them. They could also be imprisoned. They could also be devoid of good deeds and dharma. Rahu can give many diseases which can be undiagnosed.


Rahu gives the native bluish color, tall statue, Thin body, Big & arch shaped teeth and windy constitution.


Parts of the body represented by Rahu are Intestine, Buttocks, etc.


Venture capitalist, Physio Therapist, Share Broker, Politician, Hotel worker, Auto parts seller, Alcohol seller, Manufacturer of alcohol products, Film Producer, etc.


The diseases indicated by Rahu are Cataract, Tooth ailments, Leprosy, Skin Diseases, Suicide, Stammering, Sudden death, Murder, Accidents, Sexual Perversity, Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Snake Bite, Ulcer, Gastric problems & Insanity.


The products represented by Rahu are meat, wine, eggs, radish, coconut, wooden cole, electrical gadgets, Chimney, Mustard, Sword, Blanket, Saffron, mixed seven grains, sacrifice of animal’s etc.


Rahu represents Paternal Grand Father, Maternal Grand mother, Stairs, In laws, Change of residence, ill health, dual marriage, serpents, dissatisfaction, fond of traveling, harsh speech, liars, involved in unnatural sex, Death, etc.


Rahu represents animals like Elephant, Horse, Owl, Donkey, wolves, snakes, mosquitoes, insects etc.


Rahu represents places like Snake holes, Ant hills, Graveyards, Tombs, Caves, Durga Temple, Mosque, Gurudwaras. 


Precious gems/ metals represented by Rahu Hessonite garnet. Native who has a weak Rahu can wear the Ring ( in middle finger ) or Pendant of Hessonite garnet in Silver or Ashtdhatu in the constellation of Rahu.


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